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EFT for PTSD Trauma Capsule

EFT for PTSD Trauma Capsule

By Jenny Johnston, EFT TRN-3

In this Skype video, EFT Universe Trainer, Jenny Johnston, works with a man who was traumatized after a visit to ta Veterans Psychologist who uncovered a “trauma capsule” and sent him home.

A “trauma capsule” is what is contained by someone arising from a traumatic event that is both internal (emotions) and external environment (usually involving some of the 5 methods of perception: sense: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound).

The man in this video was so distressed being in a “trauma capsule” that he sought help from me (a professionally trained and Certified Clinical EFT Universe Practitioner and Trainer) to release and process his trauma.

After using the Movie Technique to dissolve all of the aspects of the trauma capsule from his army experience, I traced the core belief back to childhood at school.

Here is his full Skype session on video:


Jenny is based in Melbourne Australia and works by Skype and Zoom with clients from all over the world. She has lots of experience with severe trauma and has also created her own version of EFT, Quantum EFT for the Soul and is a best selling Author on this subject. For more information, to contact Jenny, or find her latest EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 Workshops, click here.