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EFT Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain by Tapping on Core Issues

EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner, Clay LaPorte, directs EFT at a specific traumatic event to help bring relief to a client with fibromyalgia pain. This story demonstrates how tapping on emotional issues, rather than tapping on the pain itself, often alleviates, or even resolves, physical pain.


By Clay LaPorte

Christine is in her late 50s and she came to me for her 6-year-bout with fibromyalgia. Her pain intensity for the fibromyalgia was only a SUD-Level 3 on this day because she said the weather was in her favor (the right amount of humidity and air pressure).

Maybe so, maybe not, but right then I decided to skip working on the fibromyalgia pain and go strictly for one of the main core issues in her life. Even though she had several easily definable ones that I could have worked on, I went with the earliest one, as we are taught in EFT.

Surprise, surprise, it was her mother.

From age 5 until today, whatever she does, it’s not good enough for her mother. Christine’s mother has never apologized for any wrong done to her and always makes her feel as though she is not good enough.

Even though I earlier skipped working on the fibromyalgia symptoms, I did address the symptoms she was experiencing by just thinking about working on the “Mom” issue. These were a tight throat, weak shaky hands, and weak shaky legs. With several rounds of EFT, these decreased and finally ceased by the end of the session.

We worked on one specific incident when her mother told her she had done something terrible to her teddy bear collection.

Here’s what happened:

They lived out in the country with very few neighbors. At age 5, Christine did not have any friends that came to her house. So her collection of teddy bears became her beloved friends. One day, a woman came to visit her mother and brought her young daughter with her.

Since Christine never had friends come over, she did not understand the concept of sharing toys. When she refused to share, her mother decided to teach her a lesson. After their company left, she took Christine aside and told her she had bagged up all her bears, took them outside, and set them on fire in their burn barrel.

To Christine, her mother had just “killed” her only friends. This had to be devastating to a 5-year-old. Then, after letting her suffer for a few minutes, her mother told her she hadn’t really burned her bears, and hoped that she had learned her lesson well.

Several things happened here that we had to work on:

1. Mom had just “killed” her friends.

2. She was confused. (Mom never explained what sharing was, but punished her anyway.)

3. Her mother lied to her about burning the bears.

4. Her mother tricked her to teach her a lesson.

We addressed all these aspects, jumped around to a few other Mom issues, and finally ended the session. But before we did, I followed the EFT advice to always, always test the results.

About halfway through the session, I had her say this statement out loud and asked how true it sounded:

“My mother has never loved me the way I needed and wanted her to.”

Here is where I believe the turning point, and core issue, came into play in the session. I say this because she lost it right then and there and started sobbing.

I immediately leaned over to her and started tapping on all her hand points to pull her out of it (with her permission). This took only about 30 seconds to do. Obviously, she was at a 10 and we struck gold. So this is how I retested the above statement at the end of the session. I had her say the following statement, but I broke it down into 3 smaller segments so she couldn’t have time to contemplate it in its entirety.

This way I could see what particular part of the statement might have raised her emotional intensity.

“Even though my mother has never loved me the way I needed and wanted her to, and if it never changes, I’m alright with that.”

She was fine with that statement on all 3 counts. During this entire session, we never once worked on the fibromyalgia or its pain. About one week later she called me and asked how long it takes for EFT to start working.

My first thought was, “Oh no, it didn’t work at all.”

So I asked what she meant by “start working.” She explained that the next morning after our session, ALL of her fibromyalgia pain was gone, or at a rating of 1, and had not returned. She was sleeping better, was able to work more, less runny nose, and her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) was mostly gone.

What Christine basically wanted to know was if this rapid cessation of physical symptoms was “normal.” Whew, I let out a sigh of relief.

EFT had done it again! I told her everything was normal and to remember to tap for the first sign of any pain that might return as the days went by and not wait until she was in intense pain.


There was one negative side effect of her fibromyalgia being gone. She now started doing the blame game for making herself have fibromyalgia for 6 years and all the pain and disruption in her life it had caused. Well, since the first session we have had two more.

On the second one we cleaned up the self-blame issue and some more unfinished business with her mom stuff.

On the third one we dealt with a huge issue concerning her son. Remember I said there were several big issues we could have dealt with but went with the earliest one?

This definitely was the right path to choose, but it is also essential that we finish what we start if we expect the results to hold. After 4 weeks her pain began slowly returning. I believe there are two reasons for this.

First, she has been working her body very hard with her renewed strength and stamina. The things she told me she’s been doing would even make me have aches and pains. I feel that she is simply overdoing it physically.

Second, there are still a few very big issues to deal with. We already tackled one concerning her son, but there is more to do. These issues could possibly have the same type of emotions tied to them as her mother issue, so when they get triggered, some of the pain returns.

However, I’m thinking it may just be the “accumulative effect.”

Too many years dealing with too many problems and her system is just plain worn out. Once these issues are resolved, I feel she will be completely over her fibromyalgia, once and for all.