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The Science of Brain Function

The Science of Brain Function, Stress, and Food CravingsӬ

The Science of Brain Function, Stress, and Food CravingsӬ

Peta Stapleton, PhD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded February 23, 2017

Research shows that there are surprising links between food cravings and the stress response, according to Peta Stapleton, PhD. Dr. Stapleton manages the masters program in psychology at Bond University in Queensland, Australia, and is the investigator in many scientific studies. In this lively dialog with Dawson Church, they summarize the research showing that EFT tapping is successful in producing weight loss. Long-term studies show that people continue to lose weight continuously after they learn EFT, and don’t regain the weight lost on a diet. Among the other topics they cover are:

  • How traditional talk therapy is less effective for cravings and weight loss
  • The research showing that body-centered therapies like EMDR and EFT are superior
  • The tools every child should have from the very beginning
  • How EFT can help children with family, academic, social, and school problems
  • Surprising cravings for healthy foods surface after tapping
  • Goal-setting is boosted by tapping away your subconscious objections to success
  • Eating is mostly about emotions
  • New research shows that our cortisol levels spike when we’re craving a food
  • Brain scans and MRIs show changes in brain function after tapping
  • The man who ate an entire roast chicken every day

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