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The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure

EFT’s Personal Peace Procedure is not just a technique to help individuals feel calm and peaceful.

Its effects extend far beyond that.

It is actually a comprehensive method for healing that everybody can do on their own, and every health-care practitioner and other professional whose work involves helping others could be using with their clients (and on themselves).

The Personal Peace Procedure consists of listing every specific troublesome event in your life and systematically using EFT to tap away the emotional impact of these events. With due diligence, you remove every negative tree from your emotional forest and, in so doing, remove significant sources of both emotional and physical ailments. A byproduct of this practice is personal peace, which improves your work and home relationships, and every other area of your life. If a critical mass of people were to complete the Personal Peace Procedure, the world would be a better place!

Tapping on large numbers of events one by one might seem like a daunting task, but we’ll show you in this tutorial how you can accomplish it quickly and efficiently. Because of EFTs generalization effect, where tapping on one issue reduces the intensity of similar issues, you’ll typically find the process going much faster than you imagined. 

How You can use the Personal Peace Procedure
  • As homework between your doctor or therapist sessions to speed and deepen your healing.
  • As a daily technique to remove the emotional detritus that has accumulated over your lifetime and thereby improve your self-image, reduce your self-doubt, and free you to realize your optimum potential.
  • To remove possible contributors to your serious disease. Your specific events contain anger and fear that left to fester can manifest as disease. In the course of this procedure, you may uncover the events that are the cause of your illness.
  • As a substitute for identifying and neutralizing core issues. If you remove the whole forest of specific issues, this will automatically remove core issues.
  • To promote relaxation.
  • To be an example to others of what it can be like to live free of limiting or even crippling emotional issues.


The stress of unresolved emotional trauma contributes to most disease and mental illness. If every health-care practitioner and patient acted on this concept, the rate of healing would rise dramatically while health-care costs would plummet. We’re fortunate to have the miracles of modern medicine available to us, but they cannot help much with conditions we create by keeping ourselves in a state of chronic stress. Tapping away the emotionally troubling experiences that generate stress is the front line of healing.

Specific events are behind general issues like:

  • Self-image
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Addictions
  • Compulsions
  • Feelings of abandonment


Removing the emotional baggage from your specific events results in less and less internal conflict. Less internal conflict results, in turn, in greater personal peace and less suffering on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For many people, the Personal Peace Procedure has led to the complete cessation of lifelong issues that other methods did not resolve. You’ll find stories on this site written by people who describe relief from physical maladies like headaches, breathing difficulties, and digestive disorders. You’ll read other stories of people who used EFT to help them deal with the stress associated with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Unresolved anger, traumas, guilt, or grief contributes to physical illness, and cannot be medicated away. With EFT, we can address the root causes of disease.


The Personal Peace Procedure does not take the place of EFT training, nor does it take the place of assistance from a qualified EFT practitioner. It is an excellent supplement to EFT workshops, and help from EFT practitioners. EFTs full range of resources is designed to work effectively together for the best healing results.

Here's How to Do It
  1. List every specific troublesome event in your life that you can remember. Write them down in a Personal Peace Procedure journal. “Troublesome” means it caused you some form of discomfort. If you listed fewer than 50, try harder to remember more. Many people find hundreds. Some events you recall may not seem to cause you any current discomfort. List them anyway. The fact that they came to mind suggests they may need resolution. As you list them, give each specific event a title, like it’s a short movie, such as: Mom slapped me that time in the car, I stole my brother’s baseball cap, I slipped and fell in front of everybody at the ice skating rink, My third grade class ridiculed me when I gave that speech, Dad locked me in the toolshed overnight, Mrs. Simmons told me I was dumb.

  2. When your list is finished, choose the tallest trees in your negative forest. Apply EFT to them, one at a time, until your SUD score is zero. You might find yourself laughing about an event that used to bring you to tears; you might find a memory fading. Pay attention to any aspects that arise and treat them as separate trees in your negative forest, by tapping for each aspect separately. Make sure you tap on each event until it is resolved. If you find yourself unable to rate the intensity of a bad event on the 0-10 scale, you might be dissociating or repressing a memory. One solution to this problem is to tap ten full rounds on every aspect of the event you are able to recall. You might then find the event emerging into clearer focus, but without emotional charge.

  3. After you have removed the big trees go to the next tallest trees.

  4. If you can, clear at least one of your specific events, preferably three, daily for three months. By taking only minutes per day, in three months you will have cleared 90 to 270 specific events. You will likely discover that your body feels better, that your threshold for getting upset is much lower, your relationships have improved, and many of your old issues have disappeared. If you revisit specific events you wrote down in your Personal Peace Procedure journal, you will likely discover that the former intensity has evaporated. Pay attention to improvements in your blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory capacity. EFT often produces subtle but measurable changes in your health, and you can miss them if you aren’t paying attention.

  5. After clearing your forest of events, you may feel so much better that you want to alter the dosages of medications your doctor has prescribed. Never make any such changes without consulting with your physician. Tell your doctor you’re working on your emotional issues with EFT, since most health care professionals are acutely aware of the contribution that stress makes to disease. It is our hope that the Personal Peace Procedure becomes a global practice. A few minutes daily can have a tremendous positive impact on performance at work and school, on relationships, on health, and on quality of life. Imagine the difference this would make around the world!

It is our hope that the Personal Peace Procedure becomes a global practice. A few minutes daily can have a tremendous positive impact on performance at work and school, on relationships, on health, and on quality of life. Imagine the difference this would make around the world!