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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

20 Years of Sciatica Pain Disappears with EFT
3 Ways to Handle Pain with EFT
7 step approach to migraines using eft tapping
8 Years of Chronic Back Pain Relieved with EFT
91-year-old Man Tapping and Healing with EFT
A Case of Using EFT Instead of Prescription Pain Medication
A Simple Home Remedy for Sore Swollen Gums: EFT Tapping
Abdominal Pain Gone in 1 Tapping Session
Back Pain Disappears After EFT Tapping
Back Pain Gone after EFT Tapping for Entrepreneurial Worries
Back Pain Relief Holds With EFT
Back Pain Relief in an EFT Workshop
Back Pain Relieved in One EFT Phone Session
Back pain so intense, he had to crawl on his hands and knees.
Can EFT Tapping for a Rotator Cuff Tear Prevent Surgery?
Chronic Back Pain Cured with EFT
Chronic Pain and Facial Paralysis Eliminated in a Single Session
Clearing Emotional Issues Resolves 14-year Toe Numbness
Cure Gout Pain Now! Learn all about EFT Tapping for Pain
EFT Before and After Surgery
EFT Brings Relief to Stubborn Sciatica Pain
EFT Clears 10-year Neuropathy
EFT Clears Stuffed Foot Pain
EFT for Carpal Tunnel
EFT for Headache & Migraine Relief
EFT for Headache, Knee Pain, and Back Pain while on Vacation
EFT for Headache, Knee Pain, and Back Pain while on Vacation
EFT for Painful Dental Work
EFT for Performance Anxiety Helps Mental Health Support Team
EFT for Sciatica Pain: Personal Peace Procedure
EFT for Spinal Stenosis Pain and Pregnancy Headache
EFT for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
EFT for the Emotional Components of Back Pain
EFT Gives Instant Relief of Back and Hip Pain
EFT Helps Core Issue Behind Lower Back Pain
EFT Helps Heal Broken Arm
EFT Helps Patient with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS
EFT Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain by Tapping on Core Issues
EFT Resolves Chronic Back Pain from Short Hamstrings
EFT Resolves Plantar Fasciitis
EFT Resolves Twisted Ankle Pain
EFT Success for Trigeminal Neuralgia
EFT Tapping Finds Fear Behind Arm Pain
EFT Tapping for Back Pain
EFT Tapping for Back Pain Clears Feeling Unsafe at Home
EFT Tapping for Back Pain Relief
EFT Tapping for Lingering Back Pain
EFT Tapping for Post-op Pain Management and Recovery
EFT Tapping for Second COVID Vaccine
EFT Tapping Relieves Toothache
EFT Tapping Reveals a Link Between Emotions and Physical Pain
EFT Tapping Reveals Rage at the Root of Back Pain
EFT Tapping Solution for Dental Work
EFT with Intuition and Muscle Testing Restores Hip Mobility
EFT's Constricted Breathing Technique for Diabetic Neuropathy
Eliminating 30 Years of Severe Foot Pain with EFT
Eliminating Frozen Shoulder and Back Pain ... with a one year follow up
Excruciating 3-Month Headache Disappears after 3 Rounds of EFT
Fast Relief for muscles cramps with eft
Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease Pain Relief
Fibromyalgia Pain, Migraine, and Fear of Spiders Cleared with EFT
From Chronic Pain to Joy with EFT in 9 Minutes
Full Blown Asthma Attack Calmed in 10 Minutes
Great Relief for Asthma With EFT but Client Did Not Continue
How EFT Resolved Foot Pain by Clearing Emotional Cause
How to Apply EFT to a Burn from Boiling Water
How to Use EFT Tapping for Quick Pain Relief
How to Use EFT to Stop Stress from Causing Stomach Pain
Lifetime Soreness and Heaviness in Legs Gone with EFT
Medication-Induced Neuropathy Gone with EFT
Neuropathy Symptoms and EFT
Nine Years of Neck Pain Gone in Ten Minutes
No More Back Pain With EFT
Pain Management
Psychologist Reports Jaw-Dropping Results for Pain from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Other Sources
Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Tapping
Relief of Diabetic Neuropathy after One EFT Session
Severe Back Pain Subsides With EFT Tapping
Solving Sexual Issues with EFT
Ten-Year Fibromyalgia and CFS Pain Gone
The EFT Fix for Frozen Shoulder That Almost No One Knows About
When EFT Tapping Clears the Emotions Behind Knee Pain
When Success Happens Using EFT Tapping over the Phone
When to Explore EFT Tapping as a Pain-Management Tool