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Fibromyalgia Pain, Migraine, and Fear of Spiders Cleared with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, EFT practitioner Utahna Tassie shares her experience in helping a client clear a severe childhood trauma and in the process resolve her fibromyalgia pain, migraine, and spider phobia. Utahna also lists a number of the many other conditions to which she has successfully applied EFT. She truly does “try it on everything.”

-Stephanie M

By Utahna Tassie, LMT

Would you like to hear about another wonderful EFT session? This one cleared away fibromyalgia pain and a full-blown migraine for a nurse named Cindy.

Cindy is a regular client of mine. She would come in every couple of weeks for a massage to manage her pain. This one night she called for an emergency appointment.

When she came to the door, she was red-faced and teary-eyed from crying. I asked her what was wrong because I’d never seen her so bad. She said that she needed to resign her job, that she just couldn’t take it anymore, and that she didn’t know what she was going to do. Cindy told me that she felt like she had a migraine from head to toe.

When I took her “intake” information, she told me that one of the “out-of-control teens” she takes care of at work had attacked one of the other nurses and put her in a coma. They were short-handed at work, everyone was afraid of this one particular “monster” kid, and many of the kids seemed to be more out of control than normal.

Since Cindy had come in for a massage, I had her prepare for one, but before I put any cream on her back, I told her that I felt like I really needed to do a different kind of “treatment” with her that night. I told her that I had been practicing this new technique for about four months and I felt like it might help her somehow. I wanted to give her a sample of it. I told her that it had to do with tapping with my fingertips on some special points along her energy meridians while she played “follow the leader” and repeated some ridiculous-sounding phrases.

I told her that it would be easiest to show her by clearing a phobia of some sort and asked if she was afraid of snakes or spiders. She said, “Oh, spiders! I can’t believe you said that!”

I said, “Why, what happened to you in the past that made you so afraid of spiders?”

I tapped along her spine and along the occipital ridge of the head (she was face down) while she went into this incredible story of going to the desert with her alcoholic uncle and two other little children. (I figured she must have been somewhere between three and eight years old.) Her uncle would turn the headlights on bright to help him find and stun wild rabbits so that he could shoot at them with a shotgun. He would drive the truck up into the hills where there was a cliff on one side of them and tell the kids about the cougars in the mountain above them. He would point the rifle in the kids’ faces and tell them not to be afraid because it wouldn’t go off unless he pulled the trigger (while demonstrating how he would do that).

Well, they ran across a tarantula on the dirt road and the headlights stunned it enough that the maniac uncle was able to get out of the truck and pick it up. Then he proceeded to use it to tease the kids sitting in the truck. I couldn’t help but notice the metaphors that were showing up in relation to her bad situation at work. I kept tapping along her spine, base of skull, side of hand, and inside and outside of her ankles while she told me the story. When she was finished, I had her turn over so that I could reach some acupoints on the front of her body and do some more specific tapping work.

On the front of the body, we did the basic Setup phrases and I got more creative with “Choice” phrasing after the basics were completed. We worked on all kinds of things as they came to mind.  I just kept moving with the tapping at all the different points, saying the “Even though” statements or Reminder Phrases as appropriate.

“Even though I couldn’t protect myself from my monster uncle, I was a good kid.”

“Even though I was too little to defend myself and had to do what he said, I was still an awesome kid.”

“Even though my uncle wasn’t grown up enough to take care of us properly, he must have had a sad childhood himself.”

“Even though my uncle was trying to escape his own childhood pain, parts of me want to forgive him.”

“Even though I couldn’t stop him from scaring me and my cousins, I choose to love and forgive myself completely.”

“Even though he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, I choose to forgive him anyway.”

“Even though someone was irresponsible about letting us kids go with an alcoholic, I forgive anyone involved with the situation.”

“I love and accept all of me even though I couldn’t stop him from acting crazy.”

“I’m still an awesome person even though I had this bad experience with the spider.”

“Even though that tarantula was gigantic, and very hairy scary, I know I am safe now.”

“Even though the giant spider crawled all over me and I screamed, I forgive the spider; the spider was afraid of Uncle too!”

“I forgive myself even though I hate my uncle for what he did to me and my cousins. I love and accept all of my relatives.”

Well, you get the picture. It was a very interesting session for me. I remember more details than usual because the storyline was so intense (for me too). There was SO MUCH to tap for in the hour frame that I had to work with. (I sometimes go overtime, but Cindy and I both had other commitments after her massage appointment.)

I allow the client to use whatever words best describe their feelings and perceptions, even if they are profane. Then I repeat back some/all of their exact words while tapping on the acupoints. I just kept tapping and going with the flow until I felt it time to pause and have her take a deep breath and refocus on a particular scene. Then I would ask for a new 0-10 intensity number, changing the phrasing at each point until the discomfort was completely down to a 0 when talking about the “horrible movie clip.”

When Cindy was dressed and came out to the counter to pay me, she said that she had never felt so good as she did right then. She mentioned how light and happy she felt. She said that ALL the pain was gone. There was no discomfort left in her body at all, even her migraine was completely gone! She was totally amazed. So was I.

I didn’t hear from Cindy for a couple of months after that session, so I called her. She said she hadn’t had any more pain at all. I asked her about her fear of spiders and she was kind of nonchalant about it.  She said she was okay, hadn’t had any problems with them.

Several months later (March or April 2006), Cindy called for a massage for pain related to beginning workouts with a personal fitness trainer. While I was kneading out her toxins and so on, I asked her a little about her experience with the tarantula and her alcoholic uncle as a kid. She was surprised that I remembered so much detail, because she hadn’t even thought about it since our session together months before. It didn’t bother her at all.

I asked her about her work and what was going on in her life. She said that she was still at the same job, hadn’t quit it, but in fact really loved her job now! She had gotten engaged and broken it off, and was happy being a single mom making more money, getting into fitness, and enjoying life to the fullest. This was quite a turnaround from the Cindy nurse  I had known and worked with for so many years prior to the EFT tapping session! Everything in her life was going well.

A massage and a little bit of EFT took care of all the temporary muscle pain from her workout two days before (she said the trainer really pushed her hard) and she was good to go again. She hasn’t called since, but I know this gal pretty well. She’ll call if and when she hurts again. She’s been coming to me for massage therapy for about eight years, but she only comes when she hurts bad.

This was a miracle to Cindy and me. I am still astounded when I think about how easy it was to clear her affliction with fibromyalgia pain throughout her whole body for so many years. Who would have known or ever expected that fibromyalgia could have been related to fear?  (Of spiders, men, monsters, or alcoholics?) I know now.

It was the unhealed charge of emotional abuse that she had stuck away in her cells, screaming to be heard, acknowledged for all of these years, until a similar incident at work reignited it all over again. No one could hear the children screaming in fear out in the desert with their monster uncle torturing them! In fact, after they told the story at home, everyone laughed about it–except the kids. One hour of EFT tapping and all the toxic emotions were cleared! All her physical pain, depression, migraines, fear of spiders, and fear/anger/hatred of uncles and alcoholics was gone!

Cindy hasn’t called for pain relief since she started with the personal trainer. I just muscle tested for her surrogately and asked several questions. It is my very sure opinion that Cindy is doing fine these days and is still free of any fibromyalgia pain.


I have had great success with EFT on everything I’ve tried it on, and I try it on everything I think of.  Have been able to help my dog with digestive problems and snoring, my young grandchildren (three and five years old) with allergy to cats, fear of windstorms, pain of scrapes and cuts, addiction to sugar, bed-wetting, and ADD/behavioral problems. I’ve even used EFT as a natural insect repellant when I walk along the river near my house. Sometimes one of my advanced students will come over and apply Quantum-Touch while I do EFT with a client. I’ve used it successfully over the phone for two different very depressed clients, one of whom was suicidal.  I’ve used it for sinus problems, chocolate addiction, food poisoning, to restore mobility and comfort to three severely injured necks (long-term bone spurs and herniations), and many other conditions.  I’ve done some teaching in groups (so far only for free or donations) and I plan to write at least one book (I have ideas for six) and do some EFT Tele-seminars in the near future.

Oh yeah! I got over my fear of public speaking right off the bat! In the past I have experienced many broken and sprained ankles. I have used EFT as a protection against any more problems with my ankles at the beginning of each walk or hike I take. There are six horses in a pasture behind my house that I have had to do some tapping for because I don’t like the way they are cooped up in a small space since their field flooded. I’ve noticed some funny things when tapping surrogately for animals and other people sometimes. Clients are weirded out by the muscle testing, but even more so when it’s being done on their spouse or another person for their benefit. I love opening people to higher truths about who they are. Someday I’ll tell you about my experiences clearing multiple environmental toxins at the same time. As I tune in now, many other successful EFT sessions I’ve had are coming to mind. Maybe I’d better tap for not knowing when to stop writing/talking? I’ll give it a shot after I send this.