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Painful, Burning Skin Rash Tapped Away in 7 Days

Dear EFT Community,

Clinical hypnotist, Maria Cocis-Beech, clears the burning rash on her legs simply by tapping twice a day. Her doctor prescribed steroid cream to treat the rash, but she never had to use it!

-Will M

By Maria Cocis-Beech

This past summer, I took my six-year-old nephew to an amusement park here.  After five hours of fun, I suddenly felt a painful, burning sensation on my inner legs toward the ankles. I was wearing long jeans and did not check to see what was happening.

I’m glad I didn’t!

When we arrived home and I investigated the source of the burning, I discovered to my shock an awful red rash on both my legs. My family, keen to offer their support and advice, concluded that I had undiagnosed diabetes and needed urgently to go to the doctor.

The next day I went to my general practitioner.

He looked concerned, did not offer a diagnosis, and gave me some steroid cream. Though I did not plan to use the cream, I took the tube with me, just in case.

I decided to tap instead.

I tapped twice per day, morning and evening, mainly saying “this burning rash,” “the skin will clear,” and “my body knows how to heal itself.”

On the second day, the burning became more intense but after that began to diminish. I took pictures every day so I could tell whether it was improving. In 7 days, the rash was gone.

Searching on the Internet, I discovered that other people had developed rashes like mine after visiting a large amusement park in the US. It may have been that a chemical used in some amusement parks in both the UK and US caused that rash.

Three months later, I have not had a relapse and my skin is clear. My tube of steroid cream is intact.

I ask myself: Why I did go to the GP if I knew that I would not use the medicine? I did it because I like to have a Plan B if Plan A is not working. Would my rash have disappeared on its own, without tapping?

I cannot answer that question because I could not tap only for one leg and keep the other one as a control “group” (that is an idea for future research).

There is a good possibility that tapping made me calmer, stronger, and more confident that my body could fight the ailment and win. I tapped instead of worrying and over-testing my blood to learn what was wrong with me.