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Creativity and Spirituality Can Follow Emotional Freedom

When you clear your emotional body of disturbed, negative feelings using EFT, what happens next? I’ve contemplated this question for many years. Reactive negative emotions like anger, resentment and irritation quickly claim your attention when they arise. Then, after you spend sufficient time tapping and clearing them, and they no longer fill your energy field, what occupies the space they once dominated?

The answer is: Your other qualities. If you’re self-important, vain, narcissistic, or have other unhealed parts of your personality, they can expand to fill the vacuum. That’s the shadow side of EFT. EFTs dark side is that it can unshackle an unhealed ego, which now seizes the vacant space and becomes a giant monster. However, if you’ve prioritized your spiritual growth, and you’re living from your soul, then your spiritual self expands into the space created by the absence of emotional drama.

EFT is not a panacea, and it is not a spiritual path. You need a spiritual path in addition to EFT; this way your dark side won’t consume you as you heal your emotional realm. That’s why I advocate meditation, and devotion to a spiritual path. There are many spiritual paths available; my belief is that they can all lead to the same place. The reason there are so many options is that different paths speak to different cultures and personalities. Choose one that fits for you. The dangers of the dark side are also why we emphasize ethical training during EFT workshops and certification, and test practitioners on ethical awareness.

Below are some examples of how others have used EFT to enhance their spiritual journey. I trust you will find them inspiring as you make progress on yours.

Your Host,

Dawson Church, PhD
Best-selling Author of the Award-Winning Book The Genie in Your Genes.

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