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Manifestation Is the Ultimate Goal – With EFT Tools, It’s Achievable

It’s a universal truth that you cannot be happy with someone else until you are first happy with yourself. Happiness can be elusive when you’re playing the “if only” game: “I would be happy if only I had more money” or “I would be happy if only my spouse appreciated me more.” One secret to true happiness lies not in magical wish fulfillment, but in the manifestation of giving something your full attention and watching it become reality.

Manifestation and How to Achieve It

Manifestation happens when you utilize various strategies and tactics to shift your mindset and focus your thoughts to achieve a goal. The law of attraction and manifestation go hand in hand, because the basic tenet of the former is that attraction of belief will bring good things into your life.


The law of attraction fails for many people, however, due to their not addressing their often-hidden self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where EFT comes in. It can help you uncover your hidden obstacles to manifestation. By identifying and clearing these blockages, you open the way for your deepest desires to come into being. You are truly able to manifest!

In addition to the obvious benefit of achieving your heart’s desires, other benefits that emerge from powerful manifesting with EFT include:

  • Increased optimism, which motivates you in further manifestation as you become adept at visualizing the fulfillment of your goals.
  • Greater confidence, which arrives through a shift in mindset, as facilitated by EFT for Manifestation. With each successful manifestation, your self-confidence grows.
  • Reduced stress, which makes further manifestation occur more easily as you remove the major obstruction of stress. EcoMeditation can help you not only reduce stress but actually increase endorphins and the feel-good neurotransmitters that extend happiness to consciousness.
  • More gratitude, which results from all of the above, from the joy of manifesting, from EFT for Manifestation techniques such as affirmation and journaling, and from the upward spiral of EFT results.


Use Self-Transformative Energy Tools on Your Journey

Law of Attraction

The Self-Transformative Energy Tools program will support and enhance your manifestation journey through two pivotal courses: The Genie in Your Genes and The EFT Tapping CourseThe Genie in Your Genes consists of 12 lessons in the science behind energy healing, which will show you how and why tapping aids in manifestation. The EFT Tapping Course trains you in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT, the evidence-based form of tapping, to take your manifestation tapping to peak-performance level.

Happiness and inner peace are natural corollaries of successful manifestation and the optimism, confidence, and gratitude it cultivates in you. And once you are on the path of true manifestation, you will have so much more to share with others, on all levels.

How to Build a Romantic Relationship

When the weather turns cold, how often do our thoughts turn to being at home cozy on the couch, fingers laced around a warm drink, the dog at our feet? But what if, once again, you’re on that couch alone? Worse, what if you’re married, but your spouse avoids such an intimate setting with you?

As despairing as you may feel if you find yourself perpetually alone or if the intimacy has gone out of your relationship, hope is at hand. A powerful self-help method known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) has proven effective in helping people develop lasting romantic relationships.

Romance Tips

EFT implements elements of cognitive therapy and exposure therapy along with acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on 9 or 12 acupuncture points (thus the name “tapping”). Research shows that EFT can alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of a range of distressing conditions, including PTSD, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, and physical pain.

EFT is simple to learn and use. Here’s how it works. You focus on an upsetting event or physical pain (the exposure element) while tapping (acupressure) and saying a statement of self-acceptance (the cognitive element). Then you continue tapping, while repeating a phrase that sums up your event or pain, which keeps your focus on it. The tapping sends a calming signal to your brain. That signal of safety sent by your fingertips tells your brain’s stress machinery to disengage. In this way, the conditioned association of the event or pain with the stress response is broken.

Relief from physical pain can arrive within minutes. Problems embedded in childhood, which are often at the root of intimacy issues, can take longer to resolve with EFT, but this technique has proven as or more effective than conventional talk therapy.

Author of EFT for Love Relationships, Dawson Church, PhD, has identified 12 deliberate love skills crucial to creating and maintaining lasting intimate relationships. With these 12 skills in mind, Church created a course called Loving Relationships Now that focuses on building or repairing romantic relationships by managing emotions through tapping. When one or both partners in a couple feel wounded in some way, negative emotions usually prevail. Hurt, disappointment, fear, and other toxic emotions often cause partners to stop communicating.

Relationship Advice

Couples who learn to use EFT to manage their individual emotions strengthen not only that relationship, but also their relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends, and coworkers. Learning to tap creates a peace inside you that radiates to all parts of your life.

In his 12-week course, Loving Relationships Now, Dawson Church teaches participants how to build a romantic relationship that lasts. The program is designed both for couples whose bond needs repair and singletons seeking the skills to form lasting links.

In each week of the course, a module covers one of the 12 love skills for creating and maintaining a love relationship. The modules are:

    • Week 1: Fostering Secure Attachment

    • Week 2: Voices from the Shadow

    • Week 3: Why Everything You’ve Tried So Far Hasn’t Worked: Neuroplasticity and Stress

    • Week 4: Emotional Mastery: Riding the Wild Elephant

    • Week 5: The Elephant in the Bedroom: Tapping the Power of Emotional Self-Management

    • Week 6: Avoiding Spiritual Bypass: Practices That Foster True Intimacy

    • Week 7: Finding Your Soul Mate with EFT

    • Week 8: Freedom from Love Addiction

    • Week 9: Unequally Yoked: When Only One Person Wants to Change

    • Week 10: Relationship as Spiritual Path

    • Week 11: Dealing with Attractions and Affairs

    • Week 12: Energy Ecology


By teaching participants in his Loving Relationships Now course about tapping for relationships and how to heal, Dawson Church is helping people transform their lives. Because of the possibilities EFT offers, you can retrain your brain to be destined for love.

EcoMeditation Can Change Your Life in Just 20 Minutes a Day

If someone walked up to you today and offered you a guaranteed way to make your life less stressful, would you take it? What if this offer ensured you a longer life, a sharper memory, less risk of health complications, and greater happiness? EcoMeditation provides all these benefits and more. Mastering it lies just steps away.

Manifest More with the EcoMeditation MethodMeditation has long been proven effective at reducing stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Research has shown that master meditators have reduced amounts of the brain-wave beta compared to non-meditators. Beta is the “worry wave.” Instead of being stuck in worry, masters meditate themselves into “bliss brain,” which occurs with the natural release of “feel good” hormones and neurotransmitters, our built-in pleasure chemicals.

In studies of EcoMeditation, participants achieved high levels of gamma synchrony, the elevated brain state normally found only after years of meditation practice. Not only that, but their anxiety decreased by 23% and pain by 43% while their immunity increased by 27% and brain balance by 30%.

EcoMeditation Employs Tapping for Faster Results

EcoMeditation, developed and scientifically tested by Dawson Church, PhD, employs the tenets of neuroscience to enhance meditation and adds Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or tapping). This combination enables people who have no experience meditating to fall into a deep meditative state in four minutes or less.

To start your EcoMeditation experience now, allow 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time, turn off all electronics, and sit upright in a comfortable position. Then simply follow these steps:

  1. What is EcoMeditationUse your fingertips to tap on each of the EFT acupressure points, while holding the intention that you are in a calm and peaceful state (here is a tutorial).
  2. Stop tapping and relax your hands. Close your eyes and let your tongue rest loosely on the floor of your mouth.
  3. Feel the space inside your hands, inside your feet, inside your whole body. Picture a big empty space behind your eyes, between your eyebrows. If thoughts arise, just let them drift away like clouds in the sky.
  4. Breathe slowly, 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out.
  5. Visualize where your heart is in your chest.  Imagine breathing in and out through your heart, 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out.
  6. Imagine a beam of love pouring out of your heart toward a person you love.
  7. Bring the beam of love back into your body, into your heart. To end the meditation, take 3 deep breaths and bring yourself back to the here and now.

If you do this every day, you will be amazed at the changes in your body, self, and life. Increasing your meditation time to 30 or 45 minutes daily will amaze you even more!

To take your meditation even further, try the 7-Step Audio EcoMeditation, which combines the best practices from EFT, neurofeedback, HeartMath, and mindfulness.

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into these wonderful meditation mindfulness exercises, anxiety mediation, or meditation for depression, sign up for our EcoMeditation practice today.

The Man Who Walked Through Walls

Cherie Clark

Cherie Clark, PhD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded April 27, 2017

Cheryl (Cherie) Clark, PhD, is the former director of the Willard Drug Treatment program of the New York State Department of Correctional Services. She developed an innovative substance abuse treatment approach emphasizing self-discipline and life skills. It has served more than 40,000 young men and women. A 2010 evaluation by NY State found that it had saved taxpayers over $1.3 billion. Cherie describes the importance of learning from our mistakes and creating environments that support transformation. Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Making mistakes is the key to success
  • Studying and applying creative thinking
  • How paying attention directs our focus
  • The 8 keys to excellence
  • Synchronized action: Geese flying in formation generate 71% more lift
  • Breathing, stretching, and moving together
  • Muscle testing to demonstrate the debilitating effects of sugar
  • Sugar reduction is especially important in bodies depleted by alcohol or drugs
  • Ken Wines, the man who walked through walls, sentenced to life without parole, in prison since he was 9 years old, wanted to meditate so much that his molecules could pass through the prison walls
  • Getting clear that you aren’t in prison no matter what your environment


Click here for a free download of this show from the High Energy Health Radio archives

The Science of Brain Function, Stress, and Food CravingsӬ

The Science of Brain Function, Stress, and Food CravingsӬ

Peta Stapleton, PhD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded February 23, 2017

Research shows that there are surprising links between food cravings and the stress response, according to Peta Stapleton, PhD. Dr. Stapleton manages the masters program in psychology at Bond University in Queensland, Australia, and is the investigator in many scientific studies. In this lively dialog with Dawson Church, they summarize the research showing that EFT tapping is successful in producing weight loss. Long-term studies show that people continue to lose weight continuously after they learn EFT, and don’t regain the weight lost on a diet. Among the other topics they cover are:

  • How traditional talk therapy is less effective for cravings and weight loss
  • The research showing that body-centered therapies like EMDR and EFT are superior
  • The tools every child should have from the very beginning
  • How EFT can help children with family, academic, social, and school problems
  • Surprising cravings for healthy foods surface after tapping
  • Goal-setting is boosted by tapping away your subconscious objections to success
  • Eating is mostly about emotions
  • New research shows that our cortisol levels spike when we’re craving a food
  • Brain scans and MRIs show changes in brain function after tapping
  • The man who ate an entire roast chicken every day

Click here for a free download of this show from the High Energy Health Radio archives

Santa Rosa Fire: We Are Safe””House and EFT Universe Office Gone

Santa Rosa Fire: We Are Safe–House and EFT Universe Office Gone

We feel incredibly grateful to be alive.

At 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning, October 9, a wildfire consumed northern Santa Rosa, our home, and the EFT Universe office.

My wife, Christine, woke up at 1 a.m, woke me up, and I saw a glow on the horizon. A minute later, I looked out the window again and I could not believe how fast the fire was moving.

I yelled, “Christine, we are leaving right now.” I threw on my clothes, grabbed the car keys and my wife’s hand, and sprinted to the car, which was parked at the office building in the back of the property. As we got to the car, a 40-foot high sheet of flame erupted behind a nearby storage building.

I drove as fast as I dared down our long driveway, past the house, and onto Mark West Springs Road. Smoke filled the air, but the night was lit with a bright yellow glow. The wind howled. We drove out through a firestorm of cinders hitting the car.

Fire on RidgeA few seconds later and we would not have made it out. I saw one or two cars behind us, but I don’t believe many more people made it out of the inferno.

We drove to the home of my ex-wife, who lives nearby, to warn her. I banged on the front door, and when there was no response, I went into the house via a side door. There was nobody home.

I leaned on my car horn, waking the neighborhood. A couple of people came out of their homes, and we looked at the glow on the horizon together. They woke up their neighbors, and everyone began to prepare, in case they had to evacuate.

We watched the fire on the hillside about half a mile away. It didn’t seem very threatening as it drew a ring of red around a huge mansion. Then there was a glow from one side of the house. Then the other. Then the house simply blew up in a huge spurt of flame. It was over in less than 30 seconds.Truck on fire

It was not a silent night. The wind was rushing by, with gusts of over 50 miles per hour. There were so many explosions it sounded like an artillery barrage. Someone told me these were propane cylinders exploding.

We could help no further there, so we decided to drive to friends in Forestville, about 10 miles away. The roads were gridlocked, because by then the whole area had been told to evacuate. It took about 2 hours to get the 1/2 mile to the expressway.

The emergency services personnel seemed dazed. They could not cope with the scale of the disaster. The fire had moved so fast there was no time to warn people in the Mark West neighborhood or order an evacuation of the area. The official death toll at that point was only one, but I feared it would be much higher when police could return to the houses hit by the fire later.

We watched horrific images on TV with our Forestville friends. Around noon, the news came that Forestville had to be evacuated too, so we made a hotel reservation at one of the few rooms available, 100 minutes away on the Sonoma coast. We bought whatever supplies we could at the local market and spent the next night there.

We’ve spent the last 24 hours starting to assess the damage and making plans to cope with the many emergencies. We’ll post updates here regularly.

We’re incredibly grateful for all the phone calls and messages of encouragement. Please leave one here if you’d like. We’re also starting a rebuilding fund to replace the EFT Universe infrastructure not covered by insurance, and get back up and running as soon as possible. If you feel inspired to make a contribution, here’s the link.

We’ll keep you posted here, and share more details of the story as we’re able. We feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful healing community, at the center of so much love. Thank you for your prayers and intentions now and in the future.

Much love!

The following pictures show our house as it was and what is now left.

house before fire

after fire

after fire 2

Santa Rosa Fire Blog Posts by Dawson Church:

Click here to learn about the GoFundMe campaign to help us keep EFT Universe running during the transition to rebuilding.

Nonlocal Mind, and Brain as Receiver of Consciousness

Nonlocal Mind, and Brain as Receiver of Consciousness

Larry Dossey, MD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded May 25, 2017

Larry Dossey, MD, is a leader in bringing scientific understanding to spirituality, and rigorous proof to complementary/integrative medicine. Dr. Dossey lectures at leading medical schools and hospitals around the country. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Healing Words, and 11 other books that have been translated and published around the world. Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Consciousness has no boundaries
  • Authorities throughout history–Plato, William James, Carl Jung–describe collective consciousness
  • Mind is infinite and immortal
  • We can transcend local mind through time in nature, meditation, and reading the experiences of others
  • 50 million Americans have had a Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • Be quiet and pay attention
  • Transcendent experiences of one mind occur more frequently as you practice
  • Eliminate the intrusions of everyday life; they make the brain function differently
  • The brain is localized in time and space but consciousness is not
  • Six categories of proof, including NDEs, remote viewing, precognition, influencing random number generators (RNG)
  • The Wikipedia trolls, people who cannot be convinced no matter what the evidence
  • The brain is like a TV set, projecting consciousness; it filters experience–Planck, Boehm
  • Great inventors, savants, creative people have access to nonlocal mind
  • Dreams can be a way of accessing the One Mind

Click here for a free download of this show from the High Energy Health Radio archives

Santa Rosa Fire: Angels””Not in Disguise

Santa Rosa Fire: Angels–Not in Disguise

We have been helped by so many people in the days following the wildfire that destroyed our home and the EFT Universe office.

After escaping the fire and warning our neighbors, we had to decide where to go. Our friends Jane and Bill McMillan live 10 miles away in Forestville, so we drove to their house. We all watched news reports together till the word came through at noon the next day that Forestville would be evacuated. We rented rooms at a hotel on the coast, another 30 miles west.

As we left the house, tiny flakes of ash were falling all around us, like a gentle snow. These were all that remained of schools, homes, shops, trees, gardens, and dreams.

We stopped at the Forestville market as we drove out of town. It was closing in an hour to evacuate, but in the meantime everything was available, cash only. We wandered the aisles, still in shock, trying to think rationally. Would we be able to store refrigerated food? Where would we cook? We only had about $200 in cash between us, so how to use it wisely?

People were kind and helpful to each other.

Reliable news reports were scarce. One radio station carried 24 hour coverage but it was mostly people calling in with isolated local reports. They told listeners what they could see from their block but a comprehensive view of what was happening wasn’t available. I wanted an aerial view like this: https://www.kapwing.com/Sonoma-county-fire-map

The national media hadn’t woken up to the scale of disaster. Christine and I had felt the heat on our skin, breathed the smoke, and seen the speeding flames. We knew it was bad, but those who hadn’t been there couldn’t realize just how bad.

We didn’t know how much of our property might have survived. We heard stories of the fire consuming one house and leaving the one next door standing. Then a friend was able to drive past the property and texted us. “How bad is the damage?” I asked. “Everything’s gone,” she replied. A few hours later we saw the two photos she’d taken. The only feature left standing was the stone fireplace. Even metal objects like the refrigerator had melted in the inferno.

brunchWe slept badly at the motel that night. When we woke up, the first thing we did was meditate. That completely shifted our perspective, to one of gratitude and relief. We enjoyed brunch with the group at the hotel, where everything seemed so normal.

Bill and Jane have a big home, but Christine insisted we spend the next night with her daughter Julia and her son-in-law Tyler. “They need to see us,” she said. My son Lionel flew to California from New York the same day he heard about the fires. My daughter Rexana drove up from Berkeley, and we all converged on Julia and Tyler’s tiny apartment in Petaluma.

christine and kidsOur four brilliant offspring, all in their late twenties, sprang into action. Long before we arrived they were collaborating on To Do lists. Find out where the local shelter was. See if clothes were available. Contact the insurance company. Cancel the phone and trash services at the property.

Buy chargers for our laptops and cell phones. Find out how we could get emergency passports, so we could travel to Canada where I was due to keynote the annual Energy Psychology conference that weekend. Buy toiletries and underwear. Find suitcases and storage containers.

dawson and kids

The staff at the shelter were kind. I didn’t want to take much, so that there would be enough for other fire survivors. The shelter director told me that they had so many donations they didn’t know where to store them. I kept thinking thoughts like, “I don’t need a shaver, I’ll just grab my spare one from my RV.” Then I’d realize that I’d seen the RV in one of the photos. All that remained was the skeleton.

A fellow giant donated clothes that actually fit me. In a few hours, I found myself with a whole new wardrobe.

Between them and those around them, our four children accomplished miracles that would have taken Christine and I a month to complete.

all togetherWe went out to eat at the local pub, which was serving free food to fire survivors. I hugged them all and we cried together and laughed together. We celebrated being together. I said, “I want us to be like this with each other every day, not just when there’s an emergency.”

They put me on the bus to the airport so I could go to Vancouver to teach my EFT workshop and deliver my keynote speech. But for these angels, we would still be lost.

Barnett Bain, producer of the academy award-winning movie “What Dreams May Come,” is one of the hundreds of people who’ve written encouraging emails to me. I wrote back and thanked him, saying, “We are whole in Spirit which is the ultimate reality.”


life sign


Santa Rosa Fire Blog Posts by Dawson Church:

Click here to learn about the GoFundMe campaign to help us keep EFT Universe running during the transition to rebuilding.


Santa Rosa Fire: 72 Hours

Santa Rosa Fire: 72 Hours

It’s funny how the mind plays tricks on you. 72 hours after escaping from the fire that consumed our house, I’m packing for a trip. For a year I’ve been booked to deliver the closing keynote at the Canadian Energy Psychology conference in Vancouver this coming weekend, followed by a three-day EFT trauma training. With family and friends taking care of so much, I’m now able to leave, only a day later than planned.

I have a routine before my many trips, workshops, and keynote speeches. I pack exactly the same things. The list has been honed so carefully over the years that I can now do a six-week European teaching trip with only a carry-on bag.

My mind keeps thinking thoughts like, “I need to pack the soft black microfiber shirts I wear during healing sessions. Did I pick up my pants from the dry cleaners? Will my favorite silver jacket crush if I don’t carry it on board the plane? I must put my headphones in my pocket.”

Then I realize that I don’t have a silver jacket. Or any shirts, pants, or headphones. I don’t even have a suitcase. Even though it’s been three days since the fire, it’s taking a long time to adjust.

Just 72 hours ago. I didn’t possess a pair of socks. When we ran from the house, fire all around us, all I grabbed was my phone, my laptop, and Christine’s hand. No power cords, no toiletries, no treasured possessions.

Some little piece of my mind was calculating away the moment I realized how fast the flames were spreading. “I have time to get either shoes or socks but not both.” Shoes. “I have time to either grab my laptop or find the nearest power cord in the darkness.” Laptop.

My wife, Christine, made the same calculations. When we got to safety, we realized she was wearing a jacket but no shirt. In the emergency her mind was making the same subconscious calculations. Jacket or shirt? Jacket.

Today I look through my old To Do list on my laptop and laugh. The things that seemed so high a priority 72 hours ago seem trivial today.

I think occasionally about the possessions we lost. The 1872 edition of the the complete works of Sir Walter Scott, all 24 volumes. My grandfather’s tintype photos from 18100. All the watercolors I painted. The 1,200 neatly organized folders of art lessons that made up Christine’s art business. My red 1974 Jensen Healey.

I don’t miss any of it; life is infinitely more precious. I’m excited about doing some clothes shopping. Growing up in a very poor family taught me to be frugal and never throw things away until they’re worn out or ripped. So the notion of getting a complete new wardrobe is exciting.

Yesterday I went to the shelter. So many clothes have been donated that they don’t know what to do with them all. Looking through them brought back memories from when I was 5 years old and getting my clothes from the “missionary barrel” at church.

dawson and tall donorNone of the clothes at the local shelter fit me, because I’m so tall! Realizing this, the shelter director phoned a friend of hers called Scott. A couple of hours later, this fellow giant came over with a duffel bag of clothes. One of the shelter’s anonymous benefactors gave me $1,000 to buy a complete professional outfit so I could look sharp for my upcoming presentations. Bless his heart. I want to look great at the conference, and I don’t plan to carry the energy of loss or misfortune.

I’d predicted in my Facebook post right after the fire that the death toll being reported was much too low. The fire spread so quickly it defied belief. A news report said that it had been traveling the length of a football field every 3 seconds. I saw one or two cars get out behind us, but I knew that many of our neighbors must have been overtaken by the fire. Our hearts go out to all who lost so much in this tragedy.

Yet even though the fires are still raging in some parts of the county, we see people picking themselves up and starting over. The folks next door to where we are staying started a remodeling project yesterday.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude this morning. I lived through one of the worst disasters in my area. Christine and I escaped with seconds to spare. Christine with crossI have a wonderful wife and family. I wake up in love every day. I feel guided by the Great Spirit every moment. The day after the fire Christine and I meditated for a long hour and we re-visioned the fire as an opening for the Universe to bring wonderful new things into our lives. Life is precious, and fire or no fire, we can choose to revel in its sweetness every day.


Santa Rosa Fire Blog Posts by Dawson Church:

Click here to learn about the GoFundMe campaign to help us keep EFT Universe running during the transition to rebuilding.

Santa Rosa Fire: Making Tough Choices

Santa Rosa Fire: Making Tough Choices

The week of the fire, I was supposed to go traveling.vancouver conf

I give many keynote speeches and workshops each year, and two days after the fire, I had to decide whether or not to travel to Canada to keynote a conference and teach a workshop (on the neuroscience of psychological trauma!). 

Either I could stay in Santa Rosa to deal with the million details of putting our lives back together after the fire or I could leave for Vancouver as planned. I dug deep into my heart to find the answer to my dilemma. 

The well-being of my wife, Christine, was a crucial factor. She is much more attached than I am–to people, to possessions, to home. She creates beauty, both emotional and physical, all around her. Emotionally and spiritually, Christine was bouncing back fast, bathed in the love of her children, grandchildren, and friends. I decided to go.

In retrospect, a week later, the decision to travel feels right. Teaching advanced techniques that clear anxiety, depression, and psychological trauma is my life’s mission. That’s what I feel called to do, fire or no fire. Each day since I left, Christine and I have talked or texted, and she’s doing great.

dawson speakingWhen I walked into the auditorium at the conference to deliver my keynote speech, the whole audience jumped to their feet and applauded. Seeing a person who’d lost their home and office less than a week before showing up and serving them meant a lot to the precious people in the audience.

We all have to make decisions about where to devote our time and energy. It’s so easy to get sucked into the vortex of our struggles and focus our consciousness there. It takes determination to maintain focus on the service we can render others and live our highest possible life purpose.

Yet every time we transcend our limitations and decide to express the highest version of ourselves, we come closer to making it reality. As we practice elevating our consciousness over and over again, we gradually start becoming that highest version of self. Eventually, we become the person we aspire to be. The life we have envisioned becomes the life we deliberately create.

vancouver audienceI am thankful that the fire presented me with this fork in the road. It forced me to choose–between remaining hypnotized by the problems in my life and focusing on the gifts I can give in service to others.

Many of us have life challenges we have to transcend in order to do our life’s work. I celebrate you for any choice you’ve made to transcend your personal tragedies in order to serve and love others.


Santa Rosa Fire Blog Posts by Dawson Church:

Click here to learn about the GoFundMe campaign to help us keep EFT Universe running during the transition to rebuilding.

canada flags

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