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EFT Tapping for Performance Anxiety in Dance Competition

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Dear EFT Community,

Here Lonnie Graf shares how EFT helped her through her performance anxiety and she ended up dancing well enough to impress the judges at her dance competition.

– EFT Universe

By Lonnie Graf

At 62, I have been taking ballroom lessons for the last year. I have loved to dance since I was a little girl and had never taken lessons or learned steps other than sixth grade ballroom so finally took the leap and I’m so grateful that I did.

This past Friday, at an Arthur Awards Show, I was to perform my first routine, a combination Rumba/Argentine Tango. I knew the routine really well, but during my lesson Thursday afternoon, I felt my smile freeze, which was an indication to me that I was thinking about the spectators being there.

Then that night, I kept waking up thinking about the performance.

By Friday morning, I was having a panic attack, with the energy surging through my body. All I could think was there is no way I will be able to make it through my performance. So being a believer in our angels loving to help us, I asked my special support team to help me in every way they could.

I had heard about EFT a year ago, and yet I only used it on myself once briefly. For some reason, I didn’t feel comfortable with my ability to use EFT, even though it served me well that one time.

Even though I know how to do EFT, I still didn’t trust myself. I emailed a couple of people with a help request about doing an EFT phone session on a performance that night.

As I realized I may not hear back, I finally pulled myself together to do EFT for myself just in case. I did three rounds each set and I did three sets each hour for three hours and began to feel much calmer and then found I was beginning to look forward to the experience. I did one more set two hours before I left for good measure.

It was amazing how I was able to calm myself down to the point that I had no more anxiety. I felt really good during the evening and just before my performance I had that excited feeling with the edge to it which is so natural…..no racing heart, no utter fear. I had a great performance and felt really good about myself. I had chosen in my EFT rounds to feel totally relaxed during my performance, to enjoy the experience and to possibly even expand myself.

It all happened. The judge seemed really impressed.

The next day, I had a critique with the judge where he rates your performance and he gave me a 95–my highest score–and he was unaware this was my first time performing a routine. As an added bonus at the show, there were drawings for door prizes at the end and I actually won the top prize of five dance lessons. I was flying high.

I have to say the whole experience was so empowering for me.