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EFT for Spinal Stenosis Pain and Pregnancy Headache

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Dear Readers,

EFT practitioner Marie LaForce shares two examples of the successful use of EFT’s “Chasing the Pain” technique. The first is a case of spinal stenosis and the second a 2-week-and-counting pregnancy headache.

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By Marie LaForce, RN, CHTP

Pain Due to Spinal Stenosis

I saw a woman who was in pain for the entire summer and wasn’t sure why. In the fall, she was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column that was putting pressure on her nerves. She had been seeing a physical therapist for about 3 weeks and was not getting much relief from her pain. I asked her if she’d like to try EFT. She said, “Why not?” and we proceeded.

We focused on the physical symptoms and began with her rubbing on the Sore Spot. “Even though I have this pain in my left butt cheek, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

We followed the pain as it seemed most predominant (where she noticed it).

“Even though I have this pain in my left hip….”
“Even though I have this pain in my left knee…”
“Even though I have this pain in my left thigh…”
“Even though I have this pain in my left hip…”

We applied the Full Basic Recipe after each of the Setups, with no shortcuts. After tapping on “My hip” for the second time, she reported that the pain was gone. She got up and moved. The pain was still gone. As she sat on the couch, she told me that, generally, she wasn’t able to sit for that length of time without feeling very uncomfortable. She had no pain at all when I left.

I called her a month later. She said the pain stayed away for about a week and gradually started to reappear. When I talked to her, she was quite uncomfortable again. I believe that continued tapping on the pain or other issues such as support (problems with the spine) would have helped her to get at the additional aspects that were coming up.

Pregnancy Headache

I saw a woman who was 18 weeks’ pregnant. She reported that she’d had a dull, persistent headache for the last 2 weeks. Tylenol was not effective. Her MD thought it might be due to the increased blood volume at her stage of pregnancy and told her it could go away in 2 weeks.

She agreed to try EFT. We applied the Full Basic Recipe, with no shortcuts, for the following Setups and followed her pain around where it seemed the most predominant.

“Even though I have this dull headache, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
“Even though I have this headache in my right temple…”
“Even though I have this pain at the base of my skull…”
“Even though I have this headache on the left side of my head…”

At this point, she thought the pain was gone. She seemed somewhat hesitant, so I thought she was just sick of tapping and was being polite. After the Healing Touch treatment I gave her, I asked her about her headache again. She was quite nonchalant about it, but reported it really was gone.

She called me 2 weeks later. In this call, she had some enthusiasm in her voice. She reported that she never did get her headache back and she was really thankful.

These two examples illustrate that even though someone has been told there is a physical or anatomical reason for a certain problem and it would appear that there is no way some simple tapping could make any difference, try it anyway! In these two instances, both women benefited significantly.