EFT For Children & Teens Advanced Training


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– Are you called to share EFT tapping with kids and teens?
– Do you need strategies to create buy-in with resistant youth?
– Would you enjoy blending art and EFT in individual or group settings?
– Do you seek specific guidance around specialty topics like ADHD, Autism, OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and more?
Who: This live virtual training is for caregivers, practitioners, or educators who want to use evidence-based EFT with the next generation.
Prerequisites: You must have a basic understanding of EFT/Tapping and be willing to practice with other practitioners and practitioners in training.
Renewal/Recertification for EFTUniverse Students: If you want this to count for EFTUniverse’s Practitioner Renewal, you are in luck! This fulfills your annual requirement. Use the renewal code sent from support@eftuniverse.com
This workshop includes ONE FULL DAY and TWO FOLLOW-UP calls.
November 4th (Full Day) + Nov 7th (2 hr) + Nov 14th (2 hr)
Nov 4th @ 8 am -4 pm Pacific Time
Followup Nov 7th @ 10 am -12 pm
Followup Nov 14th @ 10 am -12 pm
All calls are in Pacific Standard Time and will be recorded.
You will get daily recap emails with bonus links and PDF Printable Exercises.
Full Day Class 1
Module 1: Best Practices for Kids & Teens
Module 2: Put Your Face Mask on First
Module 3: Getting Creative with EFT and Group Settings
Module 3a: EFT with Art, Drawing and Group Collage
Module 3c: EFT with Writing & Poetry
Module 3d: WFT & Music
Module 3e: EFT & Storytelling
Module 3f: EFT and Play
Followup Class 2
Module 5: Surrogate Tapping & Scaffolding
5b: Grounding Techniques for Kids
5c: Scaffolded Lesson Plan and the 3 Questions
Followup Class 3
– Module 4:Specific Topics and Guest Experts
– Neurodivergent Children
– Anxiety
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
– Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADD/ ADHD)
– Eating Disorders
– Student Choice: Share your area of interest prior to workshop
Lifetime access to bonus online training and recordings can be purchased at jackieviramontez.com for an additional $95. See Details here


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