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EFT Relieves Dizziness and Nausea in 10 Minutes Hits: 10381
Use EFT to Help Treat and Prevent UTIs Without Drugs Written by Dawson Church Hits: 8082
For the skeptics--Is EFT a placebo? Written by Administrator Hits: 7055
EFT Dissolves 2-year-old Bump on a Thumb Hits: 6542
EFT helps Terrie Recover After Her Brain Injury Hits: 4880
After A Near-Death Experience This Woman turns to EFT Tapping Written by Dawson Church Hits: 4851
EFT Speeds Rehab and Physical Therapy: Irene Mitchell Update Written by Administrator Hits: 4787
EFT for Knee Pain from Skiing Injury Hits: 4400
EFT Relieves a Torn Rotator Cuff Hits: 4194
EFT Stops Leg Bleeding after an Accident Hits: 4174
Dramatic Recovery from an Injury with EFT Hits: 4032
Applying EFT to Tinnitus Written by Administrator Hits: 3870
Using EFT for a Double Ankle Sprain Written by Administrator Hits: 3697
EFT Hastens Recovery from Concussion and Skull Fracture Written by Administrator Hits: 3528
EFT Calms Overwhelming Pain from Broken Finger Hits: 3298
EFT for a Foot Injury: The Pain Brought Her to Her Knees Hits: 3206
EFT Tapping for Fast Recovery from Vehicle Accidents Hits: 3166
EFT Prevented Swelling and Bruising from Hand Injury Written by Administrator Hits: 2958
Severe Fall Trauma Hits: 2885
First Aid with EFT Hits: 2807
EFT Tapping for Shoulder Pain EFT Tapping Video Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2624
EFT Tapping Solution for Serious Jellyfish Sting Hits: 2458
EFT for Non-Life-Threatening Food Stuck in the Throat Written by Administrator Hits: 2445
EFT as the Very Best Remedy for a Bee Sting Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2381
Thermal Scans Show That EFT Helped Ankle and Neck Injuries Hits: 2366
On-the-Spot EFT for Accidents Written by Administrator Hits: 2305
EFT Intervention in the Middle of a Crisis Hits: 2265
How to Use EFT Tapping for Personal Injuries Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2168
EFT Helps Remove Stuck Ring Hits: 2138
Did EFT Straighten Bones Set Improperly 50 Years Ago? Written by Administrator Hits: 2088
Have You Ever Used EFT in the Emergency Room? Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2067
Using EFT to Shorten Injury Recovery Time Hits: 2039
How to Heal Lower Back Injury Fast with the Help of EFT Written by Jennifer Siering Hits: 1975
EFT Resolves Pain and Frustration of Whiplash Hits: 1953
EFT Tapping: EFT Releases an Old Chronic Injury in 20 min Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1934
Doctor Uses EFT for Injured Toe: No Cast Needed Hits: 1918
How EFT Helps Tap Away a Soldering Iron Burn Written by Annie O'Grady Hits: 1810
Car Accident Cleared with EFT: No Trauma and No Bruises Hits: 1745
How EFT for First Aid Saved Thanksgiving Dinner Written by Caitlin Grace Hits: 1681
EFT to the rescue from a potentially risky wasp bite Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1525
Tapping Prevents Bruising and Swelling from Fall Written by Annette Vaillancourt Hits: 1466
EFT Helps Serious Infection from a Cat Bite Written by Administrator Hits: 1438
Unique Uses for EFT during Surgery Written by Administrator Hits: 1438
EFT Brings Calm during Severe Seizure Episode Written by Administrator Hits: 1320
EFT Prevents Heatstroke Fainting Written by Administrator Hits: 1274
EFT Stopped Side Effects from Accidental Ingestion of Medication Hits: 1273
Quadriplegic Feels Physical Sensations During EFT Session Written by Administrator Hits: 1265
The Value of Immediate EFT for an Injury Written by Naomi Janzen Hits: 1120
EFT Tapping for Broken Foot: No Pain Meds Needed Written by Michelle Mattingly Hits: 911
EFT Gives Quick Aid to a Twisted Ankle Hits: 910
EFT Surrogate Tapping for Emergency First Aid Written by Leslie Wilson Hits: 904


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