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Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease Pain Relief

Dear Readers,

Stephen Carter, Certified EFT Practitioner, writes us with a case history of a client seeking help for pain caused by fibromyalgia and Lyme disease, as well as anxiety and depression. His detailed account includes a description of her symptoms, setup and tapping statements, and a follow-up. Please consult your physician on all medical issues.

-Dawson Church

By Stephen Carter, MA, Certified EFT Practitioner (Contact info below)

Susan is a 24-year old female who sought help for pain caused by fibromyalgia and Lyme disease along with anxiety and depression. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in October 2008 and fibromyalgia in 2010. She has also been under professional care for anxiety and depression, but is not now taking medication for those conditions.

Symptoms and Treatment

When she described her current physical symptoms, she mentioned that her breathing felt labored. As a starting point for her to experience EFT, we tapped to increase her breathing capacity.

I explained the steps for evaluating her felt sense of breathing restriction.  We used the 0 — 10 scale with 10 being what she believed was her maximum breathing potential.  After three deep breaths and then the evaluation breath, she rated her current breathing at a 7 in comparison to what she believed was possible.

We used the shortcut tapping sequence and added the thumb point (lung meridian) with the setup affirmations:

“Even though I have this restricted breathing at about a 7 give or take, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this restriction of breath, I choose to accept myself completely breathing limitation and all.”

“Even with this breathing limitation rated at about a 7 give or take, I accept myself as a kind, caring and loving person.”

The setup affirmations were followed with reminder phrases as we tapped through the points that included:

“This breath restriction.” “This breathing restriction.” “This restriction” … ending at the crown point with, “I choose to release this breathing restriction”.

Upon completion of the breathing restriction sequence, I again asked Susan to test her breathing and compare it to what she believed was possible. She reported that it “might be a little better” and added it was, “Maybe a 7 and a half”.

Collarbone Breathing Applied

Suspecting we may be dealing with an energy toxin, psychological reversal, or the need for collarbone breathing, I led Susan through the collarbone breathing technique and again asked her to check her breathing. She replied it was at least a 9 and may be close to 10. She added that she felt calm and relaxed.

We then turned our attention to her felt sense of physical pain. She reported that pain is present virtually every waking moment, but the intensity rises and falls depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and her level of stress. She reported a general overall current sense of joint pain at a SUD of 4.

Tapping for Physical Symptoms

We tapped using the shortcut sequence and setup affirmations that included:

“Even though I have this joint pain at a 4 level give or take…”

“Even though this constant pain is annoying and tiresome…”

“Even though I have this joint pain in my knees, my shoulders, and my wrists…”

Reminder phrases included:

“This pain.” This annoying pain.” “This joint pain.” …ending at the crown point with, “I choose to release this joint pain now”.

After asking her to take a deep breath and release, I asked her to estimate her current joint pain. She replied,  “About a 2It’s much less in my knees, but my shoulders still hurt, but not as much”.

I asked if one shoulder felt more painful. She replied the pain was more noticeable in her right shoulder compared to her left.

We again tapped using the setup affirmations:

“Even though I still have some of this joint pain…”

“Even though there is some of this joint pain remaining in my shoulders, particularly in the joint of my right shoulder…”

“Even though there is some pain remaining…”

We followed setup affirmations with reminder phrases that included:

“This remaining joint pain.” “This joint pain that remains.” “This remaining pain…” ending at the crown point with, “I choose to release this remaining joint pain”.

At the conclusion of the second round, I asked Susan to again rate her joint pain level SUD. She reported that it was almost gone, “maybe a half.”

We ended with a floor to ceiling eye roll that brought the SUD to “0”. She reported that not only was the pain gone, but she felt deeply relaxed and calm, adding, “I really feel good. This is great!”

Follow Up Results

At the conclusion of our first session Susan was pain free with no depression or anxiety. I emphasized the importance of daily application of EFT for all physical and emotional issues.

Susan stayed in touch over the following two months and reported rapid progress in pain relief and emotional wellbeing. She is again able to work and continues to use EFT daily.

-Stephen Carter, MA, EFTU Certified Practitioner