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Compulsive Eating Vanishes with EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community,

You’ll sometimes find clients without obvious signs of an eating disorder who are able to manage it as Michal does. After EFT, he finds the pattern around this compulsive eating behavior changing.

-EFT Universe

By Michal Zohar

It took me some time to put into words the letter I’d had alive in my heart for so long.

I feel that I was reborn and I have been living a new happy life since I met this wonderful technique, which is one of the greatest gifts humanity has been given.

And the way you chose to share it, is most generous and heartfelt and I feel that is an indivisible part of the great healing power of EFT.

All this may sound exaggerated to some readers but is the simple truth as I see it.

I suffered from food addiction for 15 years. It was a kind of compulsive overeating that dominated my life. I was never very fat, because I have a good metabolism and I managed also to have “breaks” or “good days.”

But the weight problem is just one part of the suffering that a compulsive eater is going through.

Although I had periods of time when I didn’t engage in compulsive eating, it was always “there”, around me, like a “jail” that was present at all times.

I tried a few kinds of therapies, and without any direct connection, I also invested throughout these years a lot of my time and energy in the inner work – spiritually and emotionally. I cannot say that I only suffered and that I didn’t make any progress. Of course I did. But it was all “inside the problem”.

I learned to live with it and found areas where I evolved and felt well.

But the “problem” was like a shadow that covered everything.

In the process of trying to heal, I knew that the eating is not THE Problem and I understood a lot of the underlying reasons; and many times I felt I am so ready to be without it, but it persisted. I actually felt it was like a “software” in my system and that I can’t get to it.

I feel that in a way I knew that the right solution was to combine the consciousness with the level of the cell/ energy/ body, where the “commands of behavior” were still imprinted, but couldn’t find the way to do it. Until I was ready…

I heard about EFT from my dear father, a clinical psychologist who uses energy techniques in his practice. The minute I set my eyes on the manual I started crying. Yes. Before

I even really experienced it I felt I met my way out. the “missing key” to unlock the door to freedom.

At the beginning, I tried EFT on my own, but I couldn’t go deep and I understood I needed guidance. Luckily, I met the most amazing EFT expert – liana Weiler (who also wrote a few articles that were published in your great website), and we started a magical journey. After only 8 meetings, I felt that the walls of that “jail” were not there.

The “compulsive overeating episodes” were simply gone. It is not that I had the strength not to go to the refrigerator – I just didn’t go there.

As can be said in the EFT language – the energetic disruption that caused it just didn’t exist anymore. It was not available even if I wanted it. Since then I have been working on different aspects of my addiction and many side effects that have accumulated by living like this for so long.

Here I want to emphasize that although it was seemingly a very fast process, I feel (and Ilana does too) that it was so because I was very “ripe” after many years of inner work, and, on the other hand, (as mentioned above), it was only the “eating part” of it that subsided so quickly and I still had much to work on afterwards.

As I see it, one should not stop when the “problem” subsides, but continue until all the area around it is “clean”, and till he or she learns how to live in the new “room” of the “palace of possibilities”. Otherwise, it can surface again in the same way or in a different costume.

I feel that on many occasions it is more difficult to be in the “light” than in the familiar “comfort darkness”.

All this time I have also worked with limiting beliefs and I am experiencing changes in other areas such as financial and professional. My life completely changed, and still is changing – on all levels. I started working as an EFT practitioner myself.

I really recommend EFT workshops to everyone who wishes to deepen his or her art of delivery of the EFT and to understand the subtle ways of working with it. I introduced EFT to most of my friends and family members and many of them are also experiencing a real deep life change.

If I was asked what was really underneath all this, there were real problems that my food addiction covered and EFT lead me to see the problems and heal them, instead of always turning to food.

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