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EFT Tapping for Weight Loss: 3 Success Stories

EFT Tapping for Weight Loss: 3 Success Stories

By Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD

I’m a registered dietician and personal trainer and have been helping people improve their health for years.

However, I always knew there was a missing piece.

People just weren’t as successful as they could or should be, despite their best efforts.

I knew there was an emotional side, but no matter what we tried (usually traditional counseling techniques), nothing really changed.

Then I discovered EFT.

Please allow me to share 3 different weight loss stories:

1. Susan came to me with type 2 diabetes.

She was only in her mid-30s, has two kids and a husband, and needed to lose weight, especially in the belly. She’d tried everything. Come to find out, she’s been a night-time eater. She did great during the day, but then got up to eat almost every night.

At our first session, we did some basic tapping to help reduce this craving. (I usually teach the basics at the first meeting and then give the client some simple homework to reinforce the tapping points).

The results were amazing! She hasn’t eaten at night since the tapping. At our second session I find out she had severe abandonment issues and sexual abuse issues. We’ve cleared those out and she feels much better. Her own goal is to tap at least ten times per day! She’s gradually losing weight and her relationship with her husband has improved tremendously!

2. Another client had gastric lap-band and was doing well, until she got closer to her goal.

Then she started eating chips out of the bag again and gaining weight. She called me for an emergency session (she’d already been in to learn the basics). She was tricky, because she usually laughs and giggles when her core issues come up, and it took me awhile to realize this.

However, after about 45 minutes of tapping away at the giggly stuff, she started to break down and cry uncontrollably. She said she was afraid of the girl inside the box. To her, each pound lost was another lid coming off the box and as more lids came off, she got closer to being exposed.

Her greatest fears were the expectations that would be placed on her as a thin person. For example, would her husband want more sex, would she have to play with her kids more, and WHO WAS SHE as a person.

We tapped away those fears and she is SO much better. At her follow-up doctor appointment they told her something was different about her. She explained EFT and now they want to know more. She gave me permission to write about her in our local paper and she volunteered to share her story at our office.

3. This was a new one for me! Joan had been steadily gaining weight since the death of her 39-year old son from cancer (6 years before).

She knew grief played a role, but didn’t know what to do. She had only recently allowed herself to cry. She really didn’t want to work on the grief, as she thought it would be too painful. Instead, we went in the back door. We discovered she had strong feelings of having no control in her life in MANY areas – work, family, friends, and – of course – in her son’s passing.

This turned out to be a very emotional issue to tap on. She cried through much of the process.

I did the Tell the Story technique to gently ease in a few issues about her son, because I felt this was a huge area for her. When we were done, I had her close her eyes and take a few deep breaths. I also had her place her hands over her heart and lock in this energy work as a divine healing with thanks and gratitude to her spiritual leader (knowing that she took great strength from this).

When she opened her eyes she said, “Whoa, when did that picture (on the wall) get so bright?”

A bit confused, I asked her what she meant.

It seems she had been looking at the picture above my head during our session. She said at first the picture was dark but now it was very bright and that the room lighting was brighter as well. I smiled and said something great just happened and we shifted some major energy.

I also saw her at her job later that day. With slight sarcasm she said I owed her for some sunglasses she had to buy to drive to work.

Then she said that the photos on the wall at her work place were much brighter and that she could actually see the detail on them now (before they were a dark blur). I’ve never encountered this reaction before, but it was amazing.