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We have a great selection of books that can help you with many common problems including • procrastination • weight loss • love • meditation • pain • stress • sports performance • teenagers • PTSD • fibromyalgia. The handy pocket-size “EFT for…” series has provided solutions to hundreds of thousands of people. Check out our award-winning, best-selling titles here.

The Genetics of Personal Transformation

You can literally change your genes to boost your happiness, vitality, and health! This course covers the remarkable scientific discoveries in the new field of Epigenetics that are the keys to wellbeing. It trains you in 12 easy practical methods that boost health, energy, and happiness. 12 multimedia modules.


Don’t wait till an insect stings or you get a cut, burn, or bruise. Learn to use EFT tapping for first aid here before you – or a loved one – have an emergency. Covers the most common injuries, ailments, and health emergencies. Including – Abrasions/Scrapes – Bites – Bruises – Burns – Choking – Cuts – Nosebleeds – Nausea – Poisoning – Sprains – Stings. 6 multimedia modules.


This 12-week program is based on clinical trials showing that people can heal from fibromyalgia. It is carefully structured to address the problems that are most common to fibromyalgia and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) sufferers. These include pain, helplessness, self-judgment, hopelessness, fear, and other problems. You’ll be inspired by the many patients who have successfully erased their fibromyalgia symptoms. 12 multimedia modules.

Energy, Trauma and Healing

Did you have traumatic events in your childhood? Research shows that more than half of us have witnessed or been victims of violence. The latest neuroscience shows how trauma affects both brain and body and, unless treated, leads to disease. This course summarizes the most successful treatments. They show that we can recover fully from PTSD.

Skinny Genes

It’s not the food or your body that’s the problem. It’s the emotional eating and cravings that keep weight in place. With the Skinny Genes program, you gain a new understanding of why you’re eating when you know you shouldn’t. Learn how to cope with your cravings and put effective strategies in place. Extra weight drops off and stays off. A clinical trial showed that people continued losing weight after they completed Skinny Genes – that’s permanent weight loss. 6 multimedia modules.

Ten Days to Anxiety Relief

Science shows that most anxiety can be released quickly, using simple non-drug energy techniques. This course shows you how to apply these research breakthroughs to heal your own anxiety. It trains you to identify the people, situations, and thoughts that trigger anxiety. You then use targeted, state-of-the art energy techniques to erase their emotional impact in just a few minutes. Includes checklists and a Quick Start guide. 10 audio lessons.

The Science of Overcoming Insomnia

In this science-based course, you’ll learn about the different challenges insomnia poses, and how to overcome each of them. Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, or suffer from poor-quality sleep that leaves you tired in the morning, you’ll find answers here. Over 15 practical strategies help you optimize each part of the sleep cycle. Includes Quick Start Checklists. Ten 15-minute audio modules.