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Trying to Get Pregnant? Try EFT

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner Marissa Bianca tells how she helped a client clear her stress and issues around getting pregnant. Visit Marissa’s website at eftwithmarissa.com.

-EFT Universe

By Marissa Bianca

Anyone who has been trying for a baby knows all about being on an emotional roller coaster. Even though you know stress can block your attempts at conception, it is so difficult to switch off the fear, anxiety, and worry.

Studies show that stress may negatively affect the conception rate and that stress reduction may improve it. If you are considering natural alternative support to get you through this overwhelming time, here is an example of how EFT tapping can help with the layers of stress that can pile up.

Shannon and her husband had been trying for a baby for a full year when her sister-in-law announced at a family picnic that she was pregnant. Shannon described hearing the news–her ears were ringing and her whole body was tingling. She felt like the words that were actually said were, “Shannon Can Not Have A Baby!”

She was gripped by fear and jealousy as her mind raced irrationally.

Shannon described living month to month, in a cycle of hope and disappointment. She read an article linking stress and fertility issues and decided to inquire about EFT as a way to get her emotions under control.

Having gone through this same issue myself as an “older” mother, we discussed my positive experience, but I did not want to over-promise.

I explained to Shannon that EFT was a proven stress reduction technique that could help with her overall stress level. I also explained that she could tap on past fears, limiting beliefs, issues around pregnancy, babies, or family life that could be burdening her subconsciously.

She decided to give EFT a try and we scheduled a session.

During her session, she described her presenting issue as “consumed by pregnancy.”

We tapped on this phrase and several other feelings such as:

  • Waiting,
  • Anticipating,
  • Fear, 
  • I’m a failure,
  • I’m alone,
  • I’m going to be found out,
  • I’m obsessed,
  • It’s too late,
  • My husband can’t take this,
  • I can’t give up,
  • I can’t take a break, 
  • Empty,
  • Desperate.

As she felt more relaxed and present, I asked her: “What does this waiting, consumed, desperate, empty feeling remind you of? Where else has this shown up in your life?”

Shannon replied, “It reminds me of hating school and waiting and waiting to graduate. I was definitely desperate to get out. I wanted to go to college as far away as possible. I was consumed with leaving. I had friends, but I kept my feelings to myself and felt empty inside. I think I was depressed. I definitely struggled not to give up mentally.”

We tapped on all of these old feelings. We tapped on feeling disappointed when she finally did get to college, and nothing really changed. Shannon stated that while she does think having a baby will make her happy, what she actually knows is that she will still be the same and even more stuck.

Shannon said she has a lot of fears but glosses over them as the fear of never being a mom hangs over her.

Shannon and I tapped on her fears, anxiety, and stress weekly for four months before she became pregnant. We continued tapping for many months into her pregnancy.

She credits EFT with getting her through this stressful time, clearing past issues, and allowing her to enjoy her pregnancy as she joyfully anticipated the new arrival. She thanked me for teaching her this tool that she has incorporated into her life and can share with her little boy.