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Cravings for Food Treats Curbed with EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community,

Successful tapping on cravings has an unexpected side effect, when Rosemary Walter finds herself taking spontaneous walks!

-Dawson Church

By Rosemary Walter

I have given up junk food with the help of EFT.

Looking at images of chocolate cake, crisps, apple pie, pizza, etc., I used EFT tapping while imagining all the details of eating each item.

I could “feel” my teeth sliding through the marshmallow into the chocolate treat, meeting the resistance of the heavy chocolate underneath, chewing and chewing as the treat released its sweetness to me (simple bliss in a complex world), swallowing and taking another rich mouthful.

I didn’t go back to past traumas: I just tapped on the present fantasy of eating.

At first I felt a bit hungry but I did the tapping after a healthy meal so there wasn’t any real hunger. Then I tapped on the next picture of a treat, and the next. After a bit, I had that feeling of “I can’t eat another bite.”

I then revisited the food images several more times.

I couldn’t face it. It made me feel too over-full, like I had been to a party and overdone things.

Now I feel that way about those kinds of food all the time. I’ve had enough, thank you.

These days when there is a big spread of treats at morning tea at work, I just eat my strawberries or little cherry tomatoes with snow peas and feel quite satisfied. I don’t want that heavy feeling junk foods give. Once, I couldn’t pass them by – I felt so deprived that I felt like I had to have one of everything, and no warnings of heart attack meant a thing to me. Now, it’s the treats that mean nothing to me.

I’ve lost 5 kilos so far (about 10 pounds). Many more to go.

There is another aspect to it outside of the food itself. I have learned how to lower my stress levels without using food. I used to hate meditation because I found it incredibly boring. Now I have put the meditations in Anthony de Mello’s book “Wellsprings” on a voice recorder and, along with tapping, they shift me from high stress levels down to calmness and helpful insights.

First I tap,

“Even though these thoughts and feelings are whirling around my head and heart, I completely love myself.”

Pretty soon the feelings of stress calm down and I can turn on my voice recorder and step into calmness instead of going into a feeding frenzy. (“Wellsprings” has Christian meditations. Some may prefer the CD “Be calm, Be still” by Dr Gillian Ross, or other meditation CDs).

I noticed another thing as well – the most ordinary things can lower stress levels. I felt really discouraged and worried one day. I thought, “Only a box of chocolates can fix this feeling.”

Instead, I decided to just notice what happened to my feelings. A brief chat with a friend lowered the feelings a bit.

A walk to the bus stop took them down more.

Eating my apple while waiting for the bus helped, too. (By this time, I knew I didn’t need the box of chocolates.) Sitting on the bus — a little calmer. At home, some tapping took me down the last bit to a relaxed feeling. So even if you don’t like meditation, simple things like tapping or stroking the dog can work wonders. (Dogs everywhere endorse this method!)

I used to eat treats because life seemed to be all work and no fun.

Now, I’m spending more time with friends while still being committed to my work and that change means that I don’t have to ask food to be my only fun, a job that is too big for it. Managing my life better means I can manage my eating better.

In addition, I have “nailed” 3 items of fruit into my life — an orange at breakfast time, a banana with my morning cup of tea (it gives longer lasting energy than biscuits) and an apple at afternoon tea (whether I want it or not because it replaces that afternoon desperation feeling with a satisfied feeling that lasts to dinner time).

These fruit, together with some vegetables, meat, chicken or fish, mean that I never get that hungry feeling where I feel like eating any old thing.

Even tapping could not overcome my resistance to going for walks but the other day I suddenly went for a walk before I could start arguing with myself and it felt great. The next day I had lost 1 kilo, so that felt good, too. I’m trying to establish walking as a habit.

Months ago I went for a walk and actually did smell the roses.

You know what? Roses are lovely!

The many kilos are coming off very, very slowly. Patience is essential. I’ve had to learn not to be greedy for change but to stick with what I know is working and then slowly let good health work its magic. Let’s hope that will work in the long run, because nothing else has so far

Meanwhile, having been off junk food for months now, I’ve noticed a strange new feeling. It’s a kind of “life is good”, lighter feeling. I think junk food places a burden on our bodies and emotions.

Freedom feels good.