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Using EFT Tapping to Aid in Lifting Weights

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By Rebecca Marina

I have been lifting weights for a while and decided to add some EFT to my routine to see what would happen.

This morning I was doing “arms and upper body” and, it being Monday, I was feeling like I just wanted to hurry up and get it over with. I had already done sets of “pec flys,” overhead presses, pull-downs for the front, and pull-downs for the muslces in the back, so my muscles were feeling a bit tired.

I was just going into my third set of biceps and they were burning like fire (believe it or not, this is considered good by a trainer) and I thought, “Why am I letting this be so hard when I have good ol’ EFT to help me?”

So, just before my third set, I took a mini break to apply some EFT.

I used the setup “Even though my arms are already burning like fire, I choose to allow this set to be easy and free.” 

Sure enough, it worked like a charm! I could tell the difference, especially because my arms were already fatigued and I can usually barely get through my last set of biceps.

Next came shoulders. I always save shoulders for last because they hurt the most and I hate doing them. For this exercise, you stand up with a heavy weight in each hand and try to raise them outward, sort of like you are trying to fly. Well, it fatigues the muscle very quickly and it just downright hurts! So this time, I started out with a little EFT.

“Even though I HATE doing shoulders, I choose to let them be light and free.”

I then did my first set (I always do three sets of each exercise). It was much easier! On this particular exercise, I usually can only lift the weights up about eight times and I am just dying by the eighth one. This time I lifted it 12 times fairly easily! I did another round, also 12 times. By this time, EFT or no, my shoulder were quite fatigued and I still had one more set to go, so, I stopped and did EFT using, “Even though my shoulders are tired, I am asking extra blood and oxygen to flow to them and for this set to be easier than the first.”

Well, It was! I easily went for 17 reps this time. I felt I had a really good workout.

EFT can help you be the very best at anything.

I have used this same technique to help my son swim farther than he ever had. I don’t know why I didn’t think of using it right away on the weight lifting. Sometimes we get so busy tapping for everyone else, we forget about our own needs.

The weight lifting area is a virtually untapped market for EFT practitioners. Weight lifters will do almost anything to improve their performance. The money body builders and weightlifters spend on supplements will astound you! They can surely afford to spend some on an EFT practitioner who can help them attain much more easily the goals they are striving for.

Hope this encourages you all to apply EFT to your own workout routines.