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Transforming Lives With Energy Coaching

Would you like to share the benefits of energy healing with others? Has energy healing transformed your life, and you’d now like to share it with friends and clients?

The Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching course will train you in the basic concepts involved in doing energy work with others. It’s designed to build on what you learned earlier in the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program.

The course has two modules, Professional Ethics and The Psychology of Coaching. You can find more information about each one below.

These are the third and fourth modules of the Ultimate EFT Certification program. They build on the science and EFT techniques you learn in the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program, which is a prerequisite for the Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching course.

After training yourself using these online modules, you’re eligible to go on to full certification. In the Ultimate EFT Certification program, you’re guided by a personal mentor and receive live classroom instruction as well as the support of an online community.

When you enroll for these two modules together in the Transforming Lives With Energy Coaching course, you save $500 off the cost of taking them separately. Plus, the work you do here counts toward certification.

Prerequisite: Self-Transformative Energy Tools


An understanding of ethics is one of the most important pieces of knowledge a practitioner of the healing arts can possibly have. Ethical principles are not restrictive rules and regulations – they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer. This course trains you in setting healthy boundaries, self-care, appropriate relationships with clients, a clear “scope of practice,” and effective communication with other professionals in the healthcare field. Illustrated with 50 case histories, this top-rated course gives you a complete education in energy healing ethics.


A century of research has mapped the psychology of transformation. Many of these findings about human motivation and behavior are counter-intuitive, and great coaching depends on understanding them. The superb and comprehensive Psychology of Coaching course presents this body of work in 13 sequential lessons. It combines behavioral science with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and energy therapy. It presents the best-of-the-best coaching techniques and principles in an easily accessible form. It trains you to help clients soar high above their previous best, transcending their old set points to experience Peak States.

Before you can take these second two certification modules together in the Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching program, you need to complete the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program.

Taken the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program? Then you’re ready!

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