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EFT Tapping for the Aftermath of Domestic Violence

By Ann Peck

EFT tapping has been instrumental in my healing in so many ways. My history includes sexual, physical and verbal abuse, among other things. While EFT has helped in healing the effects of past abuse, sadly, it cannot prevent abuse from happening. It does, however, give us something to use when and if abuse occurs.

Recently, I was physically assaulted by my former husband. My children were present and my oldest got involved by jumping onto her father, telling him not to hurt her mom. She then called 911.

EFT to the rescue …

Upon getting to safety and while waiting for the police, I immediately began tapping. (I can ‘t believe he did this – I’m really OK – It wasn’t my fault – I didn’t cause this to happen – Need to calm down – Kids need me.)

EFT calmed my emotions and pulled my scattered energies back into balance, allowing me to attend to my oldest child. Telling me she was so scared and that she thought her dad was going to kill me, I asked her if we could tap together. She looked back at her dad and promptly refused. (Her dad is against tapping).

I tapped as a surrogate for her and noticed her breathing begin to even out and the crying and shaking stopped. (I tapped on – this precious child – this amazing strong child – this courageous child – feeling safe – breathing calmly.)

Later that evening I tapped with my youngest as we talked about what happened. By the time we were done, he was able to rest peacefully through the night. Life continues to give us many opportunities for tapping as we navigate our own individual healing. I cannot imagine my life without EFT.