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EFT Tapping for Severe Asthma and Shattered Spinal Disc Pain

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Dear EFT Community,

In this article, EFT practitioner Susan Bolstad shares her experience in successfully using EFT to relieve her own asthma and reduce her mother’s excruciating pain from a shattered spinal disc.

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By Susan Bolstad

Incident #1: My asthma with painful lungs and bronchi. I had attended a meeting of amateur painters in a nearby city. I was asked to attend because I had won a beautiful art book at one of their raffles and had to come pick it up. On the way back, I noticed I had too little time to make the train, but as it was already dark, windy, and raining, it was not tempting to wait around at the train station alone.

I ran as hard as I could, my coat flapping in the wind and sideways rain. As I approached the platform, I saw my train was still there, but the conductor blew his whistle, waved his flag, and the train was pulling away. The muscles in my legs were burning, my lungs felt like they were exploding, my bronchi hurt badly, my body felt swollen from the effort, and I was heaving for breath.

I sat myself down and tried to gather strength to stand again, and normalize my breath. I sat slumped for 10-15 minutes there, until I managed to get up and move to a different platform where my next train would come, in 59 minutes.

While sitting there, I felt how much pain there was in my bronchi and lungs, a definite intensity level of 10, and began almost instinctively to rub my sore spots. I rubbed and rubbed, figured that I was already so conscious of what the problem was that for now I dropped any words.

I tapped my collarbone points, and rubbed the sore spots again, then thinking the words “these sore lungs, these aching bronchi.” Within a very short time, the wheeze was disappearing, my intense effort to get oxygen was gone, and a more peaceful natural breathing rhythm returned. I would estimate that I went down to about a 1 within a few short minutes. The remaining sign was a bit of a scratchy throat.

Normally, after an experience like this, I would pick up a cold or flu–anything going around–because my immune system would be compromised. This time I returned to normal in record time; though I did not tap for my voice, it returned to normal a few days later.

Incident #2: My mother’s painful spinal disc. I moved to Norway from Pennsylvania 20 years ago, and my parents still call me every second week to catch up on news of their children and grandchildren. My mother was recovering from pneumonia a few weeks after she had gotten a vaccine for it, oddly enough. I thought she sounded pretty good considering what she had been through: a hospital stay, several different antibiotics being pumped into her system, as well as saline for the dehydration. Because of the severity of the pneumonia, we family members were very relieved that she was recovering and so we did not have any thoughts of other problems or pain she may have been experiencing. (A friend and I had surrogately tapped her for pneumonia during the past week.)

While we were chatting over the phone, her voice changed–she was in excruciating pain. It has recently been discovered that one of the lowermost discs in her back, 3rd from the base, is shattered. This may have occurred during a fall down the steps many years before. The pieces of the disc are sharp and press against her spine, causing her this immense and acute pain, a 10 on the 0-10 intensity scale. Her voice changed as she tried to get relief, then she was also panicking due to the intensity of her pain and crying out that she couldn’t breathe. I felt I had to help somehow–how might that be from so many thousands of miles away? I began to pray intently and with love, and also envision my mother wrapped in an angel’s arms. I also instructed her to tap the following points as we do in EFT, though I could not know if she was able, nor if she wanted to do that.

More than two years before, I had tapped her for an oncoming migraine in a Chinese restaurant, and though she was skeptical, her symptoms disappeared and she said several times, “It is really odd, but I don’t have the flashing lights anymore–I feel fine.” That day, back in the summer of 2003, she was then able to enjoy a lovely meal at the restaurant with her three grandchildren from two continents, a rare and special occasion.

She knows that her daughter (me!) now drives after a lifelong driving phobia, due to using EFT, and her son-in-law is cured of his constant and realistic nightmares, after her grandson tapped him for that–when he was 8 years old! But still I didn’t feel she was convinced and so I wasn’t sure if she would go along with it. She also seemed to be retreating and less able to listen because of the experience with her disc.

I instructed through her painful cries to tap: inside eyebrow, outside the eye on that bone, under the eye, under the nose…At this point, her pain was so bad I wasn’t sure if she was on the phone, as she said she had to go and I thought she was putting a pain patch onto the area. I then tried to think quickly. I have found much relief from pain, and also fear, using the side of the hand point as well as the back of the hand in others I have helped, so I tried to send out a message to locate these spots.

Then I realized that I was only speaking to my father. What had happened to my mother? It was quiet. I wondered, did she pass out? I asked my father. He told me she was standing nearby. Then she came back to the phone and I asked her what happened. The pain was gone.

I thought perhaps she had applied a pain patch and it was starting to work. Instead, I asked her directly, “What happened?” Her reply surprised (and pleased) me. “I tapped,” she said calmly. “Those painkillers don’t do anything for me. Now, where was that spot on the hand?”

Because of the intensity of the pain and the fact that she walked away from the phone but was tapping, it was hard to get a continuous intensity level reading. But it seemed as if the tapping did the trick, and she was able to continue the phone conversation without trouble, this time the subject switched to that of acupuncture and tapping, and of certainly finding “that EFT tapping point diagram” that I had sent her on another occasion.

I can’t express how wonderful it was to be able to pass along the technique of EFT, over the phone from such a distance, in an acute situation, and have my mother experience that kind of relief. I thought that perhaps it might help to pass along information to my parents via email, tying in what they are familiar with on the subject of physiology to meridians and the tapping effect, in order to help them feel willing to use the technique in the future.

I find myself at times attempting to bridge a gap between those that are only familiar with allopathic methods and those who are willing to try “anything that works.” The latter need no convincing, as they know “the proof is in the pudding.” The former would like some reassurances that there is something tangible supporting tapping.

I found an excerpt in a book entitled Acupressure: How to Cure Common Ailments the Natural Way, by Michael Reed Gach: “Stimulating these points with pressure, needles, or heat triggers the release of endorphins, which are the neurochemicals that relieve pain. As a result, pain is blocked and the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area is increased. This causes the muscles to relax and promotes healing.”

I have used EFT in my own life with various challenges in the family, as well as on friends, acquaintances, and a few clients. The fact that one can use EFT anywhere, at any time, on just about anything, using no drugs, nor interfering with other therapies, is a fantastic bonus that makes me happy and confident about using the technique.