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The Science of Consciousness

Nonlocal Mind, and Brain as Receiver of Consciousness

Nonlocal Mind, and Brain as Receiver of Consciousness

Larry Dossey, MD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded May 25, 2017

Larry Dossey, MD, is a leader in bringing scientific understanding to spirituality, and rigorous proof to complementary/integrative medicine. Dr. Dossey lectures at leading medical schools and hospitals around the country. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Healing Words, and 11 other books that have been translated and published around the world. Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Consciousness has no boundaries
  • Authorities throughout history–Plato, William James, Carl Jung–describe collective consciousness
  • Mind is infinite and immortal
  • We can transcend local mind through time in nature, meditation, and reading the experiences of others
  • 50 million Americans have had a Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • Be quiet and pay attention
  • Transcendent experiences of one mind occur more frequently as you practice
  • Eliminate the intrusions of everyday life; they make the brain function differently
  • The brain is localized in time and space but consciousness is not
  • Six categories of proof, including NDEs, remote viewing, precognition, influencing random number generators (RNG)
  • The Wikipedia trolls, people who cannot be convinced no matter what the evidence
  • The brain is like a TV set, projecting consciousness; it filters experience–Planck, Boehm
  • Great inventors, savants, creative people have access to nonlocal mind
  • Dreams can be a way of accessing the One Mind

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