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Raising Your Metabolism with EFT Tapping

By Silvia Hartmann, PhD

A very long time ago, when I was still a hypnotherapy student, I learned a technique to raise people’s metabolism beyond its current rate of functioning in order to assist in weight loss. Clearly, if the metabolism runs faster, more calories are burned whether you sit, stand or slouch and this is indeed a great help.

I was the demonstration subject for the exercise and the sense of building energy that occurred when we did this raising of the metabolic rate was really amazing. It took place just after lunch on a rainy day when I was drooping and sleepy. It had the effect that at 2am that night I was still buzzing around like a merry bee, full of energy and excitement, without a hint of tiredness, absolutely lively and discussing details of the training with a bunch of fellow students in the kitchen of the venue.

Now, this was achieved at the time with hypnosis and a pendulum percentile chart and the simple instruction was to turn up my metabolism safely to a higher level.

When it started out, my “metabolism percentage” was at a shocking 23%; I proceeded to do the protocol and my body mind via the pendulum called it a day at 67%. This was considered a “safe level” for me at the time.

There was more to it than just feeling completely wide awake and brightly aware as though I was on amphetamines. For example, I wasn’t cold any longer. I sat up straighter, walked faster and easier too. I wasn’t particularly hungry because I was too busy *doing things*. I could literally feel the energy like electricity prickling in my entire body and I wanted to move, do things–I laughed a lot too and did little dances of amusement when something funny happened during the exercises (I also clapped my hands and was actually for once, in my own body).

And all of that for the sake of a little hypnosis and a pendulum exercise!

Now we have better options to do something very similar–and faster, better, and, most possibly, far more holistically because we can take out the stoppers that are slowing down our metabolism!

Here is first of all, an EFT version of this occurrence to be used at any time when you need more energy. I would certainly recommend doing this anyway, and without needing a particular reason, as a kind of five minute energy system workout. I suggest doing this first thing in the morning as a matter of course.

I wonder what that might do for your effectiveness during the day? Your thoughts, your actions and your all important *attitude* toward what must be done?

Try it for yourself. This really rocks.

EFT Metabolism Protocol

  1. What level in percent is your metabolism functioning at right now? Let a number come to you or simply guess (which is one way of allowing your unconscious mind to tell you what it actually is). You don’t have to be completely accurate here. We’re only looking for a benchmark for later comparison.
  2. First round of tapping: “Even though my body runs at only XX percent, I deeply and profoundly love and accept my body.” This clears out the most obvious blockages to the whole process and leads us into the next and more specific step.
  3. Second round of tapping: “I want to release everything that slows my body down and I deeply and profoundly love and accept my body.” You can substitute the word “metabolism” if you wish but body is very useful as there are many interactive systems that make up someone’s metabolism.
  4. Third round of tapping: “I want to repair everything that slows my body down and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.” Now, take a new reading and leave it at that for the first time.

Subsequent Treatments

Some things might have come to your attention or awareness during the first treatment which you might like to treat separately – memories, problems in your diet, thoughts, or behaviors.

Once you have completed the first treatment stage, you can now turn to using Astra Johnston’s Gauge work in the future. The Guage work protocol is given below.

1. Imagine a 100% gauge which represents the PERFECT level of functioning for your own, personal metabolism right now.

This is important: do not raise your metabolism any further than is safe for you at this time. By saying clearly that you are looking for YOUR OWN PERSONAL 100% you cannot exceed any safety limits and don’t turn it up any further than is desirable, given the conditions of the rest of your systems at this time.

Like fitness, you build your metabolic rate gently and step by step over time so that all of you can get used to it gently and ecologically–properly, in other words.

2. Take the reading of how it is right now.

3. Treat the gauge with an opening statement of your choice, such as, “I want my metabolism to function perfectly and I deeply … etc.”

4. Repeat until you have either reached the 100% or you feel that you are happy and want to stop.

Regular use of this will increase your energy levels and give you a whole new sense of self all over–and you can use your increased energy to further your health, your mission or work, your creativity or your relationships–it is a kind of coinage that you can spend however you wish and which is freely available in all ways, just for the asking.

A Note About Sleeping

Something that happens quite regularly with people who are not used to a higher level of metabolic functioning is that they say they cannot go to sleep at night–they are too full of energy.

One reason for this is that it seems you need less sleep than you were used to when everything was still hard, heavy and difficult (which it is when you’re operating at only half or less of your own strength!). Simply put, you’re less exhausted and so you sleep less. Accepting that this is so and that you now have more time to do things is a part of this whole “personal development” deal; a bit of life restructuring might have to be in order so you will come up with something to do for those extra three or four hours a day you have gained.

Of course, you can calm yourself down in exactly the same way by which you raised your metabolic rate in the first place, namely by tapping for calm and relaxation.

Believe it or not, people with high metabolic rates can sleep very soundly indeed and still keep their higher metabolic functioning in place. It is simply so that most of us are only used to an exhausted version of keeling over into bed “after a hard day” and have no experience yet of how to sleep simply because that’s the right thing to do right now.

Also, there is once again the question of lifestyle changes. We routinely use a lot of activities and substances to “help us get through the day”–when you put those ON TOP of an already increased metabolic functioning, you can get to be very wired indeed, of course.

Recognising what you were previously using to shore up your flagging energy systems in the way of people energy, caffeine, food, entertainment, “stimulation,” etc. and rescheduling this kind of thing in the light of the new order of being might need to be done in order to establish a new kind of going through the days and sleeping at night altogether.

In Conclusion

Raising your metabolic rate makes you faster, stronger and more efficient in mind and body. EFT achieves this by taking out *blockages* and *reversals* that are slowing down our metabolism and is thereby safe and ecological.

This procedure is a content free, very basic endeavour that supports everything you might want to think, be, do or achieve. It works wonders with procrastination, makes “hard” work much easier, helps with fitness and health without having to go to the gym or eating less, and brings about life style changes naturally and from the inside out–they just happen as a result, without willpower or any other type of force being employed to “make it happen.”