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Psychologist Reports Jaw-Dropping Results for Pain from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Other Sources

Dear EFT Community,

Dr. Jonathan Speare, a clinical psychologist, has used EFT for clients whose pain is associated with a variety of sources, like fibromyalgia, TMJ, burns, arthritis, and other problems.

-Dawson Church

By Jonathan Speare, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

I have been using EFT on everything and have had some jaw-droppingly awesome results. I can’t remember all the people with pain who have been helped by the EFT algorithm [tapping routine], but I’ll try to summarize the ones that stick out in my mind. The arthritis of a close friend of mine had caused her a lot of pain. As a result, she had to curtail some of the exercise that she used to engage in regularly to keep herself strong and to keep her joints flexible. In the winter where she lives, it is often necessary to use indoor exercise equipment like NordicTrack. She would have to stop after five or ten minutes because of her pain. I taught her EFT. Now she just taps when the pain starts, and keeps going without pain for a full half-hour. Her doctor knows about this and thinks it’s a good idea, but thinks the benefit is “all in her head.”

The psychiatrist of a self-described “broken down athlete,” who had been diagnosed with dissociative identify disorder (DID; formerly known as multiple or split personality disorder) referred her to me for hypnotic treatment of the constant pain she was experiencing. She was a virtuosa hypnotic subject, as would be expected from someone diagnosed DID, and was generally able to do wonderful things with most of her pain through hypnosis (which I used first because that’s what she was referred for and because I enjoy it so much, especially when working with someone with great talent). There were still some areas of pain that did not respond to the hypnotic approach, however, so I suggested we try this other approach (EFT) and she was pleased to leave the office without pain. I taught her the algorithm to use at home. In a follow-up phone call four months after our last meeting, she indicated that she still uses the algorithm when she needs it, which is less and less frequently, and she is enjoying freedom from the pain she had for years.

I have also used EFT with pain resulting from fibromyalgia, TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome; this case was through a university pain clinic and a TMJ program that included biofeedback without significant relief before EFT), motor vehicle accidents, burns, and many other conditions.