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Easy EFT in 3 Steps:

Easy EFT in 3 Steps:

Dear EFT Community,

This overview of “Easy EFT” will teach you the basics of tapping so that you can begin tapping right away! Just Follow this Easy EFT in 3 Steps Tutorial.


By EFTUniverseEFT Tapping Sequence

Are you ready? Here’s the 3 steps to easily begin tapping right now:

Write down a list of your issues, or the things you would like to improve, and rank their current intensities on a scale of 0-10. For example – Neck pain:7, Anxiety:5, Emotional Overeating:9.

Watch an EFT session at an EFT workshop, or on YouTube. Tap along as though you were the person receiving EFT. It doesn’t matter which sessions you choose or whether they address your issues directly. Your system will empathize with one.

Revisit your list of issues and write down the new 0-10 intensities. You should notice some improvement each time. The more sessions you tap along with, the better your results.



Q: How did Easy EFT come about?

A: We first discovered this process after EFT practitioners repeatedly reported that their personal issues improved as a result of tapping along with their clients. One therapist’s thyroid function improved. Another coach reported that a fear of driving over bridges vanished. We heard of major improvements in fears, anxieties, anger, trauma as well as a long list of physical symptoms.

But what’s astonishing about this is that the EFT practitioners weren’t tapping for their own issues – they were tapping along with their clients for seemingly different issues. This is a stunning discovery and means that our bodies have the intelligence to “Borrow Benefits” and draw parallels from someone else’s session. With EASY EFT, the same thing can happen for you.

Q: Why does Easy EFT work so well?

A: As you tap along, your system finds the similarities between your issues and the ones being addressed by the client you’re observing, and you don’t even have to know what they are! This often happens in the background and allows the impressive meridian balancing feature of EFT to go to work. It’s a delight to use because it automatically injects the principles of EFT into something everyone enjoys doing … watching television.

Q: Can I really benefit from a session on someone else’s issue?

A: Yes! It’s done all the time. If a housewife, for example, taps along with a session involving a war veteran’s grief, fear, guilt, anger and trauma, her system will bring up HER OWN experiences of the same emotions. Tuning into someone else’s issues this way is a natural thing to do and is commonly known as empathy. EASY EFT can then address these emotions and whatever physical symptoms might be associated with them.

Sometimes you are aware that these issues are surfacing and you may feel some discomfort. Other times, things are being addressed in the background outside of your awareness. How will you know if you are making progress? By assessing the 0-10 intensities as you persistently use EASY EFT.

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Q: What should I expect?

A: Properly done, many of your results should range from “clearly improved” to “completely resolved.” We cannot tell you in advance which of your issues will show the most improvement but we can say that the more sessions you tap along with the better your results can be over time.

Many people report much less emotional baggage and the reduction (or elimination) of severe physical symptoms, e.g. pain, allergies, addictive cravings and so on. While we might expect that consistency will bring you great rewards, this does not mean that every issue will be resolved or improved.

Obviously, you cannot expect EASY EFT to be as thorough as the full version of EFT. Some results may come right away, while others may take awhile. Accordingly, anytime you want faster results, you visit a Certified EFT Practitioner, or learn EFT yourself. Otherwise, persistence and patience will often pay off in a big way.

Q: Are there any cautions about this process?

A: While this process is relatively gentle and most people fly right through it with ease, it is possible that you may open up some stressful issues. Further, about 3% or 4% of the population (just an estimate) have such frail emotional or physical issues that they should not attempt ANY healing aid on their own. Such attempts could lead to stress and unwanted results. Accordingly, you are advised to consult a qualified health professional before proceeding with this method.

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HELPFUL TIPS for getting the most out of Easy EFT

Learn the EFT tapping points from our free starter kit.

You do not need to read The EFT Manual to benefit from EASY EFT.

You may find that the EFT sessions vary the method a bit and add in new tapping points from time to time. These variations represent sophistications within EFT that are not necessary for you to understand for now. Any benefits they may provide will be automatically integrated within your EASY EFT results. Just tap along.

At first, you may find the tapping pace in the sessions to be too fast for you to follow along. That’s OK, just do your best. The process can still help you even if you miss a tapping point here or there. Eventually, you will get used to the process and the pace will be easy to follow.

Spend quality time with your list of issues and their 0-10 intensities because they are the foundation of this process. Don’t just throw down 2 or 3 issues and guess at the 0-10 ratings.

For your list, go back to childhood and pick up every anger, guilt, fear, etc. event you can recall. Run through them mentally to see what 0-10 intensities they bring up for you know. Just to be clear, you are looking for your current emotional intensity, not the way you felt when it happened. Then take an inventory of your body and list every pain or other physical symptom or disease you can find. List everything and don’t skip something just because you think it is too big or “impossible.

If you can’t find a 0-10 intensity, that’s OK. Just estimate what the number should be. It’s amazing how accurate such estimates tend to be. The mere fact that you remembered an issue means you have some sort of charge on it, albeit possibly repressed. These can be helped by EASY EFT.

List as many issues as you want. The more the merrier. 50 is better than 10 because this gives EASY EFT a wider doorway through which it can provide benefits.

Your list might look something like the chart below after a few tap along sessions. This example is for illustration only and does not indicate what you should expect on the specific items listed. Note that some of your issues will do better than others and some may not make much progress. You need to look at the overall picture to properly evaluate how well EASY EFT is doing for you.

IssueOriginal Intensity (0-10)Intensity After Session 1Intensity After Session 2Intensity After Session 3Etc.
Fear of Heights8523 
Easily Angered101052 
Test Anxiety7757 
Knee Pain9200 
Digestion Problems4423 

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Some of your results may be subtle and you may not notice them until later. Further, you may also have some pleasant “side benefits” wherein improvements occur that you weren’t expecting.

Here are some examples:

– Uncle Joe’s aggressive personality may no longer bother you.

– People may say that you seem more relaxed.

– Your golf game may improve.

– You may sleep better.

– You may enjoy your work more.

– Certain memories may no longer bother you.

– Physical symptoms may improve.

Read your list of issues before each tap along session just to remind your system of what you are working on. After that, put the list aside and IGNORE YOUR ISSUES – there is no need to keep focusing on them. Leave them be so your system can draw on its wisdom and work on your issues in the background. Just tap along and enjoy the session while EASY EFT goes to work.

Revisit your list after each tap along session. Then go through each issue and carefully assess any changes in current intensity. Write them all down, even those that haven’t changed. Then do another tap along session and visit the list again.

Do your sessions on any schedule you like. You can do them daily, weekly or at any time interval you choose. You can even do several per day or break them up so that you do a half session today and finish it tomorrow. It all depends on your schedule.

Most Importantly…have fun with it!