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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

10 Common Mistakes in Tapping: Resolving Them Leads to Exceptional Results
10 Great EFT Tapping Tips for Beginners
10 Tips for EFT Tapping Success
2 Sure-Fire Questions That Work When Using EFT
3 Strategies for Closing Incomplete EFT Tapping Sessions
36 Setup Statements to Say While EFT Tapping
5 Steps to Experience Faster EFT Tapping Results
5 Ways to Soften the EFT Tapping Setup Statement
8 Tips to Overcome Barriers to Doing EFT
9 Steps to Clear Your Clutter Using EFT
A Clever EFT Method for Finding Core Issues
A Creative Way to Develop EFT Setup Statements
A Four-Word Phrase in EFT That Often Clears Depression
A Simple Routine to Apply EFT Tapping to Your Dreams
A Unique Way to Expand EFT
Accessing Anger in EFT Tapping: The Volcano Technique
Addressing Relationship Issues by Tapping on Photographs
Advanced Energy Therapies
Advice to EFT Users: Drink Water! 
Benefits of 90-Minute vs. Hour EFT Sessions
Benefits of Using Different Tapping Styles in EFT
Can EFT Setup Statements Be Positive?
Carol Look Shows us How to Release Procrastination with EFT
Cultural Respect: Rename EFT”™s Karate Chop Point
Dancing the EFT Two Step: Tapping to Release Old Patterns
Discover the Benefits of Continual Tapping
Do You use EFT to Keep Warm During the Winter?
Does EFT Tapping Compete With God?
EcoMeditation - 2 Brief Course Descriptions
EcoMeditation Participant Comments
EcoMeditation: Effortless Meditation in 7 Easy Steps
EFT Acceptance Tapping as Treatment for OCD and Bulimia
EFT Alternate Phrase Technique: Tapping on Both Sides of a Conflict
EFT and Byron Katie's "The Work"
EFT as It Relates to Acupuncture Philosophy and Spirituality
EFT Box Technique When Clients Don't Want to Reveal Trauma Details
EFT Clients!  How to get the most out of your EFT session
EFT Combined With Ho'oponopono
EFT Dreamwork Cases: Using EFT with Dreams
EFT for Clearing Barriers to Psychic Abilities (Intuition)
EFT Glossary
EFT Practitioner and Client Safety Tips
EFT Reframing and Forgiveness, and Getting Out of the Way
EFT Reframing: An Easy Tapping Technique That Generates Results
EFT Tapping and “Face it, Embrace it, Erase it”
EFT Tapping and Visualization Eliminates Limiting Beliefs
EFT Tapping as a Morning Eye-opener
EFT Tapping Disperses 50 Years' Worth of Suppressed Emotion
EFT Tapping for the Inner Child
EFT Tapping for the Writing on Our Walls
EFT Tapping on the Right to Be Happy
EFT Tapping Procedure for Dealing with Resistance to Healing
EFT Tapping Tip: Create a Tapping Journal
EFT Tapping with a Higher Power
EFT Tapping with Positive Affirmations
EFT Tapping with Prayer
EFT with Future Pacing Calms Fear of Imagined or Real Future
EFT's "I Deeply and Completely Accept Myself" Statement
EFT's 9 Gamut Point and Eye Movements Halt Abreaction
EFT's Golden Gate Technique: Bridge to Where You Want to Be
Energy Medicine Practitioners Integrate EFT to Improve Outcomes
Excitement as a Negative Emotion: EFT for Addiction, Anger, and More
Expert Gives Us an Inside Look at Group EFT Tapping
Forgiveness of Several People with Continuous Tapping
Four Creative Uses of the EFT Movie Technique
Future Cures: EFT Tapping and Other Energy Healing Methods
Getting to Emotions Using EFT with a Mirror
Have You Tried the EFT for Loneliness Exercise?
How EFT Can Help in Understanding Motivation 
How to Apply EFT Tapping to Clear Unresolved Dream Issues
How to Combine EFT with a Meditation Mantra for Trauma
How to Create Custom EFT Setup Statements
How to Design Your Own EFT Setup Phrases
How to Find Meaning with the SUD Intensity Rating for EFT
How to Identify and Correct Psychological Reversals
How to Make EFT Tapping a Daily Routine
How to Safely Detox Your Body with EFT Tapping
How to Tell Others about EFT
How to Use Color Therapy With EFT for an Emotional Breakthrough
How to use EFT on Emotional Trigger Words
How to Use Reframing in EFT Tapping
Interesting Uses for the Hand Points in EFT Tapping
Is a Psychological Reversal Keeping You From EFT Success?
Is It OK for Christians to Use EFT?
Law of Attraction
Letting Go is the Key EFT Setup Phrase
Living Your Dreams with EFT Hero Technique
Mental EFT Tapping
Metaphors and Humor in EFT Tapping
Music and the EFT Audio Technique
Overcoming Resistance to EFT Tapping
Secondary Gain
Slow EFT for Self-Help on Broad Issues
Sneaking Away from the Problem in EFT
Tabletops and Table Legs
Tap Into Joy with EFT
Tapping and Spirituality: How Not to Absorb Clients' Energy
The "7 Whys" Method for Finding Core Issues in EFT Tapping
The 3 Most Important Things About EFT
The 9 Gamut Procedure and Eye Movements Explained
The Apex Effect
The Best Top 10 Greatest EFT Tapping Tips
The Choices Method in the EFT Setup Phrase
The EFT Apex Effect Phenomenon
The EFT Habit Change Technique
The EFT Imagineering Technique
The EFT Tapping Collarbone Breathing Exercise
The Generalization Effect
The Importance of EFT Practitioners Clearing Their Own Problems
The Reminder Phrase
The Role of Acceptance in EFT
The Setup Statement
Tips for Conducting Intensive EFT Sessions -- a Several day Case Regarding Bulimia
Top 5 Reasons You Aren't Getting Results with EFT
Touch and Breathe (TAB)
Turning Thoughts to Things Schedule Itinerary
Turning Thoughts to Things: Using Your Brain to Transform Energy Into Matter
Use Trigger Music with EFT Tapping for Core Issue Resolution
Using EFT Tapping for Effective Shadow Work
Using EFT Tapping Reframes with Addictive Behavior
Using EFT Tapping with "The Secret”
Using EFT with A Course in Miracles Teachings
Using EFT with Massage Therapy 
Using Inner Dialogues with EFT Tapping
Using Teddy Bears for EFT Tapping
What Everybody Ought to Know about EFT's 9 Gamut Procedure
What to Expect in an EFT Tapping Session
When EFT Doesn't Seem to Work
When EFT Doesn't Work Instantly
Whole Energy Lifestyle (WEL)
Why Does Tapping on the Side of the Hand Work?
Why People Sometimes Have Negative Feelings after Doing EFT