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Manifestation Is the Ultimate Goal – With EFT Tools, It’s Achievable

It’s a universal truth that you cannot be happy with someone else until you are first happy with yourself. Happiness can be elusive when you’re playing the “if only” game: “I would be happy if only I had more money” or “I would be happy if only my spouse appreciated me more.” One secret to true happiness lies not in magical wish fulfillment, but in the manifestation of giving something your full attention and watching it become reality.

Manifestation and How to Achieve It

Manifestation happens when you utilize various strategies and tactics to shift your mindset and focus your thoughts to achieve a goal. The law of attraction and manifestation go hand in hand, because the basic tenet of the former is that attraction of belief will bring good things into your life.


The law of attraction fails for many people, however, due to their not addressing their often-hidden self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where EFT comes in. It can help you uncover your hidden obstacles to manifestation. By identifying and clearing these blockages, you open the way for your deepest desires to come into being. You are truly able to manifest!

In addition to the obvious benefit of achieving your heart’s desires, other benefits that emerge from powerful manifesting with EFT include:

  • Increased optimism, which motivates you in further manifestation as you become adept at visualizing the fulfillment of your goals.
  • Greater confidence, which arrives through a shift in mindset, as facilitated by EFT for Manifestation. With each successful manifestation, your self-confidence grows.
  • Reduced stress, which makes further manifestation occur more easily as you remove the major obstruction of stress. EcoMeditation can help you not only reduce stress but actually increase endorphins and the feel-good neurotransmitters that extend happiness to consciousness.
  • More gratitude, which results from all of the above, from the joy of manifesting, from EFT for Manifestation techniques such as affirmation and journaling, and from the upward spiral of EFT results.


Use Self-Transformative Energy Tools on Your Journey

Law of Attraction

The Self-Transformative Energy Tools program will support and enhance your manifestation journey through two pivotal courses: The Genie in Your Genes and The EFT Tapping CourseThe Genie in Your Genes consists of 12 lessons in the science behind energy healing, which will show you how and why tapping aids in manifestation. The EFT Tapping Course trains you in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT, the evidence-based form of tapping, to take your manifestation tapping to peak-performance level.

Happiness and inner peace are natural corollaries of successful manifestation and the optimism, confidence, and gratitude it cultivates in you. And once you are on the path of true manifestation, you will have so much more to share with others, on all levels.

New Meditation Method Generates Large Improvements in Mental Health – Recent Study Results

According to a new study, meditation can create large and rapid drops in anxiety, depression, and many other psychological symptoms. This method can simultaneously raise levels of happiness and other positive emotional states.

This recent research study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, the leading journal in the psychology field, observed participants using a recently developed method called EcoMeditation. EcoMeditation combines several scientifically authenticated methods into a brief and simple routine. Its components include mindfulness, neurofeedback, heart coherence training, acupressure, and self-hypnosis. It is designed to be simple for novices to not only learn but excel in quite quickly. Instead of requiring people to still their minds, which most novice meditators find difficult, EcoMeditation uses physiological cues, such as slowing the breath and relaxing specific muscles, to enter elevated emotional states.

Mediation for Anxiety and Depression

A randomized controlled trial that used MRI to examine brain function in people using EcoMeditation found that this method also produces functional changes in the brain within 30 days. Brain regions associated with suffering showed a reduction in activity, while those that process positive emotions like compassion, happiness, and gratitude increased in activity. This demonstrated that EcoMeditation not only produces improvements in mental health, but also physical changes in the brain.

After a one-day EcoMeditation workshop, participants’ anxiety dropped by a significant 42%, and depression by 38%. This type of large and rapid symptom decline rarely occurs in psychological and mental health studies. At three-month follow-up, investigators found that participant improvements were maintained over time. The results were “statistically significant,” a research term indicating that there was only a one-in-twenty possibility that the results were due to chance. This new type of meditation demonstrated promising results for those looking for effective mental health treatments.

According to lead investigator and originator of this method, Dawson Church, head of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, EcoMeditation is effective because it uses physical rather than mental methods.

Church states, “Those who try EcoMeditation tend to stick with it, because they feel immediate shifts in their bodies the first time they use it.” In another study, EEG expert Judith Pennington found that, “EcoMeditation facilitated participants’ ability to induce and sustain the alpha brain waves characteristic of high-level emotional, mental, and spiritual integration.”

This may explain the positive long term results of this mental health study. At the three-month follow-up period, 71% of study participants continued to experience increased happiness and “flow” states of energized focus. Several other studies have also found positive effects from the EcoMeditation method, including reduced blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Psychological DisordersThe World Health Organization has measured a 25% global increase in the mental health issues of anxiety and depression since the start of the 2020 pandemic. This makes therapeutic methods like EcoMeditation, which do not involve drugs or side effects, a useful alternative to conventional treatments.

EcoMeditation is attracting increasing attention from people looking for a simple but effective method. Its combination of immediate results with long-term improvements holds promise for the treatment of mental health issues. To learn more about EcoMeditation, and try it yourself, visit the EcoMeditation page HERE.

For full text of study, see: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.907846/full

How to Build a Romantic Relationship

When the weather turns cold, how often do our thoughts turn to being at home cozy on the couch, fingers laced around a warm drink, the dog at our feet? But what if, once again, you’re on that couch alone? Worse, what if you’re married, but your spouse avoids such an intimate setting with you?

As despairing as you may feel if you find yourself perpetually alone or if the intimacy has gone out of your relationship, hope is at hand. A powerful self-help method known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) has proven effective in helping people develop lasting romantic relationships.

Romance Tips

EFT implements elements of cognitive therapy and exposure therapy along with acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on 9 or 12 acupuncture points (thus the name “tapping”). Research shows that EFT can alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of a range of distressing conditions, including PTSD, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, and physical pain.

EFT is simple to learn and use. Here’s how it works. You focus on an upsetting event or physical pain (the exposure element) while tapping (acupressure) and saying a statement of self-acceptance (the cognitive element). Then you continue tapping, while repeating a phrase that sums up your event or pain, which keeps your focus on it. The tapping sends a calming signal to your brain. That signal of safety sent by your fingertips tells your brain’s stress machinery to disengage. In this way, the conditioned association of the event or pain with the stress response is broken.

Relief from physical pain can arrive within minutes. Problems embedded in childhood, which are often at the root of intimacy issues, can take longer to resolve with EFT, but this technique has proven as or more effective than conventional talk therapy.

Author of EFT for Love Relationships, Dawson Church, PhD, has identified 12 deliberate love skills crucial to creating and maintaining lasting intimate relationships. With these 12 skills in mind, Church created a course called Loving Relationships Now that focuses on building or repairing romantic relationships by managing emotions through tapping. When one or both partners in a couple feel wounded in some way, negative emotions usually prevail. Hurt, disappointment, fear, and other toxic emotions often cause partners to stop communicating.

Relationship Advice

Couples who learn to use EFT to manage their individual emotions strengthen not only that relationship, but also their relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends, and coworkers. Learning to tap creates a peace inside you that radiates to all parts of your life.

In his 12-week course, Loving Relationships Now, Dawson Church teaches participants how to build a romantic relationship that lasts. The program is designed both for couples whose bond needs repair and singletons seeking the skills to form lasting links.

In each week of the course, a module covers one of the 12 love skills for creating and maintaining a love relationship. The modules are:

    • Week 1: Fostering Secure Attachment

    • Week 2: Voices from the Shadow

    • Week 3: Why Everything You’ve Tried So Far Hasn’t Worked: Neuroplasticity and Stress

    • Week 4: Emotional Mastery: Riding the Wild Elephant

    • Week 5: The Elephant in the Bedroom: Tapping the Power of Emotional Self-Management

    • Week 6: Avoiding Spiritual Bypass: Practices That Foster True Intimacy

    • Week 7: Finding Your Soul Mate with EFT

    • Week 8: Freedom from Love Addiction

    • Week 9: Unequally Yoked: When Only One Person Wants to Change

    • Week 10: Relationship as Spiritual Path

    • Week 11: Dealing with Attractions and Affairs

    • Week 12: Energy Ecology


By teaching participants in his Loving Relationships Now course about tapping for relationships and how to heal, Dawson Church is helping people transform their lives. Because of the possibilities EFT offers, you can retrain your brain to be destined for love.

EcoMeditation Can Change Your Life in Just 20 Minutes a Day

If someone walked up to you today and offered you a guaranteed way to make your life less stressful, would you take it? What if this offer ensured you a longer life, a sharper memory, less risk of health complications, and greater happiness? EcoMeditation provides all these benefits and more. Mastering it lies just steps away.

Manifest More with the EcoMeditation MethodMeditation has long been proven effective at reducing stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Research has shown that master meditators have reduced amounts of the brain-wave beta compared to non-meditators. Beta is the “worry wave.” Instead of being stuck in worry, masters meditate themselves into “bliss brain,” which occurs with the natural release of “feel good” hormones and neurotransmitters, our built-in pleasure chemicals.

In studies of EcoMeditation, participants achieved high levels of gamma synchrony, the elevated brain state normally found only after years of meditation practice. Not only that, but their anxiety decreased by 23% and pain by 43% while their immunity increased by 27% and brain balance by 30%.

EcoMeditation Employs Tapping for Faster Results

EcoMeditation, developed and scientifically tested by Dawson Church, PhD, employs the tenets of neuroscience to enhance meditation and adds Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or tapping). This combination enables people who have no experience meditating to fall into a deep meditative state in four minutes or less.

To start your EcoMeditation experience now, allow 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time, turn off all electronics, and sit upright in a comfortable position. Then simply follow these steps:

  1. What is EcoMeditationUse your fingertips to tap on each of the EFT acupressure points, while holding the intention that you are in a calm and peaceful state (here is a tutorial).
  2. Stop tapping and relax your hands. Close your eyes and let your tongue rest loosely on the floor of your mouth.
  3. Feel the space inside your hands, inside your feet, inside your whole body. Picture a big empty space behind your eyes, between your eyebrows. If thoughts arise, just let them drift away like clouds in the sky.
  4. Breathe slowly, 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out.
  5. Visualize where your heart is in your chest.  Imagine breathing in and out through your heart, 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out.
  6. Imagine a beam of love pouring out of your heart toward a person you love.
  7. Bring the beam of love back into your body, into your heart. To end the meditation, take 3 deep breaths and bring yourself back to the here and now.

If you do this every day, you will be amazed at the changes in your body, self, and life. Increasing your meditation time to 30 or 45 minutes daily will amaze you even more!

To take your meditation even further, try the 7-Step Audio EcoMeditation, which combines the best practices from EFT, neurofeedback, HeartMath, and mindfulness.

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into these wonderful meditation mindfulness exercises, anxiety mediation, or meditation for depression, sign up for our EcoMeditation practice today.

Emotional Freedom Techniques vs Emotionally Focused Therapy

Our understanding of therapy is constantly evolving as we become more knowledgeable of the human mind and body. Two different EFTs are emerging to heal the human mind through scientifically supported techniques: Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotionally Focused Therapy. These two EFTs are leading people to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Each comes with its own benefits and can help treat different problems or issues, so what is the best option for you?

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy is short-term psychotherapy used to improve adult relationships. This form of therapy involves a therapist and client(s) carefully examining patterns that exist in various relationships in the patient’s life. Steps to create new patterns are subsequently implemented to create healthier relationships and develop more trust within all interpersonal bonds.

Traditionally, this treatment method has been primarily oriented to couples seeking relationship intervention, but it is also effective in treating individual depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How does Emotionally Focused Therapy work?

Emotionally Focused Therapy centers on the client’s present and the implementation of three steps for improving relationships. First, the negative cycle of interactions is de-escalated and the therapist facilitates client awareness of the dynamics of their relationship. The most common causes for negative cycles in a relationship include personality traits, past trauma, and childhood dynamics. Second, interactions are restructured. This is achieved by both individuals sharing their needs and fears in the relationship. The couple should avoid any further conflict by using positive language. The bond is finally strengthened during the final stage of Emotionally Focused Therapy, during which both sides recognize how they wind up in negative cycles. The therapist assisting through the three stages of EFT will not only shows clients how they arrived at the cycle, but also how they have changed these patterns and can continue respectful discourse moving forward.

This type of therapy is strongly tied to observational skills in a therapeutic setting. The three stages of this therapy occur over 8 to 20 meetings and require a mental health professional who is licensed in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy assists associates in providing certification to professionals.

Pros and Cons of Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Emotionally Focused Therapy process is based on attachment theory and emotional regulation as key to the health of relationships. Research has shown it is a highly effective route for couples, individuals, and families to improve communication problems that contribute to a negative cycle of interaction. For some people, however, this form of treatment can become stagnant. Furthermore, some may find it difficult to express themselves in front of a stranger.
Emotionally Focused Therapy centers on unpacking trauma, understanding dynamics, and dispelling negative patterns. The therapist is the one dissecting these problems, which can be a drawback, as the therapist can disrupt the process. Therapy through this route can help clients better understand themselves and their relationships while strengthening their personal bonds.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

Emotional Freedom Techniques combines acupressure (tapping on acupuncture points) with psychology’s exposure therapy (focusing on whatever is distressing you) and cognitive behavior therapy (reframing). Tapping on the nine to 12 points takes only a few minutes. It’s easy to learn and the tapping points soon become automatic. EFT can trace its roots back thousands of years to acupuncture and the use of acupoints in Qigong, Shiatsu, and other ancient energy-based techniques. Acupoints are the points on the body’s meridians (energy channels), which form the basis of the medical practice of acupuncture.

Over 100 peer-reviewed medical and psychology papers about Emotional Freedom Techniques have been published demonstrating its effectiveness. Clinical tests of Emotional Freedom Techniques for anxiety, depression, and PTSD have shown significantly decreased scores in each condition after EFT intervention. In addition to reducing emotional distress, EFT is effective at alleviating physical pain.

Research has shown that Emotional Freedom Techniques can halt the stress response in the body. Studies show a reduction in cortisol, a primary stress hormone, after EFT application. If you’re angry about something, Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you get to a calmer state. Feeling stressed or worried about something? EFT can help ease your thoughts. The technique is simple. You just have to tap lightly with your fingertips on a short series of acupoints on your hands, head, and torso. This makes it a popular form of treatment for those who know the benefits of acupuncture but may have a fear of needles or don’t want to puncture their skin.

How does Emotional Freedom Techniques work?

Emotional freedom techniques work by stimulating energy points on the body by tapping on them, hence the “tapping” nickname for the treatment. These energy points are the same points used in traditional acupuncture. Tapping on these points can halt the stress response, which occurs in emotional states. Accessing and restoring your energy through tapping sends signals to the brain’s stress centers, reducing stress or negative emotions.

Tapping is divisible into five steps and repeatable for each unique problem.

1. Find the Problem

Focus on only one problem for steps 1-5. EFT works by focusing on one specific problem at a time, such as a headache or feeling anxious about a test you will take tomorrow. Focusing on one specific problem will enhance your tapping results.

2. Rate the Problem

Rate the problem on a scale of 1-10. This serves as the scale to determine how much the pain or discomfort is alleviated per tapping session.

3. Prepare to Confront the Problem

A conditioning statement is required to accomplish two goals. The first goal is to acknowledge the issue. The second is to accept yourself despite the problem. Conditioning statements pertain only to you and how they can assist you in feeling better. For example, a way to phrase a conditioning statement is “Even though I am deathly afraid of clowns, I deeply and completely accept myself for that.” Mold the statement to suit the obstacle, but only the person practicing it can be the subject of this mantra.

You also need a reminder phrase that sums up the problem, such as “afraid of clowns.” You will use this in tapping through the points.

4. Tapping Away the Problem

Next, the tapping begins. Tap lightly 5-7 times on the side of the hand point (the fleshy part between the wrist and little finger) as you repeat your conditioning statement three times. This point is on the Small Intestine meridian.

Tap 5-7 times on the following points, in descending order, repeating your reminder phrase at each point.

  • Top of the head (Governing Vessel)
  • Eyebrow (Bladder meridian)
  • Side of the eye (Gallbladder meridian)
  • Under the eye (Stomach meridian)
  • Under the nose (Governing Vessel)
  • Chin (Central Vessel)
  • Beginning of the collarbone (Kidney meridian)
  • Under the arm (Spleen meridian)


5. Rate the Problem Again

Rate your problem on a scale of 0-10. This shows you how much the tapping session alleviated your pain or discomfort. If your number has not gone down to 2 or less, repeat the steps as needed.

Pros and Cons of Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques comes with many pros and very limited cons. It is practicable virtually anywhere and can be self-administered, without the need for a therapist. (Note: for serious trauma, working with a certified EFT practitioner is recommended.). It is easy to use and the results are often immediately apparent, with quick alleviation of anxiety, trauma symptoms, and phobias. One of the problems in acceptance of this method in the field of psychology is disbelief that such a simple technique can produce such rapid results.

Emotionally Focused Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques are the two EFTs paving the way in improving the mental and physical health of people worldwide. At EFT Universe we can help you begin tapping today to decrease your pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, depression, and other issues that may be plaguing you.

A Key Trait of Visionary Leaders

One of the great privileges of my life has been to spend personal time with some of the most amazing visionary leaders of our time. People like Joe Dispenza, Donna Eden, Tony Robbins, Jean Houston, and Jack Canfield.

I don’t just listen to their advice. I study their lives. What makes them so successful? One of the keys is consistency.

They plan for success, then they consistently take action on what will get them there. They don’t rely on happy accidents or wishful thinking. They take consistent concrete action toward their goals.

Wouldn’t you like that for yourself? Of course!

For that reason, I recommend you take 7 minutes a day for 21 days, and be inspired by their example.

In just 7 minutes each day, you’ll tap and meditate along with me, using a series of brief audio programs. This program is free, and it’s called the 21 Day Tapping Challenge

Challenge yourself to be consistent for just the next 21 days. Don’t skip a day. No matter how busy you are, you can afford 7 minutes. Register here now.

Here’s to celebrating your consistent success!

Ancestral Healing with EFT

Many of us are carrying shame, blame, anger, guilt, resentment and other negative emotions inherited from our ancestors. Research shows that ancestral trauma can even alter the expression of our genes. How do we release these multi-generational patterns?

Emotional Freedom Technique or “EFT” is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma compromises both physical and emotional health. EFT has a whole set of tools that bypass the level of conscious awareness to change brain pathways and body sensations that come from the past.

Join Dr. Dawson Church for the 2-day online program “Ancestral Healing with EFT” on June 14 & 15, 2022 to heal these traumas. Live your life free of the burdens of your ancestry!

When to Tap with a Practitioner and When to Tap Yourself

The great thing about EFT is that there are many issues you can successfully tackle yourself. For others, you’ll make 10 times the progress in 1/10th of the time when you tap with a practitioner. It’s important to understand which is which. Watch this helpful video by EFT practitioner Jackie Viramontez as she explains the difference.

Connect with an EFT Practitioner Today at MyStressSolution.com

Immunity and EFT

Psoriasis is one of the most widespread autoimmune diseases, affecting millions of sufferers worldwide. It is characterized by inflamed red patches and flaking of the skin. A pilot study by Patti Hodge, and Corinne Jurgens of Stony Point University, assessed 12 psoriasis patients for both physical and psychological symptoms, and followed their progress for three months. After EFT, their psychological health improved by over 50%. Their psoriasis also improved, and on follow-up their symptoms had reduced by 74.95% (p<.001).

Click here to read the study abstract.

To subscribe to the peer-reviewed professional journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, in which the study was published, click here.

Hands-on Healing with Bill Bengston

At an Energy Medicine conference I spoke at, I met Dr. Bill Bengston, a professor at St. Joseph’s College in New York City.

Dr. Bengston has conducted a number of provocative laboratory experiments on energy healing using mice. With animal subjects, unlike humans, the researcher doesn’t have to control for the placebo effect, which predisposes human beings to recover due to their beliefs.

Dr. Bengston injected mice with a cancer-causing substance which produced a 100% fatality rate within 28 days. Then he gave them hands-on healing. The results were astonishing: The mice recovered. The tumors turned black and imploded, and the mice lived a normal life span.

You can read about the study in his book The Energy Cure.

Yet there’s a lot more to the story. Dr. Bengston was recently interviewed by Dr. Dean Radin, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which partnered in an EFT study as well.

Click here for a transcript of the interview in which Dr. Bengston shares the origin of these energy healing insights in the pioneering work of Bernard Grad at McGill University in the 1970s, which I describe in my book Soul Medicine (co-authored with Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, MD, PhD).

dawson-church-phd-headshotDawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. The Genie in Your Genes was the first book to demonstrate that emotions drive gene expression. Mind to Matter showed that the brain creates much of what we think of as “objective reality.” Bliss Brain demonstrates that peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness. Dawson has conducted dozens of clinical trials, and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH) to promote groundbreaking new treatments. Dawson shares how to apply these health and performance breakthroughs through EFT Universe.

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