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The #1 Reason For Weight Gain


Eat Like A Goddess Book by Sandy Zeldes

By Sandy Zeldes, Certified EFT Practitioner

The primary focus of my EFT practice is in working with women to heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

We work on emotional eating, cravings, energy and weight concerns. From this work, I have developed my own unique way of working with clients that is part diet-related, part nutrition-related, and (a big part) emotional clearing-related.

I find that with my unique perspective combined with emotional freedom techniques, my clients move into joy and freedom much faster and with more ease.

The number one reason for weight gain that I see in my EFT practice is:

Emotional Stress.

Emotions like grief, overwhelm, sadness, fear, anxiety, panic, depression, anger, PTSD, and frustration–to name a few. The problem for many, however, is how to heal their stressors.

Many clients have a difficult time finding a way to fully resolve their feelings of anxiety and stress, so it accumulates in the body center.

I am fortunate to have tools, such as EFT tapping, to help my clients release their stressors in our sessions on an on-going basis. It is important to reduce stress so that we take the pressure off of our exhausted adrenal glands and re-balance the body center.

The story I want to share with you is about one of my weight loss clients who had a profound emotional release through EFT tapping. It changed everything for her.

This client went from being exhausted, where she found it difficult to stay on the phone with me for her tapping session, to becoming full of energy within 20 minutes of releasing an emotional stress issue. The best part was that at first, she wasn’t conscious of the core emotional event.

When I work with someone, they often do not need to know exactly what triggers their anxiety, but we can still release it with the help of EFT.

Because I also work on a physical level, and this client had implemented what I had recommended with diet, exercise and supplements, I knew that physical care was not her issue. I felt strongly that she had the nutrients her body needed to be well, but the resistance to losing weight was caused by something else.

I asked her if anything was going on with her, or if something had happened that was stressing her out since our last session. She replied with a confident, “No.” But I still felt certain that something was going on emotionally with her that we needed to look at.

In my tapping sessions, I often feel a strong connection to the client with whom I’m working, and I can have an intuitive “lock” on what is going on. In fact, I have learned how to test my intuitive hunches using muscle testing when the need arises.

I knew we needed to look at her weight loss resistance with EFT. I could “feel” the issue was stress-related by the lack of energy she was exhibiting.

Tapping Allowed the Issue to Rise Up

We began tapping, and within minutes something came up that she had not realized could be triggering her extreme fatigue.

We tapped:

Even though I’m so exhausted, I can hardly stand to be on the phone right now, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Inner eye: I’m totally exhausted, and I don’t know why.

Outer eye: I’m so exhausted, I can’t stay on the phone.

Under eye: I’m exhausted.

Upper lip: I’m exhausted.

Chin crease: I’m exhausted.

Collarbone: I’m exhausted.

Side of body: I’m exhausted.

Top of head: I’m exhausted.

After this round of tapping, she remembered something that had happened with a man she dated, but she didn’t believe it was relevant to her exhaustion. However, she couldn’t get an incident with him out of her mind and she didn’t know why. She realized that it was really bothering her.

We tapped:

Even though I’m upset about what happened with X this weekend, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have no idea why I am so upset about this incident, it seems so small but I can’t get over it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Inner eye: I’m upset at X.

Outer eye: I don’t know why.

Under eye: It feels so small, what happened.

Upper lip: I can’t get over it.

Chin crease: I’m upset over this thing that happened.

Collar bones: I’m upset over this thing that happened.

Side of body: I’m upset over this thing that happened.

Top of head: I’m upset over this thing that happened.

Suddenly, the reason why she was upset about the dating incident became clear to her. She began to cry as she realized it was connected to a core issue of hers.

At this point, we were able to tap on the core issue and within minutes–BAAM!–ALL of her energy came roaring back! It was beautiful to witness.

Quite often, I see this kind of stress release with my clients. I could share story after story. I see “miracles” every day using EFT for stress and anxiety, with the added benefit of the body letting go of the extra weight. It’s truly wonderful.

Here is the client’s experience, in her own words:

When I first started working with Sandy only two months ago I was barely able to get through the day I had such low energy and a hard time focusing. I also struggled with anxiety, was very sensitive emotionally (which I thought was just my personality) and food cravings. I took a lot of naps and couldn’t get a lot of work done it seemed without being exhausted. I also felt a lack of confidence in client relationships. Working out even mildly would wipe me out.

In fact in our first session, I could hardly stay on the phone I was so tired. But after implementing even the first few things that Sandy recommended I was feeling much, much better, even the next day! It was amazing. Though there were ups and downs as I was recovering, I began to have my energy back more and more with time. I now can work out without wiping myself out, my clear thinking is back.

I feel more confident, even in client relationships, less obsessive and anxious, don’t have food cravings and feel like I did many years ago and my energy is consistently strong throughout the day. In fact I started bringing in big clients during the time I was working with Sandy and I had the energy and confidence to do it! I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from you–it’s made a big difference for me. I was beginning to feel hopeless. I’m referring a few friends to you.