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Emotional Assistant Checklist

by Carol Odsess, PhD, EFT Universe Trainer
Instructions for EFT Universe Workshop Participants Volunteering as Emotional Assistants (EAs)


Serving as an Emotional Assistant (EA for short) is a rewarding and satisfying job. You help make the workshop run smoothly, and provide a loving emotional container in which participants can have a transformative experience!

If you’d like to consider participating in a workshop as a EA, please read the instructions below so that you understand what is required. If you then decide to apply, please email the EFT Training Coordinator to find out if EA positions are available for the workshop(s) you wish to attend. Tuition is waived for EAs, though EAs are expected to cover their lodging, meals, and transportation expenses.

There are usually 2 to 5 EAs for a small workshop, more for a larger one. We aim for a ratio of 1 EA for every 10 workshop participants. If you are accepted as an EA, the EFT Training Coordinator will register you for the workshop, and put you in touch with the other EAs and the workshop trainer. Please correspond with the EFT Training Coordinator and the other EAs, using this page as a checklist. To give workshop participants the best possible experience, we want to ensure that each task has been covered by the EAs in your group. Though this check list is long, it’s easily do-able by 2 or 3 EAs.

Essentially, EAs set up the bookstore about 2 hours before the workshop starts, then set up the registration table, staff the registration table till the workshop starts, then work the bookstore during breaks. During sessions, EAs serve as emotional assistants, observing the participants and assisting any with emotional needs.

There is usually no need for an Audio/Visual (A/V) person unless the workshop leader is using a microphone and/or a PowerPoint projector. However, the EFT Training Coordinator will notify you of the needs of your particular trainer.


When you start your day, meditate, and focus on every participant having a powerful healing experience. Set the intention that the event goes smoothly and safely.

  • Dress professionally.
  • Bless the room with your wonderful attitude!
  • If you’re asked a question by a participant, to which you don’t know the answer, say “I’ll find out for you” or “There’s the person you need” — never “I don’t know.”
  • Review the certification requirements on this website. Be ready to answer any questions participants might have.


The Workshop Coordinator at Energy Psychology Press will have books shipped to the hotel in advance of the workshop. An inventory of quantities and titles will be provided with that shipment.

The “Event Kit” will be shipped from the EFT Universe office to the hotel. This will include signage, iPad for book purchases, a cash float of $200 in small denomination bills, and other bookstore items.


Review the certification reading list so that you are familiar with which titles are required reading for certification.

Bring bed sheets from home, enough to cover three dining tables.


When you arrive, make sure hotel has provided three tables for you to set up as book tables, and one registration table. If not, request extra tables.

  • Set up the bookstore. This will require an hour by at least two EAs.
  • Verify that the number of books actually shipped matches the number on your inventory. Make a note of any discrepancies.
  • Display in stacks of five books horizontal, one vertical, facing out. Put titles with more than 5 copies below the table till needed.
  • Flip through and familiarize yourself with the books.
  • Display the titles required for certification together.
  • Set out price signage (all books are discounted), and the certification reading list.
  • Have a trash can hidden behind book table. Keep bookstore neat.


Keep bookstore open during breaks, at start of lunch for a few minutes, and after event for a few minutes.

Record each book sold with a check mark next to that title on the inventory list.

At the end of each day, keep the cash and credit card machine with you, and cover the books with the sheets you brought with you for this purpose.


Write down a finishing count of each item. The finishing count should equal the starting count less the number of check marks indicating books sold.

Package up unsold bookstore stock and ship back as noted in the shipment.

Count the cash, and leave a note with the total including float. Ship back with books or leave with trainer.


Workshop Coordinator will ship the name tags, lanyards and plastic holders, signage, workbooks, and course completion certificates to the hotel.

Obtain the phone number of three licensed mental health professionals nearby (or outpatient clinics) who can be called upon in case a workshop participant has an adverse reaction. EFT is rarely known to trigger negative reactions, but it is a good ethical practice to always have a backup plan.


Purchase a flip chart and markers. Keep receipts for reimbursement.


  • Purchase three bunches of fresh flowers. Keep receipt for reimbursement.
  • Purchase a large bag of a healthy snacks, such as trail mix, and for Level 1 only, a bag of at least 100 Hershey’s Kisses (hold till Module 8). Keep receipt for reimbursement.
  • Receive a printed list of participants from the EFT Training Coordinator.
  • Find out if the hotel has wireless internet in the meeting room, and in hotel rooms.
  • Know and respect the hotel’s rules, but make sure they’re sensible, and work for the group.


  • Set up direction signs in hotel lobby and hallways if necessary, so participants can find the workshop.
  • Adjust the lighting in room if necessary. Know the location of switches and dimmers. Make sure the speaker’s face is well lit.
  • Adjust the temperature in the room if necessary.


  • Pens and notepaper on tables (usually provided by hotel).
  • Set up fresh flowers, and any signage and inspirational posters with which you’ve been supplied.
  • Place 3 bowls of snack food near coffee or water service.
  • Make sure the trainer has water.
  • Ask if the trainer has any needs.
  • Set up flip chart for trainer.
  • Organize badges alphabetically on registration table.
  • Keep certificates & scrap paper out of sight; registration table should look professional.
  • Smile as participants walk up.
  • Welcome them warmly and enthusiastically.

Checklist of items received from participants. Make sure every person has completed and signed:

  1. Liability release
  2. Photo release
  3. Research release & forms (if necessary)

Provide dining location suggestions (if appropriate)

After all forms have been signed, please give them a workbook

Stay at registration long enough to welcome latecomers

During breaks, there may be a need for you to make housekeeping announcements, such as when the bookstore will be open, where meals are available, etc.


We request no wireless mobile device use during workshops but participants occasionally need a gentle reminder.

Receive signups for next workshops if necessary. Frequently, a person taking Level 1 will decide to sign up for Level 2 which might be just a day away. You either email these names to the EFT Training Coordinator who registers them manually, or they register themselves online.

  • Talk to the hotel about any needs — room temperature, noise, etc.
  • Notify hotel if group needs tea and coffee restocked, if we have a tea/coffee service.
  • Make sure room stays neat and clean. Have hotel remove debris during breaks.


  • Before the final break, lay out the certificates alphabetically on the registration table, and request participants to pick them up during the break.
  • Hand out evaluation forms at the very end, and collect them when complete.
  • Collect badges, lanyards, plastic holders, surplus workbooks, evaluation forms. Recycle badges. Pack plastic holders flat so they can be re-used for the next class, package up with lanyards.
  • Mail back to EFT Universe office.
  • Clean up snacks and bookstore trash.


The trainer will announce you as an emotional assistant. Let people know they have permission to talk to you if they feel emotionally overwhelmed.

Look around the room regularly. Note if anyone seems to be getting into emotional overwhelm. Notice any person sitting alone, or not interacting with other group members.

If you need to do emotional work with a participant, the goal is to stabilize them so that they can return to the workshop and continue learning. The goal is not to provide a comprehensive session. The trainer will make this clear to participants at the beginning; however you will need to remember it when offering emotional assistance to participants.

At lunchtime, mingle, and notice if there are any participants who are having difficulty.

When you’re observing participants during training exercises, they often attempt to engage you in conversation instead of doing the exercise. Avoid the temptation to chat, since this cuts into their very limited practice time. Instead, recommend they continue as best they can, and ask questions of the trainer after the exercise.

There are usually several EAs at a workshop, enough to cover the bookstore, registration, and any emotional needs participants might have. However, if these functions come into conflict, for instance a participant needs emotional assistance while you are staffing the book table, the emotional wellbeing of the participants comes first, everything else second. Click here for additional tips on being an effective emotional assistant.


Most workshops do not require A/V services, however some may. The EFT Training Coordinator will notify you if these are required.


  • Test sound system.
  • Put fresh batteries in all microphones.
  • Have a stock of spare batteries of each size required.
  • Test PowerPoint projector, make sure there’s a spare bulb for it on hand.


  • Set up sound system and test in room.
  • Set volume levels and change batteries as required.
  • Set up PowerPoint projector.
  • Set up video camera.
  • Test lighting, sound, and framing of shots.


Operate video camera and audio equipment.


Break down sound system and projector, pack and return as specified.