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Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT

The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT

Are there parts of your life you struggle with, despite your best efforts?

Have you tried a variety of approaches and techniques, with limited success? Are there places where you’re just simply stuck? Are you stressed and anxious about those things that aren’t going well? Are there events and people from your past that haunt you? Are you in pain?

You don’t have to stay that way!

Science now has a proven solution to these problems.

Just think about how your life would look if those problems disappeared. If all the energy and time they suck out of your mind and body was freed up.

Imagine living without fear or regret. Imagine being at peace with your past. Imagine waking up in the morning with your mind flooded with peace, joy, optimism and hope.

Wouldn’t your life be great?

Start Tapping Away Your Problems Today

scientifically backed Results

The best thing of all is that EFT is a self-help method.

Imagine having an “eraser” that could simply erase all the fear, guilt and shame surrounding events from your past.

Imagine using that magic eraser to release every limiting belief about your life, your body, your health, and your future.

What would happen if your pain went away? If your money problems disappeared? If the obstacles that keep you from true love were wiped away? If negative emotions just evaporated? If weight and health challenges were suddenly solved? If work and career unfolded effortlessly? Imagine living without fear or regret.

You don’t need to go to a doctor or psychologist, or spend thousands of dollars on fancy credentials to use EFT tapping. You can learn it yourself and unlock its stress-reducing potential the first time you try it on your own body.

The Course Includes 12 training lessons
  1. Intro to the EFT Manual
  2. Inspiring Stories & Compelling Evidence
  3. The Science Behind EFT
  4. How to Do EFT: The Basic Recipe
  5. How to Use EFT for the Five Major Areas of Life
    • Relationships
    • Health
    • Money
    • Work
    • Spirituality
  6. Common Questions, Comments, & Problems
  7. The Gentle Techniques
  8. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  9. Special Populations
  10. Professional Practice Techniques
  11. Confronting Massive Human Suffering
  12. The Enhanced Recipe

Each of the 12 training lessons contains video and audio instructional programs by Dr. Dawson Church, along with written material from The EFT Manual, to show you how to get the most out of EFT.

In this EFT tapping course, you’ll discover how most physical problems, from pain to autoimmune diseases, have their roots in emotional problems. You’ll learn how to erase those negative emotions using EFT’s fundamental method, called the “Basic Recipe.”

Learn EFT tapping!

You'll Learn the Whole Suite of Clinical EFT Techniques, Including:

Hear from Real People

You’ll also read the personal stories of dozens of people who’ve broken through their blocks after trying EFT. It’s not just Dr. Church and a collection of distinguished scientists telling you what EFT can do; it’s ordinary people with the standard collection of problems telling how their lives were transformed by tapping.

The stories are real, up-close and personal; some will make you laugh while others will make you cry. But they’ll all inspire you with the belief that it’s possible for you to heal.

Once you learn the keys of EFT taught in this course, you’ll be surprised at how many problems that hold you back can be quickly and easily relieved, opening up new possibilities for your life.

Ultimate EFT Certification

Ultimate EFT Certification Program

Help Others Heal Their Emotional Traumas in Just Minutes AND Jumpstart a Career You LOVE

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Picture this…

A client comes to you with severe emotional trauma, including years of abuse by their own family.

They feel lost. Broken. Alone.

You gently guide them through a series of simple tapping exercises, allowing them to release layers of emotional pain.

In just minutes, they feel lighter and happier… better than they can ever remember.

The trauma that burdened them for years? It has simply melted away.

This is a true story of a woman that I worked with in a group EFT Tapping session.

You can also have this kind of impact as a certified Clinical EFT practitioner.

The Ultimate EFT Certification will give you in-depth training under the guidance of certified mentors so you can quickly become a clinical EFT practitioner if you want to start a new career.

If you are already a health or energy practitioner, the Ultimate EFT Certification can be an effective, new tool that you add to your existing practice.

I’ve become certified in many other modalities, such as The Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshop represented the best in terms of its content, structure, and presentation.

Angie Garner, PhD

The Ultimate EFT Certification will give you in-depth training under the guidance of certified mentors so you can quickly become a clinical EFT practitioner if you want to start a new career.

If you are already a health or energy practitioner, the Ultimate EFT Certification can be an effective, new tool that you add to your existing practice.

I’ve become certified in many other modalities, such as The Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshop represented the best in terms of its content, structure, and presentation.

Angie Garner, PhD

Start a New Career You Love or Enhance Your Existing Practice with this Highly Sought After Program

Learning how to become a certified EFT practitioner is life-changing for you and your future clients.

Through the Ultimate EFT Certification, you’ll be guided with the help of a mentor to work with practice clients. You’ll experience the joy of seeing people transform their fear, sadness, and anger into happiness, love, and peace – right before your eyes.

For me personally, learning EFT in 2002 and becoming certified in 2008 changed the trajectory of my life. Personal challenges I had my whole life melted away. My capacity to support people suffering from emotional trauma grew exponentially.

That’s why I founded EFT Universe and created the Ultimate EFT Certification program – because I wanted as many people as possible to have access to this life-changing energy healing technique.

I’ve seen tens of thousands of people reap these same benefits.


Transform Your Past Emotional Issues and Heal Yourself

One of the major benefits of going through the Ultimate EFT Certification is that you get to work on your own emotional issues.

Because the training process often brings up unhealed parts of a practitioner’s past, we include personal transformational work within your curriculum. You identify and address these over the course of 15 hours of personal work.

As you do, you’ll love how your confidence and personal power grow. You might experience more joy, peace and love more of the time. Life just feels better.

You may be surprised at how it enhances your relationships at home, at work, and in your social circles.

After learning how to become a certified EFT practitioner, you’ll want to share tapping with more people so they can benefit, too.

Because this simple, powerful energy modality can quickly erase the effects of traumas and transform lives.

Are you ready to make this happen?

Are you ready to make this happen?

You Can Be Certified and Start Your Practice in ONLY 12 Months

We designed the Ultimate EFT Certification Program to be comprehensive and flexible, so that you will get complete training from anywhere in the world and do it on your schedule.

You will get a deep understanding of all 48 Clinical EFT techniques and have ample opportunities to practice in live sessions.

By the time you’re ready to graduate from EFT Universe, you will be well prepared to take on clients in a new practice or add this modality to your existing practice.

You can be part of the change that transforms people into healthier and happier beings.

The Ultimate EFT Certification Program takes about 12 months to complete. You complete the first four modules online, take the 4-day Professional Skills Training, and submit your first batch of cases to your mentor (Mentoring #1).

The focus from that point on is practice. You work with clients under the guidance of your mentor, completing the next three batches (Mentoring #2, 3, and 4). You take the Practice Intensive and the Energy, Trauma, and Healing online course, wrap up the remaining requirements, and graduate. 

Your training includes:

Wonderful course, so much learning, practical experience, supportive community, skills, and confidence development.

Angie Mifsud
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What was most valuable to me about this program is the mentoring process. While I love all the study materials, it’s really priceless to have a certified practitioner – a mentor, a trainer – give you extensive feedback on your work over the course of many months with one-on-one meetings and skills practice calls. All of those life trainings have incredible value.” 

~ Mirjam, Ultimate EFT Certification Graduate and Mentor

Why It's Important to Become a Certified EFT Practitioner

10 Reasons Students Choose to Study with EFT Universe


Credibility: You can feel confident that the techniques you learn and teach clients are Empirically Validated Treatments. We train in Clinical EFT™, the “evidence-based” form. It’s based on research that meets standards published by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) clinical psychology division.


1-to-1 Mentorship: Your mentor works with you throughout your educational journey. They connect with you monthly in a group or one-to-one setting to discuss concepts and brainstorm challenging client issues. After attending an immersive classroom experience, you will begin practicing techniques with other students and/or practice clients.


Monthly Calls: Our interactive calls are just like a real classroom – you can “raise your hand,” ask questions, share insights, and practice the techniques live with other students… from anywhere in the world! You’ll have a monthly Q&A call based on student-selected topics. And our EFT Universe mentors lead a Skills Practice call based on the techniques you are learning in your online lessons. The mentor will model the technique with a volunteer student, pause for instruction, and brainstorm ways to take the technique to the next level!


Self-Paced Year-Long Structure: You can learn on your own schedule – and start as soon as you make your first payment. While we recommend students finish the first phase of education in 9-12 months, students can apply for an additional 6-month extension for free. Students who need two years to finish the certification can apply for a $500 extension.


Multiple Learning Styles: Everyone absorbs information differently. That’s why EFT Universe incorporates digital textbooks, audio versions of each chapter, video summaries, and written transcripts of our audio files. You can quickly reference important techniques with our downloadable PDFs. Immerse yourself in video recordings of full-length sessions or join our monthly Skills Practice calls where you can ask questions live.


Global, Diverse Student Body: Our students are from the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our staff and mentors host digital live calls and live workshops across the globe. Some of our students are full-time health care practitioners, others are transitioning from a corporate career, or working part-time to build their business. Our students’ diverse backgrounds continue to enrich our course offerings!


Supportive Community: With multiple opportunities to connect, our students have met professional accountability partners, formed valuable friendships, and even started businesses together. Our supportive Facebook community and interactive monthly live calls allow students to connect consistently and authentically.


Accreditation and CE/CMEs: EFT Universe’s certifications are a popular choice for psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other health care practitioners seeking Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education (CE/CME) credits. If you are from North America and seeking CE/CMEs through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), and the Association of Social Work Boards (and others), you may be eligible when you learn how to become a certified EFT practitioner. You acquire CEs at the immersive workshop experience, so be sure to select a workshop that qualifies you for the CEs.


In-Person and Digital Learning: While you complete the majority of your certification from home, you will get to attend one of our 4-5 day immersive experiences: The Professional EFT Training. This 4-day live training is an opportunity to meet other students, learn all 48 Clinical EFT techniques, practice under the supervision of one of our faculty members, and begin accumulating your required practice hours. You can attend in person in North America, Europe, and Australia or choose one of the many virtual options of EFT Universe if you prefer not to travel.


Opportunity for Immediate Income: As soon as you graduate, you create a practitioner profile and make an income immediately through our Tapping Place video conferencing platform. You don’t need branding, marketing materials, or a website. Yet you can connect with clients all over the world. When you do start booking private clients, the average rate is $150 USD per hour.

I’m Ready to Become a Certified EFT Practitioner!

I’m Ready to Become a Certified EFT Practitioner!

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“It’s been eye opening! This has been one more step, a higher step on my journey as a person and as a professional. I’m a nurse practitioner and I also teach. It’s given me a lot of insights and a desire to not only take this technique and use it with friends, family, and clients, but also with my students. Dawson has brought this technique into everything, especially the clinical setting where I work. I’m excited to make tapping more available to everybody because I think it’s wonderful. Tapping works!” 

~ Miriam, Ultimate EFT Certification Student

Who Is This Certification For?

Start Your New EFT Tapping Practice or Integrate with an Existing Practice
When you complete the Ultimate EFT Certification, you can transition into a whole new business as an energy psychology professional. If you are already a wellness practitioner, you can add EFT as another service you offer. EFT certification is an excellent service addition if you are a:

What Are the Steps to Take?

Follow the Path to the Ultimate EFT Certification

The Ultimate EFT Certification Program is divided into several clear and sequential steps. You begin with four online courses. You then take a virtual 4-day Professional Skills Training. We offer these in many locations virtually in the US, Europe, and Australia all year round.

We then connect you with an expert mentor, and as you work with practice clients, you get invaluable personal guidance in developing your EFT skills. After completing 40 case histories and a virtual workshop, the Practice Intensive, you graduate. The process takes about 12 months. For more information on each step, see below.

Module 1


The Genetics of Personal Transformation

New scientific breakthroughs in fields like neuroscience and epigenetics show that we can change our gene expression to boost our levels of happiness, vitality, and health. The Genetics of Personal Transformation contains 12 lessons in the science behind energy healing. Each hour-long lesson trains you in a practical energy technique that can boost your levels of health, energy, and happiness.

Module 2


The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT

This course contains 12 lessons to train you in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT, the evidence-based form of tapping. You’ll discover how most physical problems, from pain to autoimmune diseases, have their roots in emotional trauma. You’ll learn how to erase those negative emotions using EFT's fundamental methods, from the “Basic Recipe” to the “Movie Technique.” You’ll discover three “Gentle Techniques” for working with psychological trauma, as well as 12 “Professional Practice Techniques.”

Module 3


Professional Ethics

A complete understanding of ethics is one of the most important pieces of knowledge a practitioner of the healing arts can possibly have. Ethical principles are not restrictive rules and regulations – they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer. This course trains you in setting healthy boundaries, self-care, appropriate relationships with clients, a clear “scope of practice,” and effective communication with other professionals in the healthcare field.

Module 4


The Psychology of Coaching

Using the psychology of transformation, you’ll gain an understanding of human motivation and behavior and how energy therapy and neuroscience work together in an easily accessible form to help your clients transcend their old set points. This 13-lesson course teaches core coaching concepts to turn issues into goals, so clients reach peak states and thrive.

Module 5


The Art of Delivery

What does masterful EFT look like? This course is designed to take you beyond the mechanics of EFT and into fluid and natural practice. Before or during this module, you will also attend a live class. It's the brilliantly designed and time-tested EFT 4-Day Professional Skills Training. The curriculum is designed to give you practice in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT. You’ll receive both structured training and practical demonstrations while practicing your skills with other members of the class.

Module 6


Energy, Trauma, and Healing

This module starts with a 2-day live class, the Practice Intensive, that can be taken in person or virtually. With other practitioners, you role-play to develop your skills in each phase of the healing encounter, from the start of the first session to multi-year client relationships. The online course, Energy, Trauma, and Healing, trains you in the latest research on psychological trauma and healing. You begin by reviewing the characteristics of PTSD, showing specifically how it’s a physiological condition that produces extensive genetic, hormonal, and neurological changes in the human body. Yet with energy techniques, even adverse experiences recorded deep in the brain can be healed. You learn the three steps that overwrite old trauma in a process called “memory reconsolidation and extinction.”
Want to learn more? Download the curriculum guide.

Mentoring & Practicum Courses

Personalized Guided Training

Once you’ve completed your online courses and live training on how to become a certified EFT practitioner, it’s time to work with practice clients. It’s an exciting time, because we often see wonderful personal and professional breakthroughs, even during the very first sessions with clients. Once you see the effects that Clinical EFT produces in the lives of your clients, you’ll be “hooked” and quickly gain confidence in your newfound skills.

Guided Practice: Throughout the process, you’ll be guided by an expert mentor to whom you’ll send your case history reports. You’ll write up four sets of 10 case histories and receive feedback from your mentor. Your skills will progress steadily, as your practice is developed through your mentor’s personalized feedback.

Personal Work: You’ll also work on your personal issues. The training process often brings up unhealed parts of a practitioner’s past. You identify and address these over the course of 15 hours of personal work.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls: Join Dawson Church and other EFT mentors for a live Q&A session on student-selected topics.

Monthly Skills Practice Calls: Offered by mentors and other practitioners, these recorded group sessions focus on common challenges that practitioners experience in client sessions.

Discussion Groups: You’ll also gain access to our exclusive online community. This lively discussion group of practitioners-in-training provides support and encouragement. People swap sessions, success stories, and challenges.

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“When I got my certification, I felt comfortable right off bringing EFT into my yoga and energy business because I had already done so many practices with people as part of the certification process. I had gotten feedback, I had a mentor, I really felt solid in my EFT Knowledge. I felt I was able to offer EFT to others usefully, mindfully, and successfully pretty much right away after certification. If you’re considering certification in this course, I would say that no matter what you intend to do with this skill at the end of it — whether it’s to help yourself, your family, or use it like I do out in the world, you’re going to be poised and ready to do it.”

~ Jeanette, Ultimate EFT Certification Graduate


Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you graduate. 

The online graduation guide shows you how to obtain insurance, list yourself on the EFT Universe website and The Tapping Place, and other practical details. 

You receive your certificate and launch your new career as a certified EFT practitioner!

Earn a Great Income As Soon As You Graduate

Once you’re ready to graduate, you will have already had hours of experience working with practice clients. So you can confidently step into your new role as a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

We even make it easy for you to start working with clients right away through The Tapping Place. Our new professional portal enables you to create a professional profile and start taking on tapping clients. 

Most graduates earn an average of $150 US per hour.

Which means that you can easily make back your entire tuition within a couple of weeks.

Career Options for Certified EFT Tapping Practitioners

Costs and Payment Plans

Because we’re motivated to get this work to the largest number of people, we’ve kept the cost of certification as low as possible. Your entire program includes:



One-Time Payment
$ 3,999 Full Payment Now
  • Enroll and pay in full now and you'll save 10% (compared to the 12-month payment plan).


2 Monthly Payments
$ 2,000 per month for two months
  • Enroll now and split the tuition into 2 payments of $2,000 per month for 2 months.


12 Monthly Payments
$ 369 per month for 12 months
  • Enroll now and make monthly payments of only $369 / month for 12 months.


See What Others Have Said About Our Certification Program
Watch this 3-minute interview with Karolina, a graduate of our certification program, as she shares her experience with Mentor Jackie Viramontez.
Play Video

Watch this 2-minute video about the transformations that one certification graduate, Mike, saw all around him.

Christina found clients coming to her effortlessly as she learned these transformational skills. She explains more in this 2-minute video.
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“I am 37 and a trauma survivor…At 19 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My life has been chronic UTIs, abscesses that led to hospitalization, surgical interventions, and nothing was working. I began Clinical EFT Certification about a year and a half ago and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life…”

~ Chrystal

“I’m a practitioner, a nurse, and I teach. I love the live calls. They are an excellent teaching tool. I teach online, and a big issue is falling behind… this tool tells us where we should be each month, which is very helpful. It’s incredible, I love it, and tapping works!”

~ Miriam

“I’m a psychotherapist…I was blown away by the way EFT… accessed a healing I hadn’t reached through years of working in other ways. (EFT) really helps bypass blocks.”

~ Gretchen

“I was looking at options for certification and it made sense to go with the program that had so much scientific background… I had a client that had an issue she didn’t want to tell me about, and we were able to start healing because I had the knowledge and the protocol…”

~ Jeannette

“At the time I chose EFTU I was working in nutrition … Looking at the program, it was everything that I wanted to learn. I’ve been certified since 2012 … having that professional supervision while I was learning … if I was making mistakes, someone would show me the right way to do it.”

~ Marian

“I work with thousands of women every year … we’ll start working … and the trauma leaks out. I was so scared of that … I learned about EFT, about Dawson Church … I couldn’t believe what a difference it made … I knew that no matter what happened I could help these women.”

~ Tracy

“I chose EFT Universe for certification … I felt the need to professionalize my skill set and it became really clear that training with EFTU and Dawson Church would be the most comprehensive and well researched training option. What is most valuable about this program to me is the mentoring process.”

~ Mirjam

“I came in here with an open mind …after the 4th day I was so inspired I decided to go all in … it has been transformational for me. I am so grateful for this program, especially the clinical side … to have scientific evidence.”

~ Keiko


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Certification is a complete and comprehensive training package, and you can take it whether or not you’re a professional. About half of those who become certified are licensed medical or mental health professionals. The other half are from all walks of life, and many are retraining for a new and satisfying career in energy healing.

Each of the 12 multimedia modules includes audio, video, and written content — so you can use whichever learning style works best for you.

Some workshops are offered virtually, with this noted in the workshop description. Others, such as the 4-Day Professional Training, are offered both in-person and virtually.

EFT Universe uses a virtual training model called “active learning.” Research shows that classes using this model produce better student comprehension than conventional lectures (Deslauriers, McCarty, Miller, Callaghan & Kestin, 2019). EFT Universe has pioneered “best practices” for virtual learning to ensure that the class experience provides optimal engagement and comprehension for students.

Very definitely. Over 50 studies show that the EFT techniques you’ll learn in this course result in big reductions in stress. When you become an EFT practitioner, you can use your knowledge to improve your life — and the lives of your clients.

Yes, your tuition may be reimbursable under the GI Bill. If you’re a family member, you may also be covered by Chapter 35 of the GI Bill.

To complete the necessary forms, visit the VA Website. When the VA asks you to contact the Veterans Certifying Official at EFT Universe, use support@eftuniverse.com.

Click here to find additional resources. 

If you would like to sample the certification program before enrolling, you can take the first four modules in two groups. Modules 1 and 2 are available together, at a discount, in an online program called Self-Transformative Energy Tools ($497).

Modules 3 and 4 are available in a second online program called Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching ($1,497).

The most cost-effective approach is to sign up for the certification program as a whole at the beginning ($3,999).

However, if you’d like to take Self-Transformative Energy Tools and Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching first, you will get credit for these should you enroll later.

Because we believe these tools are so powerful and we’d like to see them in the hands of everyone, we’ve made the certification as affordable as possible with multiple payment plan options. We are not able to offer further discounts or scholarships.

We make this easy by providing you with session notes forms and a detailed outline of how to complete a case history.

We want you to get as much experience with as many different clients as possible, though you might work with certain clients over the course of several sessions. If you’re planning to do more than five sessions with a particular client, check with your mentor first.

Yes. If you are a Certified EFT Practitioner through AMETT and ACEP, you are eligible for a discount due to the many overlapping requirements. Email your certificate to the admissions advisor who will give you further instructions and payment options.

We assign you a mentor when you’re ready to submit your first batch of case histories. Your mentor is assigned to you by your education director.

Mentoring starts when you’ve completed the online courses and live training.

All of our mentors are certified Clinical EFT practitioners through our program. They are experts who will guide you as you work through your practice clients.

Your mentor will review and give you feedback on each of the four sets of 10 case histories that you write. Your mentor will also help guide you as you work through the unhealed parts of your past. Your skills will progress steadily, as your practice is developed through your mentor’s personalized feedback.

Students who commit to 2-3 lessons per week (approximately 3-6 hours per week) typically finish within the required 12-month timeline. Some students finish in as fast as 7-8 months.

Each lesson is the equivalent of reading a dense chapter of a book, watching a supporting set of videos and audios, and then taking a quiz. Once you reach the mentoring modules, the lessons include written practicum.

If you pass the 12-month mark from your initial enrollment, you automatically get a free 6-month extension. If you need time beyond that, you can purchase a second 6-month extension for $500.

All of the work you have completed in getting certified in EFT counts toward Energy Psychology certification. In the Energy Psychology Certification program, EFT is the first skill set you learn. 

When taking an EFT Universe-sponsored workshop, you use a discount code. You register on the EFT Universe site and there is no cost to you.

If you choose a workshop sponsored by another organization like Omega Institute, CIIS or 1440 Multiversity, not by EFT Universe, you register and pay that organization. You’re then reimbursed for your tuition cost by EFT Universe after the workshop.

Either way, the cost of the workshop is included in certification and there is no additional cost to you.

Energy Psychology and EFT professionals are expected to practice with awareness of the diverse backgrounds of the clients with whom they work, and to engage clients with cultural humility and competence.

Among the cultural considerations for working with diverse populations are language barriers; religious beliefs and family values; community beliefs and practices; cultural attitudes to gender and age; cultural conceptions of health and illness; issues related to ethnic assimilation and cultural preservation; and attitudes toward women, children, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, and elders.
Research shows that EFT is able to release emotional triggers quickly. This makes it uniquely suitable for use when approaching charged issues including ethnicity, bias, and unconscious stereotyping.

A diverse working group of EFT practitioners has engaged the practitioner community in a dialog about the need for ethnic and cultural awareness during treatment sessions. Their educational perspectives are found on the Practitioner Development page.

You can find our full terms of service and privacy policy here.

No. This is an academic course, like a college semester, for which you commit to completion. For this reason, no refunds are possible after you begin. We recommend that you speak with an admission advisor prior to enrolling if you are not 100 percent certain about your commitment.

We recommend that you take a look at our support page to see if we cover your question. If not, you can contact us through the form on the page.

Our Self Transformative Energy Tools course teaches you the fundamentals of energy healing (and is Module 1-2 of the full practitioner certification). We recommend starting here if you are ready to focus on your personal growth, but aren’t quite ready to become a practitioner.

If you decide to upgrade to the Ultimate EFT Certification after taking Self Transformative Energy tools, you’ll get a discount off your certification enrollment.

Transforming Lives With Energy Coaching

Transforming Lives With Energy Coaching

Would you like to share the benefits of energy healing with others? Has energy healing transformed your life, and you’d now like to share it with friends and clients?

The Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching course will train you in the basic concepts involved in doing energy work with others. It’s designed to build on what you learned earlier in the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program.

The course has two modules, Professional Ethics and The Psychology of Coaching. You can find more information about each one below.

These are the third and fourth modules of the Ultimate EFT Certification program. They build on the science and EFT techniques you learn in the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program, which is a prerequisite for the Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching course.

After training yourself using these online modules, you’re eligible to go on to full certification. In the Ultimate EFT Certification program, you’re guided by a personal mentor and receive live classroom instruction as well as the support of an online community.

When you enroll for these two modules together in the Transforming Lives With Energy Coaching course, you save $500 off the cost of taking them separately. Plus, the work you do here counts toward certification.

Prerequisite: Self-Transformative Energy Tools


An understanding of ethics is one of the most important pieces of knowledge a practitioner of the healing arts can possibly have. Ethical principles are not restrictive rules and regulations – they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer. This course trains you in setting healthy boundaries, self-care, appropriate relationships with clients, a clear “scope of practice,” and effective communication with other professionals in the healthcare field. Illustrated with 50 case histories, this top-rated course gives you a complete education in energy healing ethics.


A century of research has mapped the psychology of transformation. Many of these findings about human motivation and behavior are counter-intuitive, and great coaching depends on understanding them. The superb and comprehensive Psychology of Coaching course presents this body of work in 13 sequential lessons. It combines behavioral science with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and energy therapy. It presents the best-of-the-best coaching techniques and principles in an easily accessible form. It trains you to help clients soar high above their previous best, transcending their old set points to experience Peak States.

Before you can take these second two certification modules together in the Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching program, you need to complete the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program.

Taken the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program? Then you’re ready!

Use coupon code OTHERS to save $500 at checkout.

Other Personal Solutions For Your Life

The EFT Seminar

The EFT Seminar

Expert Training Accelerates Your Mastery

To unlock the full power of EFT, it’s vital to get expert training in Clinical EFT, the  evidence-based  form of tapping.

If you’re a professional who wants to use EFT tapping to help others heal, achieving mastery is vital. Anything less won’t produce the best results for your clients.

If you’re a coach, teacher, or parent – or looking to use EFT yourself – expert instruction makes sure you get the maximum benefit from this remarkable healing method.

Unlock the power of advanced energy healing today!

THE ENORMOUS BENEFITS of tapping correctly

One of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping is a simple process, proven in over 100 clinical trials. These show that EFT reduces stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Neuroscience studies demonstrate that EFT rapidly calms the brain’s emotional centers, and takes your body out of fight-flight mode.

EFT has you stimulate 13 acupressure points with your fingertips while focusing your mind on stressful events. This re-trains your body to respond with calm, rather than stress, to negative experiences.

Simple? Absolutely!

But knowing how to do tapping correctly – selecting the right language and the most effective EFT technique for a particular problem – is complex. Trying to learn a new skill on your own is a steep learning curve with many stumbles along the way.

When you run into questions or challenging situations, you have to muddle through on your own, often with limited results.

And if you do something wrong … you frequently don’t know it until an even bigger problem arises.

With expert training, you can avoid all those issues. In The EFT Seminar, I’ll give you the tools to train yourself in EFT’s proven techniques for FREE.

Dawson Church, PhD
Founder of EFT Universe and author of The EFT Manual

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The best way to learn what to do, when to do it, and how do it is to learn from the experts. EFT Universe is the largest training and certification program in the world. We set such high standards that our trainings are accredited for Continuing Medical Education for doctors (American Medical Association) and psychologists (American Psychological Association).

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of Clinical EFT. So we’ve made the core training absolutely FREE. In this online course, you’ll learn the principal techniques of Clinical EFT. Even if you’ve tapped before, you’ll get access to many additional insights and methods.

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WHAT YOU'LL LEARN in the EFT Seminar

The EFT Seminar is an introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Clinical EFT tapping. It takes just 5 to 10 hours to complete, and you’ll enjoy every minute!

You’ll start with the EFT “Basic Recipe.” Just like making a meal, if you use the right ingredients and follow the instructions, the result is delicious. The Basic Recipe will have you tapping correctly within the first hour.

You then go on to learn the “Movie” and “Tell the Story” techniques. Research shows that these brilliant methods systematically eradicate the roots of stressful memories. You also get 3 “Gentle Techniques” for dealing with psychological trauma.

Each module of The EFT Seminar contains a 10 to 30 minute video based on a chapter from The EFT Manual (3rd Edition).

We’ve broken the material down into 7 modules. Each builds on the previous module. This develops your understanding systematically and thoroughly.

You learn through both video and text, so whether you’re a visual or verbal learner this course will work for you. Quick quizzes cement this knowledge into your brain.

The EFT Seminar is also a prerequisite for taking the 4 Day Professional Skills Training. The online course provides you with all the basic information you need to know about EFT in order to be prepared for the live training.

Completing the online course has great benefit to you. It means that when you step into the classroom for the first time, you already have all the fundamental concepts of your fingertips. You’re ready to start practicing, so you’ll get the most out of the live course.

The way this course builds your knowledge of Clinical EFT is based on over 2 decades of training thousands of people. We know this approach works!

EFT Practitioner Certification & Training Online – EFT Tapping Certification

EFT Practitioner Certification & Training Online

There’s nothing more satisfying than a life of service, where you help others shed the burden of suffering and unlock their potential. You can also make a great living!

Science and research are a cornerstone of every EFT practitioner certification & training online course. Our Clinical EFT standard has been validated in over 100 clinical trials. You can feel confident that you’re learning evidence-based methods that really work! If you want to learn the basics, start with our free EFT Seminar below. If you’re ready to build a business, enroll in one of our EFT tapping certification courses. Each course you take counts toward your clinical certification. The energy healing tools below can transform your life — start today!

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Laptop showing The EFT Tapping Seminar
The EFT Tapping Seminar — Free!

The EFT Tapping Seminar is a seven-module introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Clinical EFT tapping. Start with the EFT Basic Recipe, then learn the Movie Technique and 3 Gentle Techniques for dealing with psychological trauma. Each module contains a 10 to 30 minute video based on a chapter from The EFT Manual. You learn through both video and text, so whether you’re a visual or verbal learner this course will work for you. It’s free! So enroll today.

Laptop showing the Self Transformative Energy Tools
Self-Transformative Energy Tools

Self-Transformative Energy Tools teaches you the fundamentals of energy healing. In Module 1, “The Genetics of Personal Transformation,” you will learn the science behind 12 practices proven to regulate your genes and boost your mood. In Module 2, “The EFT Tapping Course” enjoy an immersive multimedia experience as Dawson Church guides you through all 48 Clinical EFT techniques. To heal the stuck places in your life with Energy Psychology and EFT tapping, start with these first two modules. No prerequisites.

Laptop showing Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching
Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching

Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching is the next step in training after Self-Transformative Energy Tools and includes 2 modules. Module 1,“The Psychology of Coaching,” is a state-of-the-art course that covers the neuroscience of deep transformation. It draws on the best practices of current psychology, using evidence-based methods that result in lasting change. It then builds your skills in advanced coaching techniques that take clients to “flow” states of peak performance. Module 2, “Professional Ethics,” trains you in setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and cultivating effective relationships with clients and healthcare professionals. To start using EFT and Energy Psychology with others, complete these certification modules. Prerequisite: Self Transformative Energy Tools.

Laptop showing The Ultimate EFT Certification
The Ultimate EFT Certification Program

After completing the Self Transformative Energy Tools and Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching EFT practitioner certifications & online training, you’re ready for mentorship and live training! You’ll meet other future practitioners at a 4 day Professional Skills Training. You’ll practice EFT with a certified trainer and begin working with practice clients under the guidance of an expert mentor. Your mentor will give you dedicated and personalized feedback to refine your skills. As you near the end of your training you’ll interact with others at a 2 day Practice Intensive. You’ll graduate as a certified practitioner, trained in all 48 Clinical EFT techniques. No Prerequisites.

Ethics Review Committee Overview and Procedures

Ethics Review Committee Overview and Procedures

First Adopted September 17, 2019. Current Version: September 30, 2019.

Click here for Instructions for Submitting an Ethics Complaint

Click Here for EFT and Energy Psychology Practitioners Ethics Code

The Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe Ethics Committee (hereafter “Ethics Committee”) is established to review and act upon ethical complaints and concerns relating to the actions of:

Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe Certified Practitioners as well as Faculty and Students in the Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe Certification Program (hereafter “practitioners”).

These practitioners have agreed in writing to stay informed of and to abide by the most current version of the Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe (hereafter “the Organization”) Code of Ethics (hereafter “Code of Ethics”) posted above.
The Ethics Committee shall be composed of three or more members, including the Energy Psychology Group Board President as its Chair or a person designated by the Board President as its Chair and a minimum of two certified practitioners appointed by the Board President. Terms of office and number of Committee members beyond three are determined by the Board President.

Committee meetings may be held in person, by telephone, or through the use of other electronic media at the discretion of the Committee Chair. The time and manner of Committee meetings are determined by the Committee Chair. Revisions to this “Overview and Procedures” document are made at the discretion of the Organization’s Board of Directors.

Ethical conduct for practitioners is defined by the most current posted version of the Code of Ethics. The Organization reserves the right to take disciplinary action against practitioners, which may include but is not limited to, the assignment of remedial education, formal criticism or censure, probation, suspension, and/or revocation of certification. Ethical complaints or allegations about a practitioner may be submitted to the Organization via email or letter at the address below. The Committee Chair may request that written complaints or allegations be clarified before proceeding with an ethics review.
Before taking any action, the Committee Chair shall clarify issues of confidentiality. Professional standards of confidentiality and of informed consent shall be adhered to by the Committee in conducting its investigations. In general, if a person is presenting a complaint or allegation, that person must be willing to be identified to the person about whom the complaint or allegation is being made in order for an investigation to be initiated. If this agreement cannot be obtained, the matter may, at the Committee’s discretion, lead to no further action. Instances where no formal complaint or allegation has been submitted but information of concern to the Committee comes via other channels shall be adjudicated on an individual basis according to the best judgment of the Committee.

The Committee Chair is authorized to decide whether a complaint or allegation warrants attention by the entire Committee. If the Committee Chair determines that:
(1) the matter is frivolous or inconsequential;
(2) the complaint contains unreliable or insufficient information; or
(3) the matter is not within the scope of the Organization’s jurisdiction

…then no further action will be taken and the complaint will be dismissed. In some instances the Committee Chair or a person designated by the Committee Chair (this would generally be another Committee member or one of the Organization’s professional staff members) has the right and sole discretion to bring about a resolution by facilitating communication among relevant parties, clarifying issues, or other direct actions. If this occurs, pertinent information will be included in a letter to the practitioner and the situation will be considered “resolved.” The Committee Chair or designated individuals also has the right and sole discretion to make alternative recommendations to the practitioner for resolving the issue before initiating a formal review.

After the Committee has opened a formal investigation, the Committee Chair or other designated individual shall send a letter or email to the practitioner informing him/her about the complaint, allegation, or situation (the “Complaint”). The letter may be sent by an email whose receipt has been confirmed or a letter sent by registered mail to the last address the practitioner provided to the Organization. The names of the Committee members shall be made known to the practitioner at that time and shall also be made known to the person making the Complaint. The practitioner or the person issuing the Complaint has seven (7) days from receipt of notice of the names of the Committee members to submit in writing any objections to specific members of the Committee. Based on this or on information gathered from other sources, the Board President, in consultation with relevant parties, shall determine if specific Committee members should be recused to insure a fair process, and if so, may appoint alternative Committee members for the case in question.

The practitioner has thirty (30) days from receipt of notice to submit a written response to the Complaint and/or present any additional evidence in support of his or her position. Failure by a practitioner to respond to the notice of a Complaint within the thirty (30) days shall be sufficient grounds to impose sanctions. The Committee Chair may extend the period for the practitioner’s response, upon a timely written request by a practitioner containing a reasonable explanation of the need for an extension.

During the course of its investigation, the Committee may seek assistance or additional information from legal counsel, independent investigators, and any other appropriate individuals or organizations. All investigations are conducted objectively, with no prejudgment. Complaints will be considered without hearings, trial-type proceedings, witnesses, cross-examinations, appearance by practitioner, formal legal rules or evidence and hearsay. Decisions by the Committee are based entirely on the written record. After receiving and reviewing the response from the practitioner, the Committee will review the available information and may take action or gather additional information before taking action.

If the Committee decides there is no violation of the Organization’s Code of Ethics, the Complaint is dismissed with written notice to the practitioner within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the investigation. If the Committee makes a determination that the Organization’s Code of Ethics was violated and imposes a sanction, the Committee will issue its decision in writing to the practitioner within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the investigation. Possible sanctions by the Committee include but are not limited to:

  1. Decision of “no action” because of lack of grounds for action.
  2. Decision leading to a formal reprimand from the organization.
  3. Decision requiring retraining, remedial education, supervision, or professionally-relevant personal development activities with specified mechanisms of updates to the Committee.
  4. Decision to remove the individual from the Organization’s practitioner lists and teaching opportunities and to suspend use of the Organization’s professional credentials for a specified period of time.
  5. Decision to permanently remove the individual from the Organization’s practitioner lists and teaching opportunities and to permanently bar use of the Organization’s professional credentials.

If the practitioner is a Certified Practitioner and the sanction imposed is suspension or revocation of certification, then the practitioner must cease from identifying or representing herself/himself as an Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe practitioner. If the practitioner is a student in or faculty member of the Organization’s Certification Program, then the practitioner must cease from identifying or representing herself/himself as a student or faculty member, whichever is applicable.

A practitioner who is a Certified Practitioner and the subject of a Complaint may voluntarily surrender his or her Certificate at any time before the Committee renders a final decision. Upon surrender, the Complaint will be dismissed without any further action by the Committee. In the event a practitioner voluntarily surrenders his or her Certificate, the practitioner must return his or her Certificate to the Organization within thirty (30) days of notifying the Organization of such surrender and cease from identifying or representing herself/himself as a certified practitioner.

A practitioner who is a student in or faculty member of the Organization’s and the subject of a Complaint may voluntarily surrender his or her status as a student or faculty member, whichever is applicable, at any time before the Committee renders a final decision. Upon surrender, the Complaint will be dismissed without any further action by the Committee. In the event a practitioner voluntarily surrenders his or her status as a student or faculty member, whichever is applicable, the practitioner must cease from identifying or representing herself/himself as a student or faculty member, whichever is applicable.

The Committee has the power to suspend the practitioner’s activities and associations with the Organization while it is making its determinations if it judges the Complaint to be of such a serious nature as to warrant this action.

The Committee’s deliberations may be conducted privately at the Committee’s discretion. The parties involved in a Committee action shall be informed of the Committee’s conclusions within a reasonable period of time and at a level of detail determined by the Committee. If the Committee’s action includes removing an individual from the Organization’s practitioner lists and teaching opportunities or suspending or barring use of the Organization’s professional credentials, the Committee may inform the Organization’s staff and the practitioner’s peers of this action as it deems appropriate.

Instructions for Submitting an Ethics Complaint

Instructions for Submitting an Ethics Complaint

(revised September 17, 2019)

Click here for Ethics Review Committee Overview and Procedures

This document provides instruction for the significant action of formally submitting an ethics complaint about an Energy Psychology Group / EFT Universe (hereafter “the Organization”) practitioner, student, or faculty member (hereafter “practitioner”).

A challenge for any ethics review process is that the responsibility of stopping unethical or harmful behavior on the part of a practitioner must be balanced with the responsibility of seeing that a practitioner is not condemned based on hearsay or other insufficient evidence. The Ethics Committee Procedures attempt to ensure that both concerns are met. Specific points to keep in mind include:

  1. The jurisdiction of the Organization’s Ethics Committee is limited to the Organization’s Certified Practitioners who are listed on the Organization’s websites. Only complaints directly involving the delivery or representation of Energy Psychology, EFT and related professional issues can be considered. Complaints may be submitted by any individual having direct knowledge of a possible ethical violation.
  2. If the person submitting the complaint is a health care professional, the first step after learning of a possible ethics violation by a colleague, as described in the Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners, is to try within reasonable limits to resolve the ethics issues with that person directly. If you are not persuaded that this can be or has been accomplished, an ethics complaint may be appropriate.
  3. Before submitting an ethics complaint, please be sure that you are proceeding with reasonable certainty in filing the complaint. It is not unknown for the person submitting a complaint to subsequently be the subject of an ethics complaint or a lawsuit brought by the individual about whom the complaint was registered. Be sure that your formal complaint is not vulnerable to charges of being frivolous or unfounded. To help orient you to the issues you should consider, guidelines taken from the the Organization’s Ethics Code and from the Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners are copied at the end of this document. If you are unsure of your responsibilities or the grounds for your complaint, consider consulting with a colleague or an attorney.
  4. Like many professional ethics complaint procedures, the Organization does not conduct live hearings with the kinds of procedures you would see in a court of law. Instead, the Ethics Committee ultimately makes its determinations based on the written record. Therefore, it is important that you document with precision the nature of your complaint and carefully describe the evidence you have for making the complaint. Describe what you have observed with specifics rather than to provide only your interpretation of what the behaviors mean or imply.
  5. The accused has the right to know who is making the accusation and the nature of the charge. For the Ethics Committee to open a case, the complaint must generally come from a party with direct knowledge of the alleged violation who is willing for the person who allegedly committed the violation to know who is making the charge. In your complaint, please give explicit permission that this information can be shared. Without it, a formal investigation of your complaint may not be able to be initiated.
  6. The Ethics Committee is obligated to respect the confidentiality of those involved. If you are naming individuals who are involved in the situation but not being accused of an ethics violation, please indicate if the Ethics Committee is authorized by you to inform them of how they are being mentioned and whether they know you have mentioned them.
  7. If you are registering a complaint about a practitioner who provided services to you directly, you are, by registering the complaint, waiving certain confidentiality privileges. Specifically, you are authorizing the practitioner to provide the Ethics Committee with case notes and any other information bearing upon you and your health condition, your professional relationship, and the services rendered.
  8. The procedures to insure due process are relatively complex and time-consuming. A ruling often takes at least three months from the initial complaint (in part because the Ethics Committee has to give people time to respond at various points along the way). In cases where there is concern of harm being done during this period, provisions exist for immediate temporary steps, but this is considered an extreme action.
  9. The identities of the Ethics Committee members are not public knowledge, for a variety of reasons, but their identities are made known to the accuser and the accused, who have the right to ask that any member of the Committee who can be reasonably shown to hold bias be replaced by an alternative. One of the Organization’s team members will be assigned to carry out communications among the various parties.
  10. Complaints should be submitted to EFT Universe Support. Before submitting an ethics complaint, please also read the Ethics Committee Overview and Procedures.

Points to consider from the Ethics Code to consider prior to submitting an ethics complaint:

  • When practitioners believe there may have been an ethical violation by another practitioner, they attempt to resolve the issue by bringing it to the attention of that individual if an informal resolution appears possible and appropriate. Such interventions may not, however, violate any confidentiality rights that are involved.
  • If an apparent ethical violation has substantially harmed or is likely to substantially harm a person or organization and is not appropriate for informal resolution as described above, or is not adequately resolved in that fashion, practitioners take further action appropriate to the circumstances. Such action might include informing the appropriate ethics committee of the situation.
  • Practitioners seek to promote accuracy, honesty, truthfulness, and dignity in the practice, teaching, science, and art of energy medicine.

Trainer Candidate Standards

Trainer Candidate Standards

Trainer candidates qualify to be trainers based on past training experience, by co-training with existing Clinical EFT trainers, and by submitting recordings of trainings they’ve conducted. If you are a trainer candidate, you will assist at introductory and professional workshops as described here. The primary trainer will provide you with feedback after each training. You might assist in several workshops with different primary trainers.

There is no set number of trainings at which you co-teach, since different candidates need different numbers of presentations to acquire proficiency. When a primary trainer believes you are ready to train on your own, they will make that recommendation to the EFT Universe Education Director.

As a trainer candidate, you should be thoroughly familiar with the Curriculum that forms the basis of the workshops. You should also be knowledgeable about the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT, which are described in The EFT Manual (3rd edition). You will already be a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

Time management is a skill essential to trainers. Clinical EFT professional workshops guarantee participants a minimum of 8 hours of practical work: demonstrations, practice sessions, and feedback. Presenting the entire curriculum, while giving students at least 8 hours to practice or witness demonstrations, requires careful time management during the course of a workshop.

Below is a list of modules you will present, and a description of how your performance is evaluated.

EFT Professional Skills Training Modules to Present

At a live workshop you will co-teach with a primary trainer, present the following modules:

Recordings and Assessments

If you’re a trainer candidate, you can record yourself presenting the modules. Stay within the time frame for each module, to demonstrate a mastery of time management, a skill you need as a trainer.

The evaluations below can also serve as a checklist for primary trainers evaluating the work of candidates. Here are the criteria by which you and existing trainers can assess your performance:

2.3 to 2.8 (about 20 minutes)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate describe:

1. The Full Basic Recipe accurately?

2. The Basic Recipe accurately?

3. That exact terminology for the two forms of EFT?

4. How and when to use each of the two forms?

2.10 to 2.13, including the instructions for the exercise (about 30 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate describe:

1. The nature of psychological reversal (PR)?

2. Why EFT corrects for PR at the start of every round?

3. The nature of secondary gain?

4. The exercise instructions clearly and correctly?

3.1 to 3.10, including the instructions for the exercise (about 30 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. State that finding specific events is the single most important approach to remember in a session?

2. Say that usually there’s a physical sensation associated with an event?

3. Emphasize that asking the client for the earliest time when that physical sensation was felt will often lead to a traumatic childhood event?

4. That aspects are parts of the problem, and provide clear and concrete examples of each type of aspect?

5. Clearly cover each of the six points in the instructions for the exercise?

6. Mention at least three physical signs of emotional release?

7. Mention at least three forms of cognitive shift?

8. Provide examples of cognitive shifts?

4.1 to 4.4, and Instructions for Exercise 4 (about 20 to 25 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Describe the tables and legs concept clearly, and provide practical examples?

2. Say that if excessive emotional intensity arises, to just keep tapping?

3. Emphasize that the coach in Exercise 4 repeats back exact words without paraphrasing?

5.1 to 5.7 (20 minutes)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Provide an example of a cognitive shifts that happened in the background?

2. Describe each of the four characteristics of traumatizing events?

3. Describe the trauma capsule?

4. List some of the characteristics of unprocessed trauma?

6.1 to 6.4, including instructions for exercise (about 20 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Describe how global statements can be used if there is excessive emotional intensity?

2. Provide examples of global statements?

3. Emphasize that this is an exception, and that in EFT we usually focus on specific events?

4. Correctly describe all six steps of the Movie / Tell the Story Technique?

5. Differentiate between the Movie Technique and the Tell the Story Technique?

6. In the exercise instructions, instruct participants to pick an adult, not childhood, event?

6. Remind participants to use the Session Notes forms?

7.3 (about 10 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate describe:

1. The importance of finding emotionally charged specific events associated with the pain?

2. The difference between tapping for the pain itself, and the specific event?

8.1 (2 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate state:

1. That the most common cause of failure in EFT is using global statements instead of finding specific events?

8.3 (3 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer state:

1. Not to use the word “love” during initial EFT rounds with a client, since self-acceptance is often the problem?

8.5 (3 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate state:

1. That a whole group that is tapping can reduce their SUD for their own issues just witnessing a demonstration subject being tapped on?

2. That this technique is called Borrowing Benefits?

8.8 (10 to 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Cover all 6 aspects? If not, which ones did he or she leave out?

2. Present these as “aspects” as the term is used in EFT?

8.9 to 8.10 (about 10 to 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate describe:

1. The Personal Peace Procedure as the task of writing in a journal every event that’s troubled you in your life, and then tapping on a few daily?

2. The importance of proper medical and mental health care as well as EFT?

Total Time: The total time for your Level 1 recording will be approximately 2 1/2 hours.

9.3 (about 10 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Engage participants as they explained the concepts.

2. Correct any participant errors constructively and respectfully?

3. Manage the time of individuals and the group effectively?

10.1 (about 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Explain the Tearless Trauma procedure clearly?

2. Identify situations in which Tearless Trauma is commonly used?

3. Explain at what point in the procedure the event can be remembered directly?

10.6 (about 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Make it clear that tapping should occur at the start of, and throughout, the Sneaking Up process?

2. Clearly explain the prefix attached before the clien’ts cognition, and the suffix that follows the cognition, in crafting a Setup Statement?

11.1 to 11.3 (about 20 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate explain:

1. The role that writings on our walls, and other limiting beliefs, play in limiting our sense of potential?

2. The process by which external statements made by others are internalized over time?

12.1 to 12.3 (about 20 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Clearly distinguish between tabletops and legs, such that the participants were also clear on the distinction?

2. Explain the role of aspects within legs?

3. Describe the Generalization Effect as it applies to tables and legs?

13.1 to 13.5 (about 20 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Explain the difference between EFT sessions and conventional 1-hr talk therapy sessions?

2. Describe the essential prerequisites for a telephone session?

3. List the advantages of phone and skype sessions?

14.1 to 14.4 (about 20 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Explain the VOC scale?

2. Describe the characteristics of effective affirmations?

3. Identify how a tail ender relates to a positive affirmation?

4. Explain why EFT doesn’t focus on the positive?

15.1 (about 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Define the term “Borrowing Benefits”?

2. List at least 3 of the requirements for a successful group?

16.1 to 16.2 (about 15 mins)

EVALUATION: Did the trainer candidate:

1. Distinguish the differences between using EFT with young children, and with teenagers?

2. Stress the usefulness of simple language when tapping with young children?

16.3 to 16.5 (about 20 mins)

1. Describe which occupational groups may, and which may not, use the terms “diagnosis” and “treatment”?

2. Emphasize that EFT is primarily a self-help tool?

3. Clearly explain the meaning of transference and counter-transference?

4. Describe what is meant by “informed consent”?

5. Adequately answer participant questions about scope of practice?

Maintaining Your Status as a Trainer
To retain a Trainer credential, you are required to have at least 4 of your students completing certification each year. You are also required to maintain the other published renewal requirements for remaining a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner. You sign the Trainer Agreement, and submit at least six cases a year for publication in the EFT Universe newsletter in order to familiarize the EFT community with your skills and promote your trainings.
You are eligible to become a Mentor after you’ve assisted at a minimum of three 4-Day EFT Professional Skills Training workshops, and been trained by other Mentors and the Education Director.

Requirements for Clinical EFT Trainer Certification

Requirements for Clinical EFT Trainer Certification

On completion of all the requirements for the EFT Universe Clinical EFT Certification, practitioners are eligible to to become certified as EFT Universe Trainers.
Clinical EFT Trainer Training Requirements
  1. Complete all of the Clinical EFT Practitioner requirements.
  2. Attend Trainer’s Training workshop (3 or 4 days) and/or present at workshops as outlined below.
  3. Present a selection of the 16 modules of the 4-Day Professional Training at the workshops of other certified Trainers. You will first present the modules on this page, and as your proficiency increases, eventually present all modules.
  4. Complete any webinars, books, videos, or courses specified by the EFT Universe Education Director to strengthen your training skills.
  5. Attend and assist at at least two 4-Day Professional Training workshops, two Experiential or Elective Workshops, and at at least two 2-day Practice Intensives. There is no charge to you for workshop attendance. When not actively training during these workshops, you will serve as an Emotional Assistant.
  6. Record selected modules of a 4-Day Professional Training for review by the EFT Universe Education Director. When the trainers in whose workshops you have practiced, and the Education Director, determine that your skills are at the level required to present Clinical EFT trainings, you will be certified as an EFT Universe trainer.
  7. Contract with EFT Universe for the delivery of future workshops.
  8. If you were not already a Mentor, you are eligible to become one after you’ve taught at least three 4-Day Professional Trainings, and been trained by other Mentors and the Education Director.
  9. To retain a Clinical EFT Trainer credential with EFT Universe, you are also required to have at least 4 of your students becoming certified each year, including passing the online exams. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that trainers continue to teach the Clinical EFT curriculum. You are also required to maintain the other published requirements of being a Clinical EFT Practitioner, year-by-year.

Please note that prices and requirements, shown on this website are subject to change without notice. While every effort is made to keep prices accurate and requirements up-to-date, ANY price or requirement shown on this website for EFT Certification are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of EFT Universe. Contact support if you have any further questions about the information reflected on this page.

3 Strategies for Closing Incomplete EFT Tapping Sessions

EFTU For Workshops AD 1

By Carol Odsess, EFT TRN-1-2

While we often experience complete resolution of an issue or disturbing past experience quite rapidly with EFT, other times we have insufficient time in the appointment to conclude the work, or starting to address one trauma opens a “pandora’s box” of issues.

Here are suggestions to use when an EFT tapping session is incomplete and the client is still feeling some emotional disturbance or uncomfortable body sensations.

As a psychologist who has utilized EMDR since 1992, I incorporate many EMDR ideas in my EFT work and that is where many of these ideas originated. I recommend leaving 15 minutes for closure for incomplete sessions, particularly if you know that your client is someone who gets dysregulated.

3 Strategies:

1.  Ask what was learned or different and tap it in

These are my favorite questions to ask when a session is incomplete, if for example, the disturbance rating has gone from a SUD Level of Intensity of 8 out of 10 to a 3. Tapping in the answers enhances and reinforces what was learned.


– “What has been most useful in this session so far?”

– “What have you learned or realized that was helpful today?”

– “How did it get from an 8 to a 3?”  (These questions are commonly used in EMDR.)

Tap in the answers.  For example, people will typically say, “I realized even though I have x problem, it doesn’t mean I am weak.” or “I was just a child, I have more compassion for my young self.”

2. Lightstream Technique with EFT*

This technique is used in EMDR as a grounding technique to reduce negative affect, pain or unpleasant body sensations. It is a soothing technique to use for an incomplete session and it can also be used on its own for a minor stress, worry or disturbing body sensation. I have developed this protocol that incorporates the EFT tapping points with the lightstream technique. Adding tapping seems to enhance the relaxation effect of the protocol. This can also be used with groups.

If the client reports unpleasant body sensations or tension, ask:

Close your eyes and go inside. Scan your whole body now and notice any unpleasant body sensations or tension. Rate the SUD Level of discomfort from 0 -10 with 10 being the greatest discomfort.

– “If it had a shape, what shape would it be?”

– “If it had a size, what size would it be?”

– “If it had a color, what color would it be?”

– “If it had a texture, what texture would it be?”

Optional: “If it had a temperature, what temperature would it be? Hot or cold?”

Optional: “If it had a sound, what sound would it make? High or low pitch?”

Ask:  What color do you associate with healing or what color does your body need today to heal? Optional: You can have the client decide whether this healing light is warm or cool.

Then tap:

KC point: Even though I feel this discomfort, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC: Even though I have this unpleasant sensation, I deeply and completely accept myself and I’m ready to bring relaxation to this sensation.

KC: Even though I have this discomfort, I choose to release this discomfort now.

Using one statement per point on the 8 remaining face and body points:

EB: A healing[color] light is entering through the top of my head.

SE: It’s flowing through my head, neck and shoulders.

UE: The healing light is flowing into my chest, down my arms and out my fingertips.

UN: The soothing [color] light is flowing through my torso, down my legs and out through my feet.

CH: The [color] light is pouring healing energy through my entire body.

CB: The healing [color] light is streaming through my body and out my fingertips and feet.

UA: I feel the healing [color] light loosening the tight areas and releasing the discomfort.

TH (Top of Head): I choose to tell myself what I most need to hear right now.

Have the client take a deep breath and just notice what comes up. Tune in to the body part or body sensation again and re-rate discomfort level on a sclae of 0 -10. Can repeat or modify as needed.

*The Lightstream technique is fully described in EMDR: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures by Francine Shapiro and EMDR Scripted Protocols by Marilyn Luber. It is reportedly based on an ancient yoga exercise.

3. Making an imaginary container

If a client feels overwhelmed with difficult material that has come up during the appointment, you can have them imagine a container that is big enough and strong enough to hold all their disturbing material, and has a lid. Have the client imagine that all their disturbing thoughts, feelings and memories are a mist that flows into the container. Tell them not to think about each individual issue but to let it all flow into the container.

You can repeat the instruction to let everything disturbing flow into the container in a soothing voice as needed until most of the disturbing material is in the container. This technique usually feels enormously helpful to clients.

Clients can be given the option of imagining leaving the container in your office and even imagine adding to it during the week if disturbing things come up.

Remember to only work within the scope of your training, experience and licensure. If your client’s issues are outside the scope of your qualifications, please refer the client to an appropriate professional or get appropriate consultation.