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The Genie In Your Genes

A Breakthrough Course Linking Consciousness to Genetic Change

This 12-week course trains you to literally change your genes to boost your happiness, vitality and health!

New scientific breakthroughs in fields like neural plasticity and epigenetics are revolutionizing our understanding of healing. Science is now tracing the biological pathways by which “miraculous” recoveries can occur, as well as giving us the key information we need to raise our levels of health and vitality.

Based on the best-selling book by Dawson Church, PhD, the Genie In Your Genes online course gives you the remarkable scientific discoveries in the new field of Epigenetics that are the keys to healing.

This course trains you in 12 easy practical methods that boost health, energy and happiness.

In this 12-week course, Dawson applies the science behind these discoveries in a practical program. He trains you in the practices that eliminate stress, turning off disease-promoting genes and turning on health-producing genes. You’ll shift from believing that your future is “all in your genes” to realizing that you have immense power to engineer your own genetic destiny. You’ll understand how to apply epigenetics in practice, to extend your health-span and give yourself the gift of a longer and healthier life.

The Genie in Your Genes online course is the leading edge. It gives you the best of all worlds: science, alternative medicine, biotechnology, and spirituality. It shows you how they can all be brought together to boost your health and vitality to heights you might never have believed possible.

Begin the transformation of your genes today!
Evidence-Based Results

Scientists used to believe that each person’s gene expression (turning genes on and off) was fixed at conception. We then just lived out the life scripts coded into our genes. But new discoveries have shown that nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, over 8o% of our genome is dynamic, changing and shifting in response to influences from our environment.

We can use this new knowledge to change our environment to trigger beneficial gene expression, down-regulating genes associated with inflammation and stress, and up-regulating genes associated with immunity and longevity. Using transformational practices like meditation, mindfulness, tapping and biofeedback, we change the biochemical environment around our cells, sending health-promoting signals to our DNA and turning on beneficial genes.

“Recent advances in the science of epigenetics and quantum physics herald a global evolution that will profoundly impact the life of every person on this planet. Dawson Church expertly distills the Ivory Tower complexities of this life-changing science into a simple and elegant presentation that anyone can understand.”

Change Your Genes with EFT Tapping
What can Epigenetics Do For You?

This has remarkable implications for our quality of life. We are able to reprogram our internal biology to support our health and wellbeing. Without this knowledge, your genes are highly affected by stress. Studies show that stress can knock between 9 and 14 years off your life-span, and result in an even more reduced “health-span.” That’s the number of years of healthy life you get to live. Stress is associated with many diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and hepatitis.

Research has now revealed that cancer genes, heart disease genes, diabetes genes, and over 1,500 other genes in your body can be turned on or off through epigenetics. In this 12-week course, Dr. Church shows you exactly how epigenetics works. He guides you in learning how to communicate with your inner genie, in order to trip the genetic switches that lead to optimal health and energy.

The saying “It’s all in your genes” is a myth! In fact, you can direct your genes in many surprising ways. You aren’t a victim of the genetic code you inherited at conception; people can, and do, redirect their body’s biochemical cycle to prevent disease and slow the aging process.

These Simple Self-Help Techniques Can:
Are you ready to boost your health and vitality?
The Twelve Lessons Of Genie In Your Genes
1. Sudden Discontinuous Change
2. Your DNA is Not Your Destiny
3. Rebooting Your Genome
4. Electromagnetism in Healing: Ancient and Modern
5. Your Body as a Semiconducting Crystal
6. Belief Therapy
7. Entangled Strings of Molecular Meaning
8. Your Heart’s Ability to Scan the Future
9. The Miracles Your Doctor Sees
10. Energy Psychology for Rapid Healing
11. Your Happy Genes
12. Transforming the Social Genome

"Take yourself on a quantum leap into cutting edge science and discover how it will transform medicine and health care in the next decade. Dawson Church has mined the most revolutionary findings from diverse fields of science and practice and brilliantly synthesized them into a clearly-written manifesto for the enlightened care of the human body, mind, and community."

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