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Short Path to Oneness – NEW 2

The Simple Way to Experience an Eternal “Embodied Awakening”...

A Heart-Centered Connection to Pure Love, Inner Peace, and Radiant Bliss

From Dawson Church, PhD

Video 1 - The Long and Short Paths

Video 2 - Getting to Peak States

Video 3 - Neuroscience of Peak Experiences

I was just 5 years old when the truth of this quote struck deep in my soul:

“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.”

Thoreau wrote those words 170 years ago.

And In just a minute, I’ll tell you why “quiet desperation” had crept into my bones…

Even before my first day at school.

Maybe you can relate to that feeling of quiet desperation that your life isn’t what you want it to be…

Maybe you’ve experienced moments of joy, peace, love, and bliss…

But you don’t want them to just visit once in a while…

You long to embody those 24/7.

And that gap…

Between your daily dreary experience…

And the life you long for…

Becomes desperation that creeps into your bones.

And then, when you pair that with the inner critic…

Who constantly points out that gap…

Telling you there’s something wrong with you…

It can become painfully obvious that your life is more frustration than peace… 

And more burnout than bliss.

But in just a minute, you’ll discover how you can finally be completely done with any sense of quiet desperation…

You’ll see how easy it is to “wake up” to an “almost permanent” life of embodied peace, joy, love, and bliss.

Because most people have never read what Thoreau said next:

“If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy…

And life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs…

…is more elastic, more starry, more immortal —

That is your success.”

That contrast between desperation and what Thoreau called “success”…

Just might be what spiritual teachers for over 10,000 years have described as “Enlightenment.”

But did you know that, according to an ancient and revered Indian text called the Bhagavad Gita, only 0.0000001% of people alive today will ever achieve Enlightenment?1

That’s right.

Just ONE in ONE BILLION people will ever transcend their life of quiet desperation—into a state of Permanent Enlightenment.2

Think Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Rumi.

But where does that leave the rest of us?

Condemned to lives of quiet desperation…

With the occasional “peak experience” sprinkled in every once in a while?

Deep down, we all DESIRE the benefits of enlightenment…

Like deep, abiding—even ecstatic—happiness…

Like moving through the world with unshakable peace and grace…

And who doesn’t long for a life overflowing with love and joy…

A sense of deep connection with the universe?

Not a life where we’re “escaping” the real world…
But living “in the world” in a state of ecstatic joy, no matter what’s going on around us.

But, as the ancient scriptures tell us, almost NO ONE achieves this rarified air—at least permanently.

Yet what if there was a way…

If there was actually a path to living a life where we embody the joy, love, peace, ease, happiness, and bliss we long for…

The MAJORITY of the time…

I’m talking 80-90% of the time…

The entire purpose of this letter is to tell you just how possible this is…

And I mean for every single person reading this short presentation today.


There’s something very real that stands in the way of living that life of embodied awakened bliss.

And it’s decidedly NOT changing our circumstances from difficult to easy.

So much of our culture has been built on the false foundation that you’ll be happier…

Once you have the bigger house, a better job, or fewer “difficulties.”

But the problem doesn’t lie in our circumstances.

Never has.

The problem involves a very specific brain network.

I’ll tell you more about it in just a minute…

But this one network is responsible for our feelings of suffering, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and discontent… AKA, the “suffering self.”

This is the brain network of Thoreau’s “quiet desperation.”

And according to a Harvard study, it’s where the vast majority of people…

Spend the vast majority of their time.3

But right here and right now, I’m going to share a brand new breakthrough discovery with you:

A different and transformative neural network.

And when you discover how to turn this hidden network ON…

It turns OFF the pain-filled network of the “suffering self”—every time you turn the transformational network ON.

A life of quiet desperation…

Then becomes a life of embodied bliss, love, peace, and joy.

The good news is that this secret neural network…

Is already embedded inside your brain.

It’s simply dormant—just waiting for you to turn it ON.4

Think about that: Your brain is already HARDWIRED for persistent spiritual states.

And once you discover how to activate this one neurological network, your life is forever changed.

In fact, you’ll see how this breakthrough can take you to awakening 1,100% faster than what most gurus and spiritual teachers have told you it takes.

I understand that’s a big promise:

Achieving a near-permanent awakened state 1,100% faster than the traditional approach?!

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re feeling skeptical right now.

Living in an awakened state has been the holy grail of millions of spiritual seekers since the dawn of humanity.

In virtually ALL spiritual traditions, once you commit yourself 100% to achieving this awakened state…

It typically takes a minimum of 10,000 hours locked away in a monastery…

That’s a 10-year commitment.

But most of us have something resembling a “life”…

Friends and partners we love…

Family to manage and take care of…

Not to mention the financial responsibilities we all have to fulfill…

So a 10-year runway to spiritual awakening by sitting in a monastery just isn’t in the cards.

But why should this beautiful, blissful way of life be reserved only for those who basically “leave” the real world?

You’re about to discover that it isn’t.

As scientists have studied the brains of the people who DO put in those 10,000 hours…

They’ve discovered that mystical bliss “lights up” a very particular brain network.

This network actually deactivates the circuits of the “suffering self.”

And they’ve realized that because this network exists in every human brain—yours included—you too have the potential for a life of bliss.

I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to activate that SAME network in YOUR brain. And make that your continuous state.

That means you have the chance to rewrite the entire story of your life…

All because neurological research now tells us EXACTLY what to do…

To activate spiritual awakening up to 1100% faster.

So make sure you read this all the way through because the opportunity you’re now discovering…

May never be right in front of your face again.

You’re about to discover:

The strange “lights in the brain” technique that finally proved that awakening your higher self is simpler, faster, and easier than even Buddha would have guessed.

Why you may have been misled about the path to authentic spirituality and spiritual awakening…

Why your current meditation practice could be part of the problem.

Plus, the hidden reason why almost every “spiritual community” is infected with hypocrisy, inauthenticity, and a perverted lust for control.

My Big Why

You may already know some of my background…

That after having my heart broken by the suffering that trauma brings to people, I’ve spent a lifetime researching methods that can eliminate PTSD.

That every book I’ve written and every training I’ve offered is backed by studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

That I’m famous for my laugh, and for the infectious joy I bring to work and play.

That I’m passionate about science, spirituality, and finding methods that really work…

That I’ve used the most advanced tools to validate those methods, including MRIs, EEGs, gene tests, and hormone samples.

But what you probably don’t know is how I became so passionate about ending unnecessary human suffering using science-based techniques.

What started it all was that…

My father was a Baptist minister.

Our little family was always traveling on missionary journeys, moving around every few months…

And we’d stay at the homes of other clergy.

It gave me a front row seat to how ministers, priests, and bishops lived their lives.

I was shocked at the gap between their public persona and their private behavior.

They’d preach inspiring sermons on Sunday…

But come Monday morning, I’d see them abusing their wives and children.

By the age of five, I was disgusted by the dark side of religion:

The hypocrisy, the greed, the two-faced deceptiveness, the hunger for power and control.

But I was just a child.

I was trapped.

I couldn’t escape these intolerant, judgmental, dogmatic fundamentalist people.

I learned to hide my disgust—along with my pain.

By the age of 5, I was a closet atheist…

Starting out on my own personal “life of quiet desperation” like everyone around me.

Maybe you can remember a time when you were confronted by massive hypocrisy…

When you felt betrayed by role models…

When lies were normal…

When the gap between real life and the “ideal” was as wide as the ocean.

And despair settled into your heart.

That was me. I spent the next years confused, anxious, isolated, traumatized, and depressed.

But when I turned 12, I encountered a book on spirituality that turned me in a new direction.

It was written in the 1920s by a philosopher named Paul Brunton.

I was attracted to his ideas on non-religious spirituality…

That you could be “spiritual” without being “religious.”

That those occasional feelings of inner peace and joy weren’t dependent on a specific church or deity.

But most of what Paul Brunton wrote was way too esoteric for me. It seemed it could only be fully understood by those people who’d spent 10 years in a monastery.

The word Brunton used for these secrets was “impenetrable”—impossible for ordinary minds to penetrate or understand.

Then I discovered the mystic Lobsang Rampa…

I loved his example of an “embodied” spirituality…

No long lists of dogmatic, black-and-white rules…

No severe punishments, judgments, or shame at not measuring up…

But an open-minded, fun, curious spirituality lived joyfully in your body.

I devoured his books and those of similar authors such as Rumi, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Evelyn Underhill, C. S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley.

But the more I read and the more spiritual traditions I started exploring…

The more confused I got.

I couldn’t make sense of all the competing spiritual beliefs.

What was the “real deal”?

Was it the “Indwelling Presence” of New Thought?

Or the mysterious guiding presence that Paul Brunton called the “Overself”?

Was it the “Divine Beloved” of the Sufis?

The “Shekinah” of mystical Judaism?

Or the “Holy Spirit” of Christianity?

Maybe you’ve felt confused by the myriad spiritual practices and tenets in the world…

Maybe you’ve felt torn by the competing claims of teachers, guides, and gurus.

As a teenager, all this enticing information just added to my confusion.

Then, one afternoon when I was 13, I had an experience that changed my life.

I was sitting on my bed doing nothing in particular.

Suddenly, I felt as though I was floating weightless in the universe.

I was looking into an infinite web of light.

Deep in my soul, I understood, at a level beyond the rational mind…

That the universe was love itself and that nothing but love was real.

But I had no one to share that experience with…

It didn’t fit in with any of the theology my father taught from the pulpit or anything I experienced in the church.

And I was clueless about how to translate this transcendent experience into daily life.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate to going through something so profound…

But you still feel alone and isolated with no one to share it with.

So before long, I was sinking back into my life of quiet desperation.

After I graduated high school, I escaped the church and went to live in a spiritual community.

I soon discovered that the hypocrisy and abuse of the fundamentalist churches I grew up in…

Was rampant in my new community as well.

I wasn’t just disillusioned—I was devastated.

I became cynical about ALL the spiritual paths I’d studied.

I could not find in any of them people who were really and truly “walking their talk.”

The great gurus turned out to have feet of clay, as did their followers.

So I sunk back into my life of quiet desperation.

Each year it gathered more weight.

The embodied awakening I sought…

Well, it felt like I was chasing a ghost.

Maybe you’ve spent time, money, and energy pursuing spirituality too…

One where you experience peak states.

But they never last. They come and go…

And so all your seeking, all your efforts, all your time and energy…

Leaves you chasing your tail.

My spiritual practices definitely made my world a bit better…

But they didn’t transform my daily life into a persistent state of awakening.

The light and love I felt in the occasional peak states were eaten alive by the constant negative thinking in my head.

At 40 years old, looking back on my life made me feel miserable.

I despaired that after 25 years of seeking spiritual awakening…

I wasn’t much closer than I had been as a teenager.

At age 45, still searching…

I came across a very new approach called Energy Psychology.

I tried it myself, and found the results were much faster than the therapies I’d trained in previously.

In some cases, lifelong issues disappeared after a single treatment session!

To help get Energy Psychology into hospitals and clinics…

I decided to gather scientific evidence for its effectiveness, retraining myself as a researcher in the process.

Over the next 20 years, I conducted many scientific studies to discover how to relieve the suffering I saw around me.

My Energy Psychology research was published in dozens of peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals.

I developed EcoMeditation, a simple body-based technique that moves people into deep states quickly…

I wrote a series of award-winning, best-selling books, including The Genie in Your Genes, Mind to Matter, and Bliss Brain. My community, EFT Universe, grew to hundreds of thousands of people.

And one day I realized that the “quiet desperation” I’d felt my whole life was gone. Wow!

The Epiphany

I was experiencing peak states on a regular basis.

But I wanted to “live there”—not just visit.

I wanted to be CONSISTENTLY in that state of ease, joy, and bliss—regardless of what “real life” threw at me.

I was interacting with THOUSANDS of people who had the same frustrations as I had…

And the same desire for permanent awakening.

So I redirected my research team toward studying the intersection of spirituality and neurobiology.

That’s when lightbulbs started coming on.

With modern imaging devices such as EEGs and fMRIs…

We can actually “map” the neural pathways of the brain.

We could see the misery circuits light up when people were suffering…

But we could also identify the neural pathways active in peak states.

My colleagues and I were excited beyond belief.

In those monks and nuns with 10,000 hours of spiritual practice, we had now identified a particular NETWORK that activated in their brains.

When this network turned on, it shut down the misery network, along with all the suffering it contained.

The result of this research was my book Bliss Brain.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll tell you in just a minute how you can get a free copy.

These studies showed that, contrary to what so many people believed…

These transcendent states weren’t random…

They weren’t because someone was genetically “gifted”…

And they weren’t limited to a specific belief system or religion.

They were there because of the anatomy of this network that exists in everyone’s head.

The only difference between an ordinary person and the blissful monk is that the monk has ACTIVATED that brain network.

Then we asked ourselves THE key question:

“What if we skipped the 10,000 hours—and just showed people exactly how to activate this network?”

It turned out to be simple. Even the first time people followed our step-by-step instructions, their brains dropped into patterns similar to those of the monks.

Then it hit us:

These states are predictable, measurable—and TRAINABLE.

We experimented with just how quickly we could train the brain to activate the network.

We found that the very specific activities used in EcoMeditation turned it on.

We were now doing more than measuring transcendent states of ecstasy.

We were inducing them.

And when people did them on a consistent basis, their brains began to change…

Because we all know that:

Neurons that fire together wire together.

But one big question still remained:

“How can these peak states become at least PERSISTENT — even permanent?”

That’s when I revisited the “impenetrable” works of Paul Brunton with new eyes.

This time I wasn’t an angst-ridden teenager…

I was now a respected and accomplished scientific researcher with decades of insight.

So down the rabbit hole I went…

Combing through the thousands and thousands of pages of Brunton’s 30+ books

Where he had recorded the secrets he’d learned from great masters in Tibet, India, China, Japan, Peru, Mexico, and over 20 other countries.

Where he’d distilled the collective spiritual wisdom of all the great traditions.

Buried in this treasure trove were patterns and themes I began to decipher.

Brunton called them “milestones” that guide us toward awakening.

He also provided practical “exercises” to move us from milestone to milestone.

Piecing the milestones together, placing the exercises in order, I found a hidden roadmap to the enlightened state.

And this ancient wisdom fit—hand in glove—with the breakthroughs we’d been making in the latest brain science!

The Big Obstacle

But I knew I still had one HUGE problem.

Remember that brain network I mentioned earlier?

The one that lights up with negative emotions like frustration, stress, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and disappointment? The “suffering self”?

Neurologically speaking, it’s called the Default Mode Network (DMN).5

Perhaps you’ve heard of it before.

Using fMRI, we can observe and measure when the DMN is “lit up.”

It looks like this:

See, the DMN has a hard time living in the “present”…

Because it focuses on the past and the future.

The DMN is associated with negative thinking.

The DMN is ground zero for what psychologists call the brain’s “negativity bias.”

It’s constantly on the lookout for what’s wrong in our lives.

It’s the network that lights up when we’re frustrated with our partners because they’re distracted or inattentive.

It’s the network that lights up when we get stuck in traffic and we’re late for a meeting.

It’s the network that lights up when our kids are acting up in a restaurant.

It’s the network that lights up when we’re worried about our finances.

It’s the network that lights up when we feel underappreciated or unimportant.

It lights up when we start turning our problems over and over in our heads…

If you’ve ever been stuck in a negative thought cycle you can’t seem to pop out of…

You have your DMN to thank.

The DMN lights up when you take your past problems and recycle them into future worries.

Like Thoreau’s memorable phrase from 172 years ago, this is the network of “quiet desperation.”

And, sadly, this is our “default” brain state.

A team of Harvard researchers found that most of us spend 47% of our time wallowing in the “negativity bias” of the DMN.

But then I saw something that made my jaw drop.

I watched with my own eyes the Default Mode Network go dim…

When a new network lit up.

It happened when a monk lay down in an MRI machine.

As he entered into a meditative state…

The Default Mode Network in his brain turned “off”…

And a new network lit up.


We wondered if it was just this one special monk, or if the process was repeatable.

The more we tested this, the more it was reinforced.

The new network turned off the Default Mode Network.

Before long, we had identified this new neural network as the “Enlightenment Network.”

This is what the “Enlightenment Network” looks like.

brain-new network

The “Enlightenment Network” lights up when we’re experiencing deep, unshakable peace…

It lights up when we’re experiencing a connection to unconditional love…

It lights up when we’re feeling a joyful, even giddy sense of happiness…

The “Enlightenment Network” is the network of pure bliss.

Think of it like a seesaw.

When the Enlightenment Network comes online…

The Default Mode Network goes offline.

I knew from my MRI research that there were very specific practices that could turn this Enlightenment Network ON and the DMN OFF…

But therein was the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION:

“Could we ‘reset’ the brain

To make the Enlightenment Network…


We knew that monks with 10,000 hours could do this.

We’d seen ordinary people achieve enlightened states for an hour at a time.

But could the brains of those same people—people just like you and me—be “reset” to make this their “new normal”?

That’s when I started to put a hypothesis together.

What if I took the spiritual roadmap I had discovered in Paul Brunton’s work…

And ran it through the “filter” of neurological research?

I could test each of the spiritual practices that Paul Brunton had identified…

Keeping only those that lit up the Enlightenment Network…

And turned off the Default Mode Network.

Perhaps that’s how the Enlightenment Network could become the NEW DEFAULT in our brains.

If so, it just made sense that we could live persistently in an awakened state…

Not just “visit” every once in a while.

I was encouraged to see how other neurological researchers were mirroring this discovery…

That consistent, daily bliss, ease, peace, and love…



Not just “once in a while” states.

So I had my hypothesis.

All I needed to do was test it.

I made myself a guinea pig.

Would this so-called “short path” actually work the way my research said it should?

Testing the Solution

I took the next year to test my hypothesis…

I used Paul Brunton’s collection of spiritual “exercises”…

Ran them through the gauntlet of current scientific knowledge…

Rigorously applied them in my own spiritual practice.

And I almost couldn’t believe my experience.

Brunton’s “exercises” worked.

They moved me quickly from one of his “milestones” to the next. I progressed spiritually faster than I’d ever done in my life.

And I could literally “feel” my Default Mode Network shutting down as the Enlightenment Network kicked in.

I almost couldn’t believe my life at the end of that year.

I’d experienced “Bliss Brain” before…

Altered states of consciousness that were filled with peace, light, and love…

I had “climbed the mountain” of awakening…

But sadly, I always slid back down.

Not anymore.

I was living in the “new default” I’d dreamed of.

The daily experience of Embodied Awakening…

But then I wondered, “What if that’s just me?”

“What if, because of all my years of desperate seeking and rigorous research…

I was already super close to that persistent awakened state?”

“Could this work for anyone, no matter what their starting point?”

So, after making some adjustments to my protocol…

I gathered a group of people to test this marriage between spirituality and science…

Would my test group reach the mountaintop like I did?

Would it work for just about anyone who wants a deeper, richer, more awakened experience in this life?

Well, the short answer was a resounding YES!

In just the first month, their level of happiness rose by 21%.

The time they spent in flow states went up by 20%.

73% of them quickly jumped to a significantly higher level of self-transcendence…

While MRI scans showed in living color that this protocol quickly reduced the brain activity associated with suffering…

Along with significantly increasing the activity in regions associated with compassion, gratitude and happiness…

Even when they were not meditating!

That meant that they were in a higher state of bliss even out in the real world dealing with real problems.

Not only that, but 73% of participants remained in a higher state of self-transcendence long-term.


Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experiences…

Some share the transcendent experiences they had in the first part of the program, just immersing themselves in EcoMeditation…

Others share the 180 degree life transformation’s they’d experienced by the end.

“The Short Path is a beautiful journey of personal and spiritual development.”

Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian, Certified EFT Weight Loss Coach, Emotion Code Certified Practitioner, and PSYCH-K® Facilitator


The Short Path is a beautiful journey of personal and spiritual development. I love how each of the lessons can be integrated into every day life to bring about a greater sense of peace and gratitude. This course is packed with everything from meditations and tapping to easy-to-follow lessons designed to enhance your life. As always, Dawson is a master at guiding people to a higher level of consciousness. Thanks Dawson for an outstanding program!

“I can access a Universal intelligence (my “higher self”) that allows me to be more present to the now and helps guide my way forward.”

Gregory Berg

Finding Light / Multi-Media Storyteller


Is it really possible to find and then maintain a greater baseline of joy and peace and wisdom amidst the inevitable ups and downs of life? Are there easy practices that can rewire our brain, accelerate our growth and healing, and help us tap in to higher states of consciousness and unity more often?


The answers to those questions form both the premise and the journey for participants in Dawson Church’s “The Short Path to Oneness” course. After years of trying various healing modalities and practices that offered only glimpses of something greater and having already been familiar with Dawson’s work, I was willing to jump down the rabbit hole and find out.

Nearly two years after beginning The Short Path process, my personal answer to each question is yes… with an asterisk.


It takes commitment and patience and a willingness to look in the mirror in new and deeper ways.


But if we say “yes” to all of that, we can indeed begin to see and transcend the plays we’ve been participating in, the masks we’ve worn, and the patterns we repeat. We can move beyond our habitual, limited ways of being into something greater — what the great sages have called the infinite. With the Short Path as our guide.


I can’t claim to be living a life without any challenges. I still feel the bumps in the road from time to time. But as someone who’s battled depression and struggled with how I moved through the world at times, I have sensed a shift in myself after doing this work.


I can see temporary states and my “local self” for what they are; I can more easily sit with and reframe discomfort or challenges; and most importantly, I can access a Universal intelligence (my “higher self”) that allows me to be more present to the now and helps guide my way forward.


So thank you Dawson and all of your contributors and collaborators and guides for sharing this wisdom with the world. The Short Path to Oneness is truly a gift.

“Short Path course provides all the tools. Tools that are scientifically proven, taught by someone who walks his talk every day.”

Jennifer Ellis

Owner, Life Enlightenment ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Considering I named my company, Life Enlightenment, dating back to 2001, I have been on a continuous daily journey of enlightenment. Do we ever truly reach it though? We can taste enlightenment every day and feel more joy and alignment, less pain and stress with daily committed practices. Dr. Dawson Church’s Short Path course provides all the tools. Tools that are scientifically proven, taught by someone who walks his talk every day. I highly recommend the path – the short path. It is available for you thanks to the brilliance of Dr. Church.

“When you move to a state of unconditional love you’re not carrying the burdens of the world anymore. You have an euphoric acceptance of everything that is.”

Judith Pennington

Internationally Published Journalist, Award-winning Author, Founder and Director of the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM)

I felt a lot of energy in my throat and third eye area during the first meditation. When I opened my eyes afterwards, there was all this light flickering around me like I’d come back from another dimension. I noticed sensations in my energy system like it was powering up. EFT amplified the energy to remove blocks. With practice I could keep all the instructions in mind simultaneously while being completely at peace. I was grounded and present at the same time. I now have more patience with people at work, with zero attachment to outcomes. I’ve become hypersensitive to subtle energy arousals. I’m increasingly calm during the work day, less critical of other people, less emotionally reactive. I had an inner critic, and judgment, and I didn’t like that about myself. Now I’m happy like I didn’t know was possible before. It’s a transcendent happiness. I used to have an undercurrent of tension in my physical body. I tried for years to get my shoulders relaxed, but with my inner critic jabbering at me all the time, I couldn’t do it. That noisemaker is gone, what a relief. Now I’m a 10 out of 10 on a physical level. My happiness level went through the roof. I thought I was happy before. Outside I have everything to be happy about. But when you move to a state of unconditional love you’re not carrying the burdens of the world anymore. You have an euphoric acceptance of everything that is.

Introduction to the Program

Now that I had this solid combination of scientific data plus stories of radical personal transformation, everyone began telling me,

“Dawson, you’ve got to get this course out to all the seekers out there!

“This is the real deal. It’s giving people—at last—the awakening they’ve been searching for their whole lives!

“This program turns seekers into finders.”

That’s why I’m so delighted to introduce to you “The Short Path to Oneness.”

It is literally the only course of its kind.

It combines Paul Brunton’s insights gleaned from more than 10,000 years of recorded spirituality…

Hand-picking the best of time-tested spiritual and mystical traditions from around the globe…

Then filtering them through the latest neurological research…

And curating them into an easily accessible…

Completely measurable…

And 100% predictable protocol.

It’s the direct path to the embodiment of all those enlightened traits we long for…

Without taking years and years to accomplish.

But I have to give you fair warning.

This is NOT for everyone.

This is NOT for you if you don’t hunger for more peace and ease in your everyday life.

This is NOT for you if you still believe that it takes changing your outer circumstances to become happier and more joyful.

This is NOT for you if you don’t believe you can grow into a version of yourself that you and your loved ones will delight in.

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for “push button” enlightenment.

This is NOT for you if you don’t have disposable income you are willing to invest in your personal growth.

This is NOT for you if you’re not willing to give up a little time with Netflix or your entertainment of choice in exchange for an awakened experience.

This is NOT for you if you if you don’t have the desire to leave behind that “life of quiet desperation”—FOR GOOD.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

I’d like to invite you to join the next group of people going through The Short Path to Oneness.

Together, we’ll practice activating your brain’s Enlightenment Network…

Through these proprietary and scientific Neuro-Spiritual practices.

We’ll practice embodying awakened love, peace, bliss, and presence…

Deeply connected to Source.

Deeply connected to your Higher Self…

And more deeply connected to the loved ones in your life…

Making blissful peak states a lifestyle, not just an occasional occurrence.

The Short Path is designed to help you achieve what takes 10 years of dedication and seclusion in a monastery (aka the Long Path)…

All in 9 months…

That’s 1,100% faster than the traditional Long Path…

This Embodied Awakening becomes your new DEFAULT.

When you simply follow the roadmap…

You connect with your higher self to make awakening more than a possibility.

It becomes an inevitability.

Plus, in just a minute, I’ll show you how you can qualify to attend a FREE weekend meditation retreat at MY HOUSE in beautiful Petaluma, the heart of California’s wine country.

You’ll meet me in person and spend deep and spiritually connected time with me and my beloved wife, Christine.

This retreat alone is worth over $7,500…

But you can attend completely free of charge.

I’ll show you how—in just a minute.

You might be wondering how I can be so confident in your results.

Well, you’ve already read about the amazing results of the test group.

The research indicates that 71% of people who practiced the methods developed for this course quickly jumped to a significantly higher level of transcendence.


MRI scans show that within a month, these methods reduce activity in brain regions associated with suffering…

Plus they increase activity in regions associated with compassion, gratitude, and happiness.

The research shows that over 71% of practitioners remain in a self-transcendent, awakened state long-term.

And the proven way to accomplish this in such an accelerated time frame is:

The Short Path to Oneness

Plus, the version you’ll get has been massively upgraded based on feedback from previous groups of people going through it.

What You Get

So here’s everything you’ll get when you join The Short Path to Oneness.

A Proven, Systematic Curriculum for a Life of Embodied Awakening

Your body grows in the womb, you’re born, and you grow through childhood and adolescence to adulthood—that’s the developmental path of your body.

Your mental and emotional development can also be mapped.

The Short Path to Oneness gives you a similar developmental sequence, but for your spiritual journey.

Like progressing through a sequence of grades in school, in which your learning steadily increases, the Short Path matures you on the spiritual level.

Most spiritual seekers don’t have a clue about where they are on this developmental pathway. They don’t even understand that there IS a set of clear sequential steps.

As a result, they waste years meandering around without a clear road map. The blind alleys they wander into lead to frustration and regret.

The Short Path to Oneness gives you a clear and proven curriculum for spiritual awakening.

You don’t have to figure it out through painful trial and error.

You simply enroll, and the curriculum takes you there.

36 “Milestones” that Mark Your Progress on the Spiritual Journey

If you go on any journey, you need to know how far you’ve traveled from your starting point, as well as the distance to your destination.

Paul Brunton’s pioneering genius was to identify “Milestones” along the journey to awakening.

I then curated them into a clear sequence of 36 steps, so you know exactly where you are now and where you’re heading next.

These 36 Milestones are common to most of the world’s great spiritual traditions. They organize states of consciousness into a clear and linear roadmap.

You don’t have to guess what might lie ahead. You can see the whole journey ahead, or look back to celebrate the progress you’ve made.

You’ll move progressively through these states of being on your way to embodied awakening.

All the guesswork that used to accompany the spiritual journey is gone. Step by step, you simply follow a path proven by both science and ancient wisdom.

30 Special Mystical “Exercises” that Move You From Milestone to Milestone

Brunton also identified “Exercises” that carefully and systematically move you ahead.

So you don’t just reach one milestone and hope for further progress. The Exercises move you forward. They follow a precise sequence, each Exercise structured to take you to the following milestone.

I’ll give you a quick example.

One of the Milestones is called “Becoming a Seeker.”

The next Milestone is called “The Glimpse.”

This is a glimpse of the altered state of consciousness you’ll eventually be in consistently.

The Exercise that moves you between these two Milestones…

Is a very specific type of prayer…

And unless this prayer is grounded in your identity as a Seeker, the glimpse remains just that—a random glimpse unable to accelerate your spiritual development.

These Exercises are designed to move you progressively from Milestone to Milestone until you’ve reached the embodiment of an awakened state.

The Alpha Retreat

This is the kickoff Retreat for The Short Path to Oneness.

It’s a live, virtual weekend retreat with me.

This is where you can share your intentions, get to know your mentor, and meet your cohort of fellow seekers…

I’ll tell you more about your “cohort” of support in just a minute.

The Neurochemicals of Ecstasy

The first part of the Short Path is designed to take you to the heights of ecstasy.

It consists of 7 unique EcoMeditation tracks that unlock the production of specific hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain.

These are the 7 most pleasurable neurochemicals known to science, such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and anandamide (a.k.a. The “Bliss Molecule”)

You use these to give yourself the same type of ecstatic experience the Masters described. And that’s just the START of the Short Path experience!

Your Personal Short Path Mentor

You’ll be assigned a personal mentor with unparalleled expertise with the Short Path.

They are your guide at each and every step of your journey. When you need insight on a mystical experience, feel stuck at a particular Milestone, require a sense of perspective on your progress, or are integrating new states, they are there for you.

You’ll have regular one-on-one calls and they’ll be available via email to support your forward momentum.

A Group of “Soul Friends”—Your Anamcharas

You’ll go through the Short Path with a “cohort” of fellow Seekers.

Anamchara means “soul friend” in Celtic…

Your circle of soul friends will support each other on this journey together.

Research shows that a tight-knit community of support and encouragement speeds up the process of positive brain rewiring.

Your Anamcharas will be your allies in embodied awakening.

Regular “Awakeners Group” Video Meetings

We call people going through the Short Path the “Awakeners.”

Each month, you and all your fellow Awakeners have the opportunity to connect with me or one of the other mentors in a live teleconference.

It’s a chance to check in, ask questions, and share your experiences—all live. You’ll be fascinated by the insights of others and the tips you get on these calls. I usually also share a current scientific study or a secret from an ancient text.

Awakeners calls are always recorded, so if you have to miss any, you’ll have access to the recording at any time you’d like to watch.

Personal Clearing Sessions

One of the early and necessary components of the Short Path is clearing childhood trauma.

Right after the Neurochemicals of Ecstasy, you’ll go through a brief trauma clearing course. It’s called the Personal Peace Procedure or PPP.

The PPP is the quickest and most efficient method we’ve identified for releasing all the old obstacles that might hold your consciousness stuck in old traumatic responses.

You’ll also get free sessions with a certified Clinical EFT practitioner. While you can accomplish a great deal of clearing using the PPP, there are issues for which you need one-on-one sessions with a live practitioner.

Integration Exercises

Remember that mystical experience I had at the age of 13? Floating in space, seeing the whole universe as love?

People on the awakening journey often have peak experiences like that.

But like me as a teenager, they cannot integrate these into their lives. Their everyday experience isn’t transformed because it’s separate from these pinnacles of mystical enchantment.

Like me, they settle back into their old life of “quiet desperation.”

So to solve this problem, toward the end of the Short Path, I’ve designed a series of special exercises designed to help you incorporate and maintain these extraordinary states of consciousness you’ve mastered…

In everyday life…

So you are the living, breathing, walking manifestation of your embodied awakening every single day.

The Omega Retreat

Celebration fuels further growth…

And the Omega Retreat is where you’ll celebrate your progress and prepare your heart, soul, and mind for the final part of your Short Path journey.

Scheduled near the end of the 9 month process, this is another live retreat with me and other Mentors. You’ll complete special integration exercises, map your next steps, and work with each other in small groups with the goal of fully embodying what you’ve learned in the Milestones.

A Graduation Completion

Your “graduation” won’t just celebrate one moment on a linear timeline.

Your graduation is an embrace of the 360° degree awakened soul…

You’ll look back…

You’ll look in…

And you’ll look forward in ways that will inspire and excite you.

You’ll be so excited for your future, because as an awakened soul…

With a mind unified with Source…

You’ll know that the life you’ve always dreamed of and prayed for…

Is so inevitable, it feels like it’s already happened.

The Petaluma In-Person Retreat

If you want to spend personal time with me and Christine…

Here at our home in Petaluma, the heart of California wine country…

And experience a transformational weekend meditation retreat…

For free…

Then stay tuned, because in just a minute, I’ll show you how you can qualify as an attendee…

And spots are limited.

What Does Transformation Look Like?

Now let’s get to that other question you might be wondering about:

“How long is this going to take me each and every day?…

I mean, I have a life, a family, a job, hobbies, responsibilities!”

Great question.

Each daily exercise is based on how to most quickly and effectively activate specific and measurable neurological brain states…

Which means we’ve eliminated all the guesswork and confusion.

That’s why your daily time investment will average between 20 and 30 minutes a day.

Every single daily activity goes to work immediately to start activating the Enlightenment Network…

So you can start experiencing the daily love, joy, peace, and bliss you deserve.


What’s even more exciting is this:

In just the first 21 days, as you activate very specific neurochemicals…

Your brain is going to explode with happiness…

And start wanting more.

Which means your daily time commitment will start to feel like “play.”

So even though you’ll be “doing the daily practice”…

It’ll be the most pleasurable “work” you’ve ever done in your life.

Isn’t it time to finally be free of whatever desperation is gripping your life right now?

It’s time, isn’t it, to experience the daily embodiment of a fully awakened life.

You deserve this more than you can even know.

You truly are worthy of feeling the vibration of love and light coursing through your cells.

You truly are worthy of feeling energized, confident, full of life, motivation, and vitality…

As your natural state.

It’s time to finally feel fully alive…

Free from the shackles of suffering, pain, and the self-critic.

I want you to picture something for a moment in your mind’s eye.

Picture living your perfect day…

Imagine leaping out of bed with a joyful smile on your face…

Like you haven’t a worry in the world.

After a night of deep sleep, relaxing in the loving arms of the universe…

You’re just brimming with energy and eagerness…

Greeting the morning sun as it warms your skin…

Greeting your loving partner at your side with a kiss.

Inside, there’s a fire of love that’s burning.

Love for Source…

Love FROM Source…

Love for yourself is genuine and powerful.

Love for everyone and everything in the world.

Everything you put your hand to feels like it’s already successful—before you even start.

You’re involved in a daily practice that fills you and fuels you…

You’re giving your time to work or activities that make a difference in the world.

And even if—or when—bad news or hurtful interactions confront you…

They don’t overwhelm you.

Even if you drop out of your awakened state…

It’s not for long.

Because the Short Path has trained your neural pathways to “bounce back”—almost instantaneously.

So you move through your day—embodying peace and bliss.

Difficulties and suffering roll off you like water off a duck’s back.

Even if you’re working full time on the outside…

Inside, it feels like you’re on a tropical vacation…

Lounging on the beach.

Your entire existence is coursing with endless energy and vitality.

People will ask you how you can be so genuinely happy and peaceful…

Even when you’re confronted with difficulties.

Imagine how all this is possible…

Without the confusion of choosing the “right” spiritual path among thousands…

Without sequestering yourself on a mountain thousands of miles away for 10 years or more.

Can you give yourself this moment to imagine yourself living that perfect day?

Can you feel that smile on your face—and that peace in your heart?

Well, my friend, that’s exactly what every single day can feel like at the end of the Short Path.

What's it worth?

Now, I want you to ask yourself an important question.

What would it be worth to enjoy that blissful smile for more than a fleeting moment in your imagination?

What would it be worth to live full-time in that peak state…

Not just once in a while—in a meditation, at a retreat, or during a peak experience?

What would it be worth to actually LIVE full-time as the embodiment of an awakened soul.

A soul that’s fully awakened to unconditional, rapturous love…

A soul that’s grounded in unshakable, calm, and cheerful peace…

A soul that’s bathed in full-body bliss…

What would that be worth to you?

When you think about it…

That’s exactly what every human on earth is longing for deep down.

It’s what people chase with money, substances, and experiences…

Desperate to escape their lives of quiet desperation…

Thinking that something “outside” can fill what’s lacking on the inside.

On one hand, it’s worth everything you could possibly give, right?

It’s why thousands upon thousands of seekers, over the course of history, have “forsaken and sold” EVERYTHING…

Just for the chance to experience this awakening—maybe.

So truly, what would it be worth to experience this kind of persistent and near-permanent transformation?

When I spoke with a well-known marketing consultant…

He told me this could easily be a $100,000 Mastermind.

People all over the world are investing at that level to experience a fraction of what’s possible with the Short Path.

And in a sense, I could see his point.

Over the last 50 years, I’ve spent more than twice that amount…

Investing in courses, retreats, research studies, spiritual teachers, and neuroscience experts.

And in hindsight, it’s been MORE than worth it!

But for Christine and me, this has never been about the money.

It’s been about discovering how to live a life of ultimate freedom and bliss.

We know the weight of that life of quiet desperation…

And we know how painfully difficult it is to strive and struggle to live the life you truly want.

Which is why your investment today will be nowhere near “6 figures.”

Even though, as I said, it’s easily worth that price tag.

Especially when you consider the level of help and support…

A one-on-one mentor for 9 months…

Sessions with a trained and certified expert practitioner…

Three retreats…

And time and support directly from me.

So I’ve worked to make The Short Path to Oneness as affordable as possible…

So that we can introduce as many people as possible to the Enlightenment Network already primed inside their brains.

And live a life of Embodied Awakening.

This is why I thanked that marketing expert for his time…

And rejected his suggested price of $100,000 for this 9 month Mastermind.

You won’t even invest $50,000 or even $25,000 for this life-changing experience.

I’ve worked hard to make this decision a complete and total no-brainer.

You can enroll in The Short Path to Oneness for only $9,997 for the entire 9-month transformational experience.

Plus you get a priceless experience for free

Join me in my home in California for an in-person mentored retreat

But right now, I want to explain how you can qualify for a free IN-PERSON meditation retreat at my home here in Petaluma.

Every person who completes their registration before the deadline of January 31, 2024…

Will automatically qualify for this once-in-a-lifetime in-person retreat—100% free.

Obviously, you’ll need to cover transportation and lodging, and a few meals…

But this in person meditation retreat is easily worth $7,500.

And then there’s this:

It’s likely to be the last in-person retreat I’ll ever lead at my home…

Which brings the real-world value up to $16,500…

Which represents a 45% discount.

Plus, for everyone who registers for The Short Path to Oneness before enrollment closes on deadline of January 31, 2024…

I will donate $100 to the Veterans Stress Solution.

By saying “yes” to The Short Path to Oneness, you’ll also be helping veterans and their families get their lives back.

But before you say “yes” to The Short Path to Oneness…

I want you to hear something straight from my heart.


So many of us grew up in environments filled with blame, shame, judgment, and messages that undermined our belief of self-worth.

Which can create resistance in our hearts when it comes to “investing” in ourselves.

And I’m not just saying that to “convince” you to enroll.

Like I mentioned earlier, this course is definitely not for everyone.

But if you’re experiencing some resistance…

If you’re triggered, even a little bit…

That’s 100% normal—and it wasn’t that long ago that I would have balked too.

But I want you to consider something else before you make a decision.

Think of the impact a “new, awakened you” will have on the world around you.

Your partner, your family, your kids and/or grandkids, your coworkers or employees…

One fully awakened soul…

Living out the embodiment of love, peace, compassion, bliss, understanding…

Just one person who is deeply connected to Source…

And to the infinite light and love of the universe…

Becomes the actual embodiment of all those things…

That has a MASSIVE impact on your world—not to mention the entire world.

So if you’re ready to embody an awakened soul full-time…

Then I invite you to enroll in The Short Path to Oneness right now.

Click this button that says…

It will take you to a checkout page where you can enter your personal information…

And submit the first payment via a secure connection.

If you’re one of the first to enroll, you’ll automatically qualify for the $7,500 in-person retreat at my home during the Mastermind.

You will be added to the Short Path to Oneness Waitlist and be notified when enrollment opens on January 19, 2024!

I truly hope you’ll commit to your own awakening…

To that persistent and unshakable state of peace, love, and joy.

After reading this information, you may want to chat with one of our Mentors to confirm this is a good fit for you.

All you have to do to schedule a one-on-one chat is set up an appointment here:

Your Mentor can answer your questions, guide you to what really works for you, and help you hear your intuition.

I expect that once the word gets out about this groundbreaking research…

The Short Path to Oneness is likely to become one of the most in-demand transformational courses around.

Which means more personnel and infrastructure…

More servers and software…

That’s why today’s price is the lowest you’ll ever see.

So if this resonates with you right now, I encourage you to follow your heart…

And enroll while there’s still time.

We keep each year’s cohort of people small…

Those slots are likely to fill up fast in the next few days.

So take all the time you truly need to make the decision that’s right for you.

Just make sure to make a decision by the enrollment deadline, so we all start the program together.

So if you’re ready to invest in your persistent awakening…

Go ahead and click “ENROLL NOW” right now.

You’ll be so glad you did.

That way you can start experiencing the near-permanent awakening that’s pre-primed in your brain right now…

That “Enlightenment Network” is simply waiting for you to complete the exercises that light it up—full time.


How amazing will it feel to know that 2024 will be the year of your awakening?

Right now if you enroll before the deadline, you’ll qualify for the free in-person retreat.

Plus, I’m going to do something a little crazy.

For anyone who enrolls today, you’ll get a free hard copy of my two best-selling books.

That way, you can get an early start!

If you don’t already have Bliss Brain and Mind to Matter

I’ll send them to you free of charge when you enroll today.

Bliss Brain_MTM

Plus, if you enroll today…

You’ll have unlimited access to every digital product currently on my EFT Universe website.

This bonus alone is valued at over $6,900.

Again these bonus resources are yours free when you enroll today.

Cost of Not Taking Action

Here’s the unvarnished truth.

You’re at a very important crossroads.

Maybe the most important one of your life.

And if we “get real”…

One of your options is to ignore everything I’ve said here today.

You could simply maintain your status quo…

Maintain your daily and weekly routine…

Hoping and praying your meditation practice, yoga classes, or scripture reading…

Will somehow accelerate you into the life-changing, blissful experience you’ve been praying for.

You could keep searching for new peak states in the endless spiritual marketplace…

You could keep hunting for just the right “guru” to help you live the life of bliss you’ve dreamed of.

You can even ignore the stories of real women and men—just like you—who’ve experienced this life-changing awakening.

You can keep waiting for your circumstances to change…

Keep praying you could be more disciplined or find just the right practice…

To stop living that life of quiet desperation…

You could even go on believing that in order to experience this persistent awakening…

You need to travel halfway around the world…

Devote yourself to a spiritual practice 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…

For 10 years.

You are 100% free to maintain your status quo…

All while that little voice inside keeps chirping at you that you’re NOT living the life you want, need, and deserve.

That little voice getting louder and louder about the quiet desperation…

The frustration, anger, isolation, and loneliness…

The separation from abundant self-love that bursts nonstop from your chest…

The separation from Source that leaves you feeling disconnected…

That leaves you feeling adrift and purposeless in this world.

That little voice will only get louder if you maintain the status quo.

You’ll keep hearing stories, and reading books about everyday ordinary people who have broken through the glass ceiling of awakening…

And you’ll wonder:

“Why them and not me?”

So, if you maintain your status quo…

That’s what you can expect: continued struggle and that little unsatisfied voice inside getting louder.

And that’s not even considering how your personal relationships, your daily work, and even your body will likely continue to suffer.

But that’s NOT what I want for you.

That USED to be the path I was on.

And, my friend, it is not worth maintaining the status quo.

So you can choose option #2…

Invest in your awakening right now.

This is not guesswork.

This is not religious mumbo jumbo.

This is the result of 10 years of research into the most impactful and effective practices of neurological science…

You deserve to experience a life that transcends a life of quiet desperation.

Think of all the people in your life who love you, who need you, who want good things for you.

You CAN show up for yourself AND them with your highest self…

If you’re still with me, deep down you know that everything I’m saying is true.

And that YOU need to be the agent of change in your life.

No one is coming to save you.

It has to be YOU that commits to this life change.

That’s why you need to be crystal clear about how powerful and important this choice is.

Not only will it transform your entire new year in 2024…

It’s going to transform every single day of your life…

Until the day you die.

All you need to do is prioritize YOURSELF…

And take this simple next step and enroll today.

Take this one simple step onto the Short Path of transformation.

If living in a perpetual state of awakening is what you want…

It’s the only option that makes sense.

Imagine the difference this will make in every area of your life.

The Short Path to Oneness is designed for everyday people…

Who want to experience everyday transformation, transcendence, and a full and total awakening to the presence of their entire soul.

That’s what’s possible when you discover how to “light up” the Enlightenment Network daily.

It’s what you truly deserve.

I hope you can recognize how much you deserve that.

Invest in the new you by clicking “ENROLL NOW”…

I’ll see you inside The Short Path!

~ Dawson

The Short Path to Oneness is designed for everyday people…

Who want to experience everyday transformation, transcendence, and a full and total awakening to the presence of their entire soul.

That’s what’s possible when you discover how to “light up” the Enlightenment Network daily.

It’s what you truly deserve.

I hope you can recognize how much you deserve that.

Invest in the new you by clicking “JOIN WAIT LIST”…

You will be added to the Short Path to Oneness Wait list and among the first to be notified when enrollment opens.

I’ll see you inside The Short Path!

~ Dawson

Choose to Take the Next Step

Enrollment for The Short Path to Oneness Opens Friday January 19, 2024.
Join the Waitlist below to be notified when Enrollment opens!

Choose to Take the Next Step

We have crafted three ways for you to follow the Short Path.


$ 997 / month (for 12 months. Discount to $9,997 for full payment)
  • For people seeking a committed 9 month relationship with a wise and compassionate Mentor able to guide them in 1-on-1 sessions, small "soul friend" Anamchara group, personal clearing sessions, and live in-depth transformational events.


$ 497 / month (for 12 months. Discount to $4,997 for full payment)
  • For those who prefer the support of a group of like-minded people, plus a defined program of group mentoring to keep them motivated and on track with the 36 Milestones of the Short Path program, as well as personal sessions with certified practitioners.


$ 297 / month (for 12 months. Discount to $2,997 for full payment)
  • For people who want all the benefits of the Short Path developmental process and can keep themselves on track without personalized 1-on-1 mentoring, guidance, personalized clearing sessions, and the support of a “soul friend” mastermind group.





9 Months of Personal 1-1 Coaching with Certified Short Path Mentor

Membership in "Soul Friend" Anamchara Small Group Master Mind

Omega Virtual Retreat

Alpha Virtual Retreat

Upgrade Opportunity Before Alpha Retreat

Upgrade Opportunity Before Alpha Retreat

Personal Clearing Sessions with Certified Clinical EFT Practitioners

Monthly Tapping Meditation Calls

Guided Curriculum With 36 Milestones

30 Awakening Exercises

21 Day Program of Ecstatic Meditations

7 Consciousness-altering Techniques

Personal Peace Procedure Trauma Release Course