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Welcome to Personal Empowerment

Over the last decade, EFT Universe has been producing products and workshops to provide instruction and training in the most effective and empowering self-help techniques for trauma, stress, and overwhelm — Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping and meditation. EFT has been named as one of the best self-help techniques by top scientists, psychologists, doctors, researchers, and reporters around the globe.

We have created EFT Unlimited to bring together all of the tools and techniques developed by Dawson Church, PhD, founder of EFT Universe, so you have unlimited access to his wisdom, advice, and instruction. In this ever-growing library, you’ll find workshops, seminars, webinars, audios, research and more! All developed to help you live the life you deserve. One free of the damaging health consequences of chronic stress.

To access all of the tools offered in EFT Unlimited would normally cost you thousands of dollars. Now you have access to it all for less than a dollar a day!

Why are humans sicker than ever?

Despite our advances in the last 100 years being beyond the dreams of our predecessors, we find humanity at the brink of a mental health crisis, physical health crisis, and much chaos worldwide. Why?

Science is turning to one issue more and more as humanity is examined and that culprit is chronic stress. According to the National Library of Medicine, chronic stress is undeniably linked to the top 6 leading causes of death as a huge contributing factor for early morbidity.

The CDC estimates 75% of all medical appointments are for stress-induced issues. 

Stress is literally killing us.

Why Is Stress So Bad?

Stress triggers a certain pattern of response in the body. This includes every system in your body — digestive, hormonal, immune, cardiovascular, and so on. The pattern triggered is an instinct designed for short periods of time to help you survive a life-threatening situation. Chronic stress is when this pattern is triggered consistently over a long period; this is highly damaging to your physical and emotional well-being.

How Is EFT a Solution?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping, is a set of clinically-tested and proven techniques for switching the body out of the stress response — even if it’s been locked in chronic stress for decades.

EFT has been clinically studied in many ways and the results are stunning. For example, it takes approximately 6 one-hour sessions to resolve PTSD symptoms. It has been clinically validated to be more effective than talk therapy alone, and because it specifically targets stress, it works on a vast array of issues, both physical and mental.

EFT Is Empowering

EFT is one of very few techniques that has been proven valid in the field of energy psychology that you can learn and do on your own. This means you aren’t financially dependent on your access to care, you aren’t reliant on someone else’s schedule when immediate intervention would be helpful, and if you are dealing with something you don’t care to share or relive, you don’t have to. Even in counseling with Certified Clinical EFT Practitioners, the sessions are client-led.

Your empowerment is always first with EFT.

How EFT Unlimited Works

For a small monthly access fee, you unlock years of workshops, sessions, meditations, clinical scientific data, and more. Each of these provide you with specific support. Due to special receptor cells in your body called mirror neurons, when you engage tapping on your own body while watching or listening to any of our materials, you receive the benefit as if it was your own private session or as if you were attending the workshop in person yourself. You can’t even pay to have a private session with Dr. Church these days, but here you can get hours of personal sessions with him anytime you need it!

Dr. Church’s purpose for creating this company was, and continues to be, to help people out of trauma and overwhelm. Through EFT Unlimited, we hope to increase the awareness of this incredibly effective technique and give more people than ever access to the help they are seeking. 

As we continue to develop new and improved training programs and workshops, these new materials will be added to EFT Unlimited as well. So you’ll have access to everything EFT Universe produces — current and past courses, workshops, videos, meditations, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new to EFT, will this teach me what I need to know to use it?


Yes! We have ample resources in EFT Unlimited that will support you in a break-through, whether you are brand new to tapping or are an experienced tapper. Most people become comfortable with EFT after only a few minutes. If you prefer to learn with guidance, we have options for you to work with a clinically trained practitioner.


How can I be sure EFT will work for me?


The best way to know is to try it! Unlike conventional therapies, dedicating even one month to doing EFT can yield very dramatic and lasting results. These aren’t our claims — they come straight from multiple scientific clinical studies.

You likely engage in other forms of self-care: massages, manicures, gym memberships, specialty foods or supplements and so on. How much time and money did you (or are you still) directing to those, hoping it will make a difference in your quality of life? 


Can I get a refund?


No matter what plan you choose, we will refund you, no questions asked, in the first 14 days of your membership.  If you are on a month-to-month plan, you can cancel any time, and your billing and access will end at the conclusion of your current month.  To cancel, email EFT Universe Support with the subject line “Cancel EFT Unlimited.”


I’m having trouble, seeing an error, or have more questions!


Please email our Support Team and they will be happy to help you!

EFT has countless success stories of freeing people from their trauma and overwhelm. We look forward to supporting you in all of the ways we can to add your story to the list of those free from their past, and ready for their future.

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Be Trauma Free

New Online Course

Be Trauma Free

Taking the First Steps to Understanding Your Subconscious

Happy woman in field of sunflowers

About This Course

In this course you will get a thorough understanding (finally!) of how the brain recognizes, processes, and utilizes trauma in your life. This means you will be armed with the knowledge of what trauma is, which unlocks your ability to get rid of it!

After spending over 14 years working with trauma and seeing how pervasive it is in everyone’s life, trainer Amanda Miller discovered that the fastest way for her patients to be relieved of trauma is to first take away all of the mystery and confusion surrounding it. Second is to provide a clear pathway to how to be rid of it! That is the essence of this course.

Claim your power back from what has been driving your thoughts and feelings to dark and hurtful places.

You don’t have to keep reliving your trauma. In this course you will learn:

And so much more!

We Made This for You

Amanda herself struggled with complex PTSD for over 30 years. Feeling broken and like life could only get so good for her. Like she had to accept this was the best she could feel. It was far from where Amanda wanted to be and she was very weighed down with nightmares and negative memories.

It wasn't until she met one key person who explained what trauma really is that Amanda was able to stop “managing” her trauma and truly release it. She is now free of what plagued her day and night for over three decades — and it took her less than a year to dissolve over 300 traumas. She went from feeling like the world was a dangerous place that she always had to be wary of, to feeling happy and joyful and excited to be alive and grateful for her life! All of Amanda’s relationships have become more rich and fulfilling, most of all her relationship with herself.

She understands what it’s like to feel broken, lost, heavy, stuck, hopeless, helpless, misunderstood, confused, and like giving up on even trying anymore since nothing works. She also now knows what it feels like to have REAL answers, and REAL actions that gave her freedom from all that would not let go of her. We want you to know that freedom, too.

Enroll Now

You deserve to know what your life is like without all of that darkness.

EFT Universe made this class so that, perhaps, Amanda can be your “one person” who reaches out and gives you what you need to be free. The science in this course applies to all people.

You are not alone. You are not broken. You can be free.

Amanda Miller

About Your Instructor

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller spent 14 years addressing trauma one-on-one in her profession, and while she found great success in her work, she felt there had to be more. After meeting several key people, she experienced huge leaps in connecting how trauma works in the brain and how to release it through science-based, clinically-proven methods. After years of deep diving into this information, she has formulated this class to allow everyone access to it in hopes it will give them the same freedom she has found. Amanda is deeply passionate about her work and currently works full time as a motivational speaker and influencer to reach as many people as possible with this incredibly good news about trauma.

Enjoy your class!

Course Background

This course is a collaboration of Scientific and Psychological findings over many years, studies, and experts. This information holds many key points to understanding and releasing trauma that have been compiled in a single place for you to absorb and apply easily and immediately.

“This information changed my life in positive ways I could not comprehend…”

This short, in-depth class took many decades to complete and we are endlessly thankful to all of those who have dedicated their lives to testing and reporting clinical and empirical evidence of these concepts and techniques so that someone like Amanda could dive in and gather the span of decades of tireless research and findings to create something as important as this — and give it to you.