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The Needs Behind What You Want

The Needs Behind What You Want

Joanna Turner in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio joanna turner 120x150

Recorded May 18, 2017

Joanna is a former chartered accountant, now a mentor to female entrepreneurs, and specializes in busting money and visibility blocks. She acts as a bridge between the spiritual and business worlds, combining her strong business acumen, gained from spending 17 years in Finance with large companies, with her years of personal development and spiritual practice. Joanna and Dawson explore life balance and how to discover what’s behind the goals you set for yourself. Among the topics covered in this interview are:

  • The universe speaks to us in signs
  • How health and money crises can help you shift
  • Seeing everything as “interesting” rather than good or bad
  • Being in the flow produces synchronicities
  • When to flow and when to push past your comfort zone
  • We can’t want change for someone else; they have to want it themselves
  • Using EFT for physical pain
  • Why becoming visible is full of challenges
  • What’s behind the money or other goals
  • Can you have balance in all life areas?
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have enough fun
  • Enjoy the journey, because after each challenge there’s another one

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