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EFT Tapping Heals Childhood Wound of “God, you’re fat!”

Dear EFT Community,

Words can wound, and this EFT for weight loss case shows how they can influence the whole course of a person’s life and how EFT can heal the spirit.

-Dawson Church

By Kathleen Sales, CBT, CCHT

My client wanted not only to lose weight but also to find a way to maintain that weight loss.

She had tried every program ever created under the sun and had been successful at losing, but always seemed to gain it back and then some.

I explained to her during our initial consultation that we could definitely work on the issue of weight and maintenance, but that we would also need to focus on emotional issues affecting her life since typically the issue of excess weight is not about the food at all.

She agreed to the commitment and we were on our way.

I asked the typical questions about weight; how long have you had a weight problem? When did you first recognize that you had a weight problem? Do others in your family struggle with weight?

Then, all of a sudden, her face began to tense up as she spoke of her Godmother who had basically tortured her as a young girl.

Every weekend her family would make a trip to visit their Godmother and Godfather and whenever no one was watching her Godmother would say to her, “God you’re fat!”

Keep in mind, this was a young girl between the ages of about 6 or 7.

This went on until the age of about 9 or 10.

These words echoing in her head brought great sadness and anger immediately to the surface so this is where we began. I asked her what her intensity rating was regarding this issue and she said, “Ohhhh, it’s a 10 definitely!”

Starting with the sore spot I had her close her eyes and repeat after me,

Even though I hear these cruel words God you’re fat … I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though Claire’s (not her real name) cruel words echo loudly God you’re fat … I deeply and completely accept myself and my body

Even though I hear Claire’s hurtful, mean and cruel words God you’re fat … I completely love and accept myself anyway

We then tapped on the following,

God you’re fat!

Those hateful cruel words God you’re fat

Claire’s voice echoing God you’re fat

Those cruel hurtful words God you’re fat

God you’re fat!

Claire’s hateful cruel voice saying God you’re fat

Claire’s hurtful words God you’re fat

Those cruel cruel words echoing inside of me God you’re fat

We also did the 9 gamut routine since this started at such a high intensity following with points as above putting the words “This remaining …” in front of the phrases and did one last round of just the points with “I deeply and completely love and accept myself no matter what.”

I asked her to remain with her eyes closed and go inside to see what was there. She felt a sense of calm. Her face had definitely lightened up and showed the results of the tapping. I then asked her to repeat the words, “God you’re fat!” to see what, if anything came up.

She did and smiled. She said. “They’re just words, they have no affect on me whatsoever. Claire is gone!”

At our next session I asked her to again repeat the words “God you’re fat!” and absolutely nothing occurred. Just a smile and a shake of the head.

During the course of our work together, we found another person that needed to be “let go of” and when that surfaced my client said, “Oh goody, are we going to be able to make him disappear just like we did Claire?”

We did, and it was another incredible result of EFT.