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You Are Invited to
A Live Virtual Workshop With Dawson Church
Attend from Anywhere! Oct 18, 2020

Using Your Brain to Transform Energy Into Matter

There is startling new scientific evidence showing that the nature of our consciousness has a direct effect on the world around us. In states of creative flow, when we feel aligned with the universe, we create effortlessly, synchronously, and in harmony with nature.

Some people are able to enter this “flow state” consistently, and in this state of consciousness create effortlessly. They are Master Manifestors.

What’s the difference between Master Manifestors and others? Those people who visualize and affirm with the best of intentions, but can’t manifest their dreams?

 MG 8777 small 250Dawson Church is the author of Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. He and his colleagues have hooked thousands of people up to advanced medical imaging devices such as EEGs and MRIs. They have mapped the brain states of Master Manifestors, and identified the brain regions and patterns of neural firing that characterize their mental activity.

They’re able to enter advanced states of flow, switching off brain regions associated with suffering and negative thinking. At the same time they activate those linked to happiness, creativity, and gratitude. This brain state is called the “Awakened Mind.”

Dawson has guided thousands of people into these states of heightened awareness using scientific practices. Below you’ll see some of the research studies that have validated his methods.

 MG 8759 250Research in physics and chemistry shows that these brain states interact with the energy fields around the human body. This is capable of triggering changes in the molecules of matter within those fields.

In this workshop, we trace the science behind each link in chain from thought to thing, showing the surprising ways in which our consciousness is continually influencing the material world around us.

  • While energy fields are invisible, there is ample scientific proof that they condition the visible world of matter.
  • We can learn to shape matter simply by cultivating the habits of intentional energy.
  • Learn the brain wave patterns that characterize people who manifest effortlessly.
  • When intention is strongly held over time, synchronicities and coincidences bring about our desired changes without effort.

You’ll hear inspiring stories about how Master Manifestors use these methods to transform their health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. These include:

  • Beth, whose metastasized breast cancer cleared up 8 weeks after she changed her energy.
  • Raymond Aaron and two of his clients, each of whom manifested $1 million in the same week.
  • Graham Phillips, who grew the emotional regulation part of his brain by 22.8% in two months.
  • Jennifer Graf, whose grandfather’s long-dead radio came to life to play love songs the day of her wedding.
  • Wanda Burch, whose dream about cancer told the surgeon exactly where to look for it.
  • An MIT freshman student who can precipitate sodium crystals with his mind.

You’ll see demonstrations of fascinating new technologies that show how quickly matter responds to thought. You’ll also practice 7 precise methods for generating the brain wave frequencies that result in the Awakened Mind state.

Dawson will guide you into the Awakened Mind state repeatedly throughout the day. It’s accompanied by highly pleasurable neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. You’ll learn the astounding ways you can use your mind to create bliss neurotransmitters in your brain, anti-aging hormones in your body, and even change molecules in the physical world around you.

This is a virtual workshop. It’s live, and you’ll be able to interact with Dawson and ask questions in real time. You’ll join by video conference the day of the workshop.

If you’ve wondered about how you can manifest your ideal life, join us to find out what science shows your mind can do.

Date: October 18, 2020

Start Time: 7am PT / 10am ET / 4:00pm Central European

End Time: 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET / 11:30pm Central European

Regular Admission: $299

Early Registration Special until September 30, 2020: $199

There will be one 90 minute meal break and two 20 minute snack breaks.

CE/CME Credits? No

Real People Taking This Workshop – Real Names, Real Words!

~ Rick GreeneWhat a wonderful, enlightening and joyous workshop. Dawson is amazing.

~ Alexis CrisafiThis was an absolutely phenomenal workshop with Dawson who not only is an expert in his field, but exudes love and joy. Some of the hardest scientific concepts to understand were delivered in a way that was easily absorbed. Dawson took us on a journey that not one person in the group didn’t experience. Truly life changing, or at the very least, provides the tools to change our lives ourselves!

~ Sylvia ScherrThis was a transformative experience for me — I realize now that my own happiness is only limited by me. Dawson’s personal stories and struggles gave me hope and courage, and the teaching gave me the tools. Thank you!

~ Macy GriffinI deeply enjoyed each of the experiences. I take away a profound impact on my life. This experience was far beyond my expectations, or any I could have dreamed of.

~ Earl N. Lenhard The concept that we can gain admission to the world of ‘total happiness’ yet the understanding of dropping all suffering has absolved me from the need to try and save everyone else. Dawson was amazing, he made meditation easy and applicable. I am excited to apply these teachings throughout my life.”

~ Sandy Padilla“This workshop was my first exposure to Dawson Church and his amazing skill as a presenter and educator. His knowledge is mind-expanding and his research is life-changing. The workshop was extraordinary and he brings in the science to back up his work. Because of this workshop I am moving forward to becoming certified. I’m so excited. Thank you everyone who made this day great!”

~ Devi Ishaya“Dawson connects all the dots – physical mental and spiritual – backed up with research! This workshop is a fabulous experience. Give yourself the gift of this life-changing work!!!”©”

~ Mamta Neb“”©That was one of the best virtual workshops that I’ve ever attended. The content and the presenter both were gripping. Dawson, you have this amazing skill to demystify the spiritual concepts using ground breaking scientific research. This workshop is a practical experience of the information which you explain so beautifully in your book Mind to Matter. It has brought me another step closer to my purpose and I am deeply grateful to have you as a mentor and a guide in my life. I trust Universe more than ever before, it directed me to this workshop which has been an eye opener for me. Thank you Dawson!!!”

~ Jessica Tulloss“Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. The information presented here is so powerful and can help everyone improve their quality of life and circumstances.”©”

~ Angie Mifsud“Thank you so much Dawson, this workshop was simply amazing, wonderfully put, knowledge backed by research, so comprehensive. My energy level just boosted right up! Thank you everyone for joining together to create an extraordinary transformative experience!”

~ Lorna Minewiser“I’ve been studying this subject for more than 20 years, and I still learned surprising new things today. Thank you. Inspiring as always.”


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