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“As ‘The Secret’ meets the scientist in Dawson’s work, the boundaries of what you’ve believed possible will be stretched far beyond your existing picture of reality.”
Jack Canfield
Coauthor of #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup® series and featured teacher in “The Secret”

Spiritual Intelligence

Mystics, monks, and inspiring luminaries like Rumi, St. Teresa, Gurdjieff, Meister Eckart, Hildegard of Bingen, Khalil Gibran and Thomas Merton have described extraordinary spiritual states.

Spiritual Intelligence, or SQ, is the ability to enter these states of oneness with “the all that is.” SQ connects us with the universal consciousness beyond our limited human minds. It is associated with extraordinary compassion, happiness, gratitude and love.
New research is showing that the ability to reach these states is hard wired into everyone’s brain. We all have SQ, but few of us learn to use it.

This presentation explains what SQ is, how to develop it, and the function of the four specific brain circuits active in mystics of all traditions.

The Genie in Your Genes

Our thoughts and emotions are able to generate profound changes in our cells. Stress triggers the expression of genes that code for cortisol and other harmful hormones, while relaxation has the opposite effect, producing health and vitality. Dawson Church’s best-selling science book The Genie in Your Genes shows
how mental and emotional states trigger gene expression. In this fascinating journey through the science of epigenetics, we discover exactly how the process works, which genes are affected, and the practices that contribute to positive gene expression.

Bliss Brain

Elevated emotional, mental and spiritual states have been described by mystics for millennia. Now, modern research tools like MRIs and EEGs are allowing us to analyze the brain patterns of these adepts and map their neural activity. Science has built up a profile of their most active brain regions, and found that they match those of people in peak states of “flow.” These states also produce 7 of the most pleasurable neurotransmitters and hormones known, from serotonin to anandamide, the “bliss molecule.” Reverse engineering of these states now makes them trainable, and research shows that anyone can approach such peak states using simple physiological techniques. This presentation reviews the neuroscience behind “Bliss Brain” and includes an experience of the practices that induce it.

“I really enjoyed that Dawson grounded us in the science of what we were doing. It gave logic and structure to an experience that can sometimes be hard to understand. I loved the way these simple energy based self-awareness techniques can help in everyday life.”

Psychological Trauma: Healing Through Memory Reconsolidation

Traumatic stress was long believed by neuroscience to produce irreparable damage to the mind and brain. Adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma in particular have been associated with a wide range of diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. However, exciting new research has shown that – under certain precise conditions – traumatic memories can be “reconsolidated” or neutralized in the brain. Studies with veterans and other traumatized groups demonstrate that most PTSD symptoms can be permanently healed. This presentation reviews the latest research and the therapies being used for successful trauma treatment.

The New Human Potential Movement

We are in the middle of a huge evolutionary leap. For 4 billion years, evolution on Earth has proceeded by means of gene mutation and natural selection. The process is slow, with new species and major biological innovations taking thousands of years to appear. Now, however, human abilities are changing the pace of evolution. Studies show that by conscious mental practices like meditation, people can spark hormone and neurotransmitter activity, turn genes on and off, and create new neural pathways in their brains. Substantial brain remodeling can occur within weeks of starting a practice. Epigenetic changes can be passed to the next generation. This rapid evolution is unlocking new human potentials. Widespread social change is resulting. This presentation tracks the scientific markers of change, and extrapolates them to speculate about how they will alter the future of humankind and the planet.

“We have entered an era of healing in which the influence of consciousness in health and illness is being validated as never before. For a view of these crucial insights, researcher Dawson Church’s work is invaluable.”
Larry Dossey, MD
Larry Dossey, MD
Best-selling author of 13 books, including One Mind

Thoughts to Things

Manifestation is fun! Join Dawson Church, the author of the best-selling science book Mind to Matter for a fascinating exploration of the science of turning your thoughts to things. You’ll learn the astounding ways you can use your mind to create bliss neurotransmitters in your brain, anti-aging hormones in your body, and even change molecules in the physical world around you. You’ll also practice 7 precise methods for generating the brain wave frequencies that result in “coherent mind.” That’s the signature pattern of “Master Manifestors,” people who create effortlessly. You’ll hear inspiring stories about how they use these methods to transform their health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. You’ll see fascinating new technologies that demonstrate how quickly matter responds to thought, and play with some of them hands-on. If you’ve wondered about how you can create your ideal life, join us to find out what science shows your mind can do.

Peak Sports Performance

It is possible to improve sports performance dramatically, even in top-ranked athletes. In a randomized controlled trial designed by Dawson Church and conducted with the Oregon State basketball team, free throws improved by 38% after the application of team flow techniques. These same methods have propelled other teams like the Oregon State baseball team to a string of championship victories. This presentation reviews the science behind peak states, the practices that allow us to enter a state of flow, and how these techniques can enhance the performance of any team.
“Once in a long while, a profoundly disruptive vision shatters the scientific paradigm, refocuses the entire way we see the world, and opens up vast new horizons of human potential. For our generation, Dawson Church’s Mind to Matter is that vision.”
Raymond Aaron
Author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul

Personal Epigenetics

Human beings have the unique ability to change the expression of many of our 20,000+ genes. Those that code for stress hormones like cortisol are regulated by emotions. Research shows that meditation, relaxation, and acupressure are all able to change gene expression, downregulating inflammatory genes, and upregulating immunity genes. Our ability to regulate our own gene expression epigenetically has revolutionary implications for both our personal health and our social wellness. In this exciting presentation, leading health researcher Dawson Church reviews the science behind epigenetics, and the practices we can use to foster peak health and vitality.

Productivity, Creativity and Problem Solving Ability

Research shows that the difference between a low-performing and a high-performing team is enormous. Low-performing teams hold companies back, while contributing to high rates of burnout, turnover, and disengagement. Highly effective teams have corresponding levels of satisfaction and productivity, while transforming organizations. This presentation reviews the research showing that in top teams, productivity can rise by over 500%, creativity can double, and problem-solving ability can increase by 460%. Team members can be trained in scientific techniques that evoke coherent mental states. These in turn contribute to team flow, a state in which productivity, creativity, and problem-solving ability are enhanced. This presentation includes a participatory experience of evidence-based team flow techniques.
Thought Wins: Mental Training as the Performance Edge

Olympic swimmer Catherine Garceau said: “The difference between a gold and bronze medal is 1/100th of a second. Mental training is what makes the difference.” New EEG research shows that brain states change dramatically when people are in a state of “flow.” Brain and heart rhythms become coherent, and performance levels can rise exponentially. Athletes can train themselves to acquire these flow states at will.

Award-winning science writer Dawson Church describes these techniques in his book Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. When the neural bundles recruited by “flow” states are activated frequently, they increase in size and signaling speed, much the way muscle fibers respond to regular weight training. Neuroplasticity turns the software of mind into the hardware of brain. This exciting presentation by one of the foremost experts in epigenetics reviews this research, and how athletes can apply it for peak performance. You’ll also enjoy the experience of inducing a flow state yourself during the workshop.

  • The difference between good athletes and great athletes is mental training rather than physical ability. When athletes are in a state of “flow” their brain waves as measured by EEG are coherent.
  • These states can be learned using science-based techniques, then turned on at will.
  • When applied consistently, neural plasticity turns peak performance flow states from mind into the wiring of the brain.

Participants will be able to:
  • Describe the meaning of “neurogenesis”
  • Name at least two of the waves produced by the activity of the human brain
  • Define the brain wave frequency typical of anxiety and fear
  • Identify the brain wave ratios produced by mental coherence
  • Name at least one technique able to induce a “flow” state

“This workshop was my first exposure to Dawson Church and his amazing skill as a presenter and educator. His knowledge is mind-expanding and his research is life-changing. The workshop was extraordinary and he brings in the science to back up his work. Because of this workshop I am moving forward to becoming certified. I’m so excited. Thank you everyone who made this day great!”

Bliss Brain: The “Flow” Workshop

What does the Boston Marathon winner describing her “runner’s high” have in common with the yogi emerging from his cave in the Himalayas? When each of them is hooked up to an EEG, their brain patterns are similar. They are both in a “flow” state. As science has mapped the neural activity found in these peak states, it has reverse-engineered their signature characteristics. Neurofeedback now allows experts to train people in achieving these states quickly. Studies show that in as little as two days, workshop participants can learn the neurochemical and brain patterns of flow, and reach levels of experience normally found only after years of meditative practice. This workshop trains people, step by step, in the process of inducing flow as a daily experience.

Creating Team Flow

High-performing business and sports teams are able to enter a state of flow. In peak states, not only are individuals in flow, but the whole team comes into flow together. In these team flow states, performance increases exponentially. EEG analysis shows that the brains of people in flow exhibit coherence, with synchronized brain wave patterns. This training uses neurofeedback to train participants to induce flow states using advanced behavioral techniques. The team then trains in the procedures that produce collective mental coherence. Research shows that in these states, creativity, productivity and problem-solving ability are dramatically enhanced.

Spiritual Intelligence: The Experience and Cultivation of SQ

Our ordinary experience is that of local everyday reality. We navigate it using our local minds. But ancient philosophers and modern mystics describe the existence of a vast universal information field, that of consciousness itself. Advanced brain scanning technology has now identified four circuits in our brains that allow us to consciously connect with this “nonlocal” mind. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to activate these circuits to enter this field and experience oneness with it. This workshop explains the science, then guides participants in exercises that activate real-time experience of extraordinary nonlocal states.

“This experience was so helpful in learning to help my patients more effectively. The curriculum and supporting material was efficiently presented. Now that I have experienced the excellence of these EFT Universe classes, I will definitely be seeking certification.”

Personal Flow: Activating the Brain Pathways of Peak Performance

Imagine entering the state of deep inner focus of a meditation master who’s been practicing for 10,000 hours. Now imagine being able to induce this state in just 90 seconds—routinely. MRI research shows that the science-based method called EcoMeditation is able to produce these effects quickly and reliably.

EcoMeditation bypasses all the philosophical and religious mythology that often surrounds meditation. It trains you to mimic the physical states characteristic of long-term meditators. Using a simple 7-step routine, you learn how to simultaneously produce alpha brain waves, induce heart coherence, and relax the muscles that send relaxation signals to your central nervous system. From that peaceful inner space, EcoMeditation shows you how to connect with your higher purpose and sense of self.

The practice of EcoMeditation has now inspired hundreds of thousands of people who were unable to meditate before. Research shows that it boosts your immune system, regulates your stress hormones, and raises your happiness level. Its body-based approach introduces you to the many health and longevity benefits of meditation in a clear and accessible system.

During this workshop, you will learn and practice EcoMeditation’s 7 steps as the gateway to elevated emotions and states of peak performance.

“For the first time in many years, I felt deep peace. I’m still in amazement that I can meditate after failing at every other meditation method I’ve tried!”

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Experiential Workshop

Experiential Workshops are ideal for individuals who want to experience the full power of EFT, and use it to work on their own issues. They include hours of hands-on demonstration, as well as extensive guidance and feedback from certified expert trainers. You will learn how to apply EFT in the core areas of your life, such as relationships, work, health, and spirituality.

Full information here.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Professional Training

Professional Skills Training workshops are ideal for medical and mental health professionals, as well as life and health coaches. They will show you how to help clients heal emotional trauma more quickly and easily, and systematically train you in all 48 techniques used in Clinical EFT, the evidence-based method. Professional workshops are intermediate level and qualify for certification and earn Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) credits. 

Full information here.

“I have a completely new appreciation of EFT after taking the workshop. It brought me to a whole new level of my learning process. I am going home with some amazing tools to use with myself and my psychotherapy clients. An incredible experience. Thank you!”

Advanced Energy Therapies

While EFT has become the favorite tool for millions of users worldwide, there are some 30 other related methods in the field of Energy Psychology. Some of these are extremely powerful and are effective for problems that both conventional psychotherapy methods, and standard EFT, are unable to address effectively.

The Advanced Energy Therapies course provides training in healing methods that go far beyond conventional EFT tapping and energy psychology. It includes techniques to work with the following difficult classes of issues:

  • PreNatal and Early Childhood Trauma
  • Unfinished Conversations – Getting Complete With People Who Hurt You
  • Invisible Counselors – Wisdom from the Deep Subconscious

Advanced Energy Therapies provides non-verbal tools drawn from the new field of memory reconsolidation and extinction to identify and erase the emotional impact of prenatal and early life events, as well as completing the unfinished conversations with important people in our lives. These tools work directly with the pre-verbal centers of the brain such as the hippocampus and amygdala. They use eye movements and structured breathing patterns to bypass language and cognition and reach neural pathways deep in the brain.

They also use symbols and body sensations that represent memories. Specialized energy techniques in conjunction with tools from Gestalt therapy can allow us to finish the unfinished conversations of our lives, releasing their emotional grip on our psyches. Completing the past allows our energy to move freely toward a new and positive future.

The Advanced Energy Therapies course provides you with hands-on experience in how to work with these difficult issues that so challenge conventional therapies. In demonstrations and learning exercises, you’ll practice connecting with your Invisible Counselors, finishing your Unfinished Conversations, and healing prenatal and early childhood trauma. 

Full information here.

“I feel more relaxed and my thinking is now clear. I’m willing to accept myself just the way I am. And know that there are many things I now really can change.”

Tapping Away Stress in Uncertain Times

Challenging times can drive us into fear and confusion. Those who have resilience are much less likely to panic, feel more able to cope, and have the equanimity to make wise choices. Clinical trials show that the practice of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping lowers stress and helps to build resiliency.

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure that works with the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments. This technique has been in use for over 5,000 years — harnessing the power of acupuncture without the invasiveness of needles — and it could transform your life.

There are over 100 studies demonstrating that EFT Tapping is effective. Whether it’s physical challenges like pain or autoimmune diseases, or mental challenges like anxiety and depression, EFT tapping has a proven track record of success. EFT is used in the Veterans Administration, while the non-profit Veterans Stress Project has treated over 21,000 veterans with PTSD.

Join the author of The EFT Manual, Dr. Dawson Church, for an interactive workshop on releasing stress. Learn tapping techniques to incorporate into your own self-care routine, or for helping others.

Tap away the fears that disturb your peace and cloud your judgement while strengthening your resiliency muscles in these challenging times.

Turning Thoughts to Things: Using Your Brain to Transform Energy Into Matter

There is startling new scientific evidence showing that the nature of our consciousness has a direct effect on the world around us. In states of creative flow, when we feel aligned with the universe, we create effortlessly, synchronously, and in harmony with nature. Some people are able to enter this flow state consistently, and in this state of consciousness create effortlessly. They are Master Manifestors. Advanced medical imaging devices such as EEGs and magnetoencephalographs (MEGs) are now mapping their brain states, and identifying the brain regions and patterns of neuronal firing that characterize their mental activity. Knowledge of these patterns has allowed scientists to create brain maps of these states of heightened awareness, and identify practices that produce them. Breakthrough research shows that these states interact with the energy fields around the body, and can result in changes in the molecules of matter within those fields. In this workshop, we trace the science behind each link in chain from thought to thing, showing the surprising ways in which our consciousness is continually influencing the material world around us.