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The Man Who Walked Through Walls

Cherie Clark

Cherie Clark, PhD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded April 27, 2017

Cheryl (Cherie) Clark, PhD, is the former director of the Willard Drug Treatment program of the New York State Department of Correctional Services. She developed an innovative substance abuse treatment approach emphasizing self-discipline and life skills. It has served more than 40,000 young men and women. A 2010 evaluation by NY State found that it had saved taxpayers over $1.3 billion. Cherie describes the importance of learning from our mistakes and creating environments that support transformation. Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Making mistakes is the key to success
  • Studying and applying creative thinking
  • How paying attention directs our focus
  • The 8 keys to excellence
  • Synchronized action: Geese flying in formation generate 71% more lift
  • Breathing, stretching, and moving together
  • Muscle testing to demonstrate the debilitating effects of sugar
  • Sugar reduction is especially important in bodies depleted by alcohol or drugs
  • Ken Wines, the man who walked through walls, sentenced to life without parole, in prison since he was 9 years old, wanted to meditate so much that his molecules could pass through the prison walls
  • Getting clear that you aren’t in prison no matter what your environment


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