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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

4 Steps to Curb Compulsive Overeating Using EFT Tapping
A Six-Step EFT Approach for Serious Weight Problems
An EFT Success Formula to Stop Sabotaging Yourself
Compulsive Eating Vanishes with EFT Tapping
Cravings for Food Treats Curbed with EFT Tapping
Dr. Carol Look's Series on EFT for Weight Loss
Dr. Carol Look's Series on EFT for Weight Loss
EFT for Weight Loss Success Stories
EFT Tapping Clears Need for Late-Night Meal as a Reward
EFT Tapping Finds the Core Issue in Using Food as a Reward
EFT Tapping for Help with Continuous Food Cravings
EFT Tapping for Weight Loss: 3 Success Stories
EFT Tapping Heals Childhood Wound of "God, you're fat!"
EFT Tapping on Body Image Shame
EFT Tapping on Cooking, Love, and Being Overweight
EFT Tapping on Cravings and Resistance to Getting Healthy
EFT Tapping Reveals Weight Gain Linked to Mother's Death
EFT Uncovers True Weight Issue: Shaming from Jealous Sister
From 400 lbs to Size 16 After Tapping on Childhood Events
Here and Now: The End of Your Weight Loss Struggle
How EFT Changes Dieting Focus
How Is EFT for Weight Loss Different from Other Approaches?
How to Reduce Food Cravings with the Help of EFT
How to Reduce Weight the Healthy Way with EFT Tapping
How to Use EFT Tapping to Clear Negative Body Image
One Secret to EFT Weight Loss: Clearing Emotional Heaviness
Overcome Weight Loss Resistance with EFT
Raising Your Metabolism with EFT Tapping
Success in a Weight Loss Group Using EFT
Successful Weight Loss Using EFT Over the Phone
The #1 Reason For Weight Gain
The Science Behind Successful Weight Loss and EFT Tapping
Using EFT for Weight Loss
Using EFT Tapping for an Elimination Diet
Using EFT to Find and Release Emotions That Contribute to Binge Eating