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Introduction to the EFT Loving Relationships Now Course

10 Ways this program will help you:

1. Really get your needs heard. Deep hearing, deep listening.
2. Shift the energy between you and another person–without saying a single word.
3. Change the emotional tone of conversations from the head level to the heart level.
4. Use a neuroscience technique that takes just three seconds, but can stop conflict in its tracks.
5. Quiet the voices of worry and criticism in your mind that build barriers between you and others.
6. Cultivate the gift of warm, true “personal presence.”
7. Be happy without requiring that the other person change.
8. Identify the subconscious blocks and psychological habits that have been holding you back from great relationships.
9. Excavate the pockets of sadness that might live in the hidden crevices of your heart.
10. Pick words that connect with the other person, rather than your own habitual language.

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